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Thread: Translation: Cross Epoch

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    Default Translation: Cross Epoch

    And it's not proofread nor spellchecked :/

    December 19, 2006
    Translated by ocean

    ----- 01
    Vertical: If there are smiles filled with dreams and hopes, everyone can become Nakama in an instant. Come; let's go to the great adventure together!!


    Dragon Ball x One Piece

    Akira Toriyama x Eiichiro Oda

    ----- 03
    Square: One day, suddenly,
    Square: some guy became the king in some country

    Square: and became happy.

    Chopper: The town's so lively now that we have a new king.
    Krillin: That's good, but how can such a guy
    Krillin: become the king all of a sudden?

    ----- 04
    Chopper: Ah!!
    Chopper: That's it!! I know!!
    Krillin: --- That means...!

    Krillin: We're closed today!!
    Customer: Eh!? No way! That's not good.

    Krillin: Sorry, customers.
    Chopper: We're sorry---!!

    Krillin: Taking off!! Train Coaster, hurry~~~!!
    Chopper: Woo hoo!!

    ?: Uwah!
    ?: Detected an invader!!

    ----- 05
    SFX: kaboom
    ?: Gyaaah
    SFX: boooon!!

    Bulma: Sorry.
    Nami: Bulma-nee-san!
    Nami: I loaded all the treasures!
    Alien: I surrender.

    Nami: We've gotta hurry or we won't make it!

    ----- 06
    Bulma: Do you know the location, Nami?
    Nami: Leave it to me, Nee-san!!

    Alien: Daaamnit!!
    Nami: At full speed!!

    SFX: burororororo...

    Sanji: Yes...! Yes, yes...
    Sanji: Aaah, I see...

    Sanji: You're attacked by a pair of universe robbery...
    Sanji: But then, we're pretty busy now.

    Sanji: Yes, bye then!!
    SFX: gachan!!
    Roshi: What's going on, Sanji!?

    ----- 07
    Sanji: Yeah, some robbery.
    Roshi: What!? Why did you hang up!?
    Sanji: Why... cause we're busy now, right?
    Roshi: That's inexcusable!! It's our job!!

    Sanji: But we have gals at the "destination"...
    Roshi: Permission granted!!
    SFX: bu!!

    Roshi: Hurry up!!
    Sanji: Yeees <3

    ----- 08
    Vegeta: Worthless!! We don't have to go.
    Usopp: Eeeeh!? Why, Captain Vegeta!!?

    Vegeta: Are you sure it's true?
    Usopp: I wanna goooo!!
    Robin: Yes, the darkness wrapped the sky yesterday. That's your proof.

    Usopp: We can eat anything we want: trees and mountains!! You wouldn't be a human if you miss that, Trunks!
    Trunks: I want to go, too, but Usopp-san, you have a battle appointment
    Trunks: with Dr. Gero Sky Pirates tonight.
    Usopp: It's far more important than that!!
    Trunks: You're just scared...
    Usopp: No way I'm scared!!!

    ----- 09
    Vegeta: --- I see, it's a battle day... But it's pretty troublesome to fight them.
    Vegeta: ... No other way, I guess we can take a break once in a while.

    Usopp: Woo hoo---!!
    Usopp: Captain Vegeta, you're the man!!
    Usopp: Woosh, Robin!! Trunks!! Take a north-northeast course!!

    Robin: Usopp-san, it's located to the west.
    Usopp: Okay!! That way then!!

    SFX: zaku
    SFX: zaku
    SFX: zaku

    Piccolo: ... Are you sure...
    Piccolo: this is the right direction?
    Zoro: ... I've never said this is the right direction!!

    ----- 10
    Piccolo: You!! How can be so irresponsible!?
    Zoro: We both don't know the direction, so I went ahead and decided it!!!

    Zoro: Oh! Train. ... Why don't we hijack that?
    Piccolo: Good idea.

