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  1. Sticky: Re: Chapter 1,010: Color of the Supreme King

    You have been overreacting for over half a year now in which every time a chapter ends with the protagonists getting the upper hand you always say that the villain is doomed to fall within a few...
  2. Sticky: Re: Chapter 1,010: Color of the Supreme King

    The last time Zoro used Asura in the manga, George W Bush was in office, iPhones had only been around for 1 year and I was in 4th grade.

    Just wait till they add a third. Usopp's Conqueror's...
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    Sticky: Re: Chapter 1,009: Naraku

    I don't see Big Mom being permanently sidelined this arc. I could definitely see her sticking around for future arcs, but it's a bit rash to say she's done, especially since Perospero is still...
  4. Re: Vivre Card: One Piece Visual Dictionary, new One Piece Databook on sale 4th Septe

    At this point I'm just hoping T A M A's DF is named in her card
  5. Re: Volume 99 Predictions/Discussion

    I immediately thought "It's gotta end at 1007, right?" Then I looked up where the last volume left off and, yeah, that ain't happening. Probably "Four Emperors vs. New Generation" or "Battle of...
  6. Sticky: Re: Chapter 1,008: Leader of the Atamayama Thieves Brigade, Ashura Doji

    Thank god Kanjuro is still alive. I was absolutely mystified when it seemed like he might have died offscreen last summer and would've been a pretty big black mark on the arc if that had stayed. Now...
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    Re: RIP Those We Lost in 2021

    Beverly Cleary died today at age 104! Her books were a huge part of my later childhood, especially the Ramona series. Tough to hear of her passing even with how incredibly long she lived.
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    Re: Chapter 1,007: Mr. Raccoon Dog

    I get where you're coming from but I don't see any logical reason for Oda to feel written into a corner. Oden's abilities rested in his superhuman strength, advanced Armament and master swordfighting...
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    Re: Chapter 1,007: Mr. Raccoon Dog

    What a chapter. Couple weeks ago Robin gets to shine, now we get to see Chopper doing something that...I don't know if he's ever done. So crazy. And we get to see him punch a dinosaur for good...
  10. Poll: Re: Do you think Wano will end in 2021? Let's vote

    I feel like we are still bound to enter some sort of new stage in this war. Namely the fact that the Wano mainland will come into play and logically we have 2 acts left, with 5 being the short wrap...
  11. Sticky: Re: Chapter 1006: The Honorable Hyogoro the Flower

    Oda loves his old and middle-aged guys. Marco 45, Perospero 50, Hyogoro probably in his 70's or even 80's. Quite the performances from all of them. For the first time since it debuted it feels like...
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    Re: Chapter 1,005: Demon Child

    This was a pretty cool chapter...

    ...though the Sanji scene is a pretty mixed bag for me. On one hand, it definitely seems like Oda's intention was for Sanji to intentionally cry out for help with...
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    Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    Shin Shin no Mi (New-New Fruit) - Allows you to restore any inanimate object back to brand new, untouched condition - sort of the opposite of Shinobu's fruit

    Roke Roke no Mi (Rocket-Rocket Fruit)...
  14. Sticky: Re: ONE PIECE 7TH Popularity Poll Announcement !!

    Batchee cracking the Top 100 makes it all worth it.
  15. Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    The Moon is Uranus

    The scholars of Ohara had a giant model of the world which showed multiple celestial bodies orbiting it. Either they truly believe in a geocentric solar system despite being...
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    Re: Chapter 1,004: Millet Dumplings

    I would hardly call an ability that has been around since the very beginning of the arc and a very focal point in the events of the first act a plot convenience. My main wish regarding its role in...
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    Re: Chapter 1,004: Millet Dumplings

    The Straw Hats are fighting the Tobiroppo and All-Stars. We already have the two weakest, Usopp and Nami, fighting Page One and Ulti. Right now Marco, Yamato, and Drake are the only allies that can...
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    Re: Chapter 1,004: Millet Dumplings

    Pretty sure Oda is setting us up to think or at least speculate that it's Toki, but it'll be Hiyori in the end. We have seen her tending wounds before after all.

    Honestly the person who least...
  19. Re: Vivre Card: One Piece Visual Dictionary, new One Piece Databook on sale 4th Septe

    So given that the Luffytaro and Zorojuro cards were released with the Index Set, I think (or at least, I hope) they aren't included in this set. Here's how I think it might shake out:

  20. Re: Volume 98 Predictions/Discussion

    That moment when AP is down for 2 weeks and you have to rely on WorstGen for SBS leaks������
  21. Re: Notions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads

    I was thinking a little about Fish-Man Island and how some fans didn't really like the reveal that Hody hated humans despite them having done nothing to him. However, if you think about it, Arlong...
  22. Re: Chapter 1,001: Battle of Monsters on Onigashima

    Kaido's laugh in Japanese is ウォロロロ, when the O kana (オ) is small after the U kana that typically denotes a "Wo" sound. So the wordplay is still there, but not formatted in quite the same manner.
  23. Re: Chapter 1,001: Battle of Monsters on Onigashima

    Pretty nice chapter. It being focused entirely on one scene was very refreshing.

    Nice to get confirmation that Luffy was indeed using advanced Haki (seems more like the internal destruction type...
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    Re: SlamDunk

    Aw yeah, no better excuse to reread the series again. I hope this movie is where they finally adapt the Sannoh game.
  25. Re: " Shokugeki no Sanji " gets English Release !

    It's pretty clear that Saeki can't draw Luffy and Usopp, the two of them were barely in the chapter and were always obscured.
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    Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Pretty awesome chapter. A natural culmination of plotlines that have been built up for almost 9 years...unleashed through a powerful punch and the most notable time Luffy's declared his dream. As...
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    Re: Pixar movies

    I greatly enjoyed Soul. The "soul world" and how it works is quite a bit more complex than any alternate world that Pixar's done before, and many of its elements raise questions that aren't super...
  28. Re: The Best and Worst of One Piece, 2020 Edition!

    Best Moment of the Year: "He laughed"
    Worst Moment of the Year: Kanjuro getting offscreened
    Best New Character of the Year: Ulti
    Worst New Character of the Year: Other than Yamato and the four...
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    Re: Chapter 998: Ancient Types

    I had wanted Sasaki to be an ankylosaurus, but I'll accept triceratops especially since Black Maria and Who's Who aren't dinosaurs.

    I wonder what led Oda to choose the Rosamygale for Maria, from...
  30. Poll: Re: Epic Rap Battles Of History Thread

    I'm going with Harry on this one, he got in a ton of shots on Luke and the Star Wars franchise while a lot of Luke's raps were just bragging about himself. Such a missed opportunity considering the...
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