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  1. Sticky: Re: 918: ''It Begins - The Great Kaido Takedown Plan!''

    Not a bad episode. I know they stretched it out, but I did not feel it at all. They really have a lot of stuff to work with in Act 2 to make the fill in many of the skipped parts. The anime should be...
  2. Re: 916: ''A Living Hell - Luffy's Humiliation In the Great Mine''

    Really nice episode. They covered a full chapter for once, so no stretched out filler. Great art. Next episode preview looks awesome, and I cannot wait to get to Act 2!
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    Poll: Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 7 - Wano)

    Sanji and Zoro's ceilings far exceed Jinbe who has already peaked. If there isn't a clear trio yet,we will by the end of the series
  4. Sticky: Re: New MANGA Plus service from Shueisha (global, legal, simul, free, English release

    Doesn't look like it, but it should not affect our official discussions too much. Looks like we'll just have a longer time between spoilers and the actual chapter now.
  5. Re: 914: ''Clashing at Last - Enraged Luffy vs. Kaido''

    The music when Luffy first punches Kaido was fireeeee. Is it the first time they've used it in the anime?
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    Re: Chapter 964: Oden's Adventure

    So I think the way this flashback will go is Oden will get to see all the marvels of the outside world and he'll want to open up that gift to the rest of Wano. This will be the motivation for him to...
  7. Re: 912: "The Strongest Man - The Thief Brigade Leader Shutenmaru!''

    Transformation was hot, but I'm not sure if it had the same umph that the manga panel had. There was no transformation before it, so you had no idea what was coming. Jack and Shutenmaru are clashing...
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    Re: Chapter 963: Becoming Samurai

    You could almost view Oden's story as a what if Luffy died, and the Strawhats wanted to get revenge on X person.
  9. Re: 911: ''Defeat the Emperor - The Secret Raid Operation Commences''

    Next week will be fire and looks like they might be expanding some fights a little too. This week's was surprisingly enjoyable for how little was covered. Anime doing a good job expanding on the...
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    Re: Chapter 963: Becoming Samurai

    Best chapter of the flashback. I really am starting to like the scabbards more and seeing more of their family dynamic. They are basically another variation of the Strawhat crew. Makes the whole...
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    Re: Oda's Interviews

    By "final chapter" of One piece, do they mean literal chapter or figurative like final saga?
  12. Re: 910: ''The Samurai's Legend - The Man Roger Admired!''

    The details from this episode that they expanded upon seem to be contradicted a bit by the info we just got in the manga. **SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANIME-ONLY WATCHERS, READ AT OWN RISK. For one, they...
  13. Thread: Downtime!

    by Darkestsith6

    Re: Downtime!

    I was worried APForums was running out of money. Hopefully things are staying afloat...don't know how I would feel if AP went away...been's part of me for too long now. Let us know if things ever get...
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    Re: Chapter 960: Introducing Kozuki Oden

    omg...perfect. This needs to become a thing across all of anime deaths
  15. Re: 908: ''The Treasure Ship's Arrival - Luffytaro Returns the Favor!''

    Really hoping the anime expands upon it given that it is a perfect opportunity to use for filler
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    Re: Chapter 957: ULTIMATE

    Black Lung Sanji is Smoker's natural enemy in that case.
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    Re: Chapter 955: ENMA

    So after scouring the web, I think the theory of Kanjuro being the traitor makes the most sense. I just don't see Carrot being it due to her age and I don't see another valid candidate
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    Re: Chapter 954: Like a Dragon Given Wings

    This one is my go to and then r/onepiece
  19. Re: 900: "The Best Day Ever - O-Tama's First Oshiruko"

    Did they give Batman the ability to redirect his arrows mid flight? Was that ever in the manga?
  20. Re: 898: ''Headliner! Enter Hawkins the Magician''

    I think in the manga panels we also see Luffy's sword cutting people. I think the running theory is that it's an effect of the demon sword
  21. Re: 898: ''Headliner! Enter Hawkins the Magician''

    Feels like they spent the whole budget on the Hawkins creature summoning. Still enjoyed it, as Hawkins is my favorite non-SH Supernova. Hopefully people learn to like him too as he gets more screen...
  22. Re: 897: ''Save O-Tama - Straw Hat Runs Through the Wasteland!''

    Found the guy who prob thinks Sanji is a shit character because he doesn't treat women as equals.
  23. Re: 897: ''Save O-Tama - Straw Hat Runs Through the Wasteland!''

    Which one are you referring to?
  24. Re: 895: "Side Story! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cider"

    Man, how did Zoro, Sanji, and Lufffy not just merc these fodder instantly? It's always funny/sad to see how much the SHs get nerf'd to give these filler villains a hope
  25. Re: "Roronoa Zoro falls into the sea" special chapter drawn by Boichi (Dr. Stone, Ori

    Would definitely have to be earlier emphasis on haki being present from top tiers like Shanks and Mihawk.
  26. Re: "Roronoa Zoro falls into the sea" special chapter drawn by Boichi (Dr. Stone, Ori

    I hope all the SHs eventually get their special chapter like this. Sanji had his done by the food wars mangaka, now Zoro.

    Excited to see how this looks
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    Poll: Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 7 - Wano)

    So I'm getting my information from, so credit to Artur for his work!

    Now, so it states that each...
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    Poll: Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 7 - Wano)

    New vivre card notes about Carrot's card color being different than the Mink tribe give more hope that Carrot is "special" to some degree. Get back on the rabbit hype
  29. Re: 893: "O-Tama Appears - Luffy vs. the Kaido Army!"

    Loving the extra the anime is putting into the Zoro scenes to amp up his badassness, and the reactions of all the Wano-SH's to him being outed.

    Been a long while where I've looked forward to and...
  30. Re: 892: ''The Land of Wano! To the Land of Samurai Where Cherry Blossoms Dance''

    WOWOWOW, ok, so many things to say about this amazing episode.

    1) love the new opening. Filled with spoilers, but glorious for us manga readers
    2) New eye catchers with a Wano twist! Luffy/Zoro...
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