    Chopper: Gyaaaah, it's train robbery---!!!
    Zoro: Oh... It's you...!!
    Krillin: Aaah!! Piccolo!! Zoro!!!
    Piccolo: ... Two getting on board.
    Chopper: LIE!! I bet you got on the train, planning to break into it!!!

    ----- 11
    Goku: Oh!

    Goku: Ossu, Luffy.
    Luffy: Hrmm?

    Luffy: Goku~~~!!
    Goku: You're going, too, right?
    Luffy: Yeah!! I was too into adventures and now I'm running late.

    Goku: Want a ride?
    Luffy: It's okay, I'll run!! I'm still in adventure!!
    Goku: I see. But...

    ----- 12
    SFX: gara...
    Goku: What are you going to do with the cliff?

    Goku: He can't fly, can he...?
    Goku: Maybe I should rescue him.

    Goku: Kintoun---!!

    Luffy: Uhaaah, it's so fluffy!!
    Luffy: I changed my mind; I'll fly.
    Goku: See.
    Goku: Ha ha ha.

    ----- 13
    Pilaf: Waaait!!! How can you get in our way every time for the world domination!?
    Pilaf: We will definitely take you down today!!
    Two: !

    Pilaf: In front of the overwhelming power of the "Tecchiri 55,"
    Pilaf: you're absolutely helpless!!!
    Buggy: He's right!!! Us King of Villains "Pirappaggy Villain Union"
    Buggy: will make you never be able to fight, ever, you funny-ass~~~!!!
    Buggy: Gyahahahaha.

    ----- 14
    Luffy: Hey!!! You're in our way!!
    Goku: They're so persistent.
    Goku: We're in hurry, too.
    Goku: ... No other way...

    Goku: ... Kaaaa meeee
    Goku: haaaa meeee

    Luffy: Gomu gomu no...!!

    Two: Bazooha!!!
    Buggy: Gyaaaah.
    ?: !!?

    ----- 15
    ?: Uwaaaah!!! Emergency, Villain Union Captains!!
    ?: The papier-mache for the menace use is broken!!!
    Pilaf: What!?
    Buggy: Oh shit---!!

    Two: Re-retreat---!!
    Two: ...

    Nami: That's Pirappaggy's crew.
    Bulma: Just shoot them down!

    Usopp: Identified an enemy ship ahead!!
    Vegeta: ... Leave it to me.

    SFX: dodododo...
    ?: !!!
    Pirappuggy: Gyaaaah.
    Vegeta: bip

    Pira: Aaarrrggghhh.

    ----- 16
    Chopper: Hrmm? Something's falling down from the sky!!
    Krillin: It'll hit the train soon!!

    Two: Striking with the back of the sword!!!

    ?: Villain Union Captains!!
    ?: This ship's no good any more.
    Pira: We know that---!!!

    Two: !

    Sanji: I wonder what that was.
    Roshi: Hrmmm... Do we take the trouble... or gals...?
    Sanji: Gals, of course.
    Roshi: You know what I'm talking about.

    ----- 17
    Square: When the sky suddenly loses its light,
    Square: --- that's when
    Square: someone's wish is granted somewhere.
    Dragon: I'll grant
    Dragon: one wish.
    King: Woot!! Make me
    King: a king!!

    Square: The miracle balls
    Square: that finished their job...
    Square: will enter a one-year break.

    Square: On one island away from the world...
    Square: there awaits a guy for his friends quietly...

    ----- 18
    Square: He also has
    Square: a trifle wish...
    Krillin: Oh! Here you are.

    Square: Cutting the mountain of cakes
    Square: and pouring the river of teas into the cups.
    SFX: puff puff

    Square: Inlayed jelly beans. Chocolate tables. Pie stamps.

    Square: Cotton candy clouds. Soft rice cake rabbits. Gummy flowers---.
    Square: Everything here is edible.

    ----- 19/20
    Goku: Ossu! Shenlong, guys, long time no see.

    Luffy: We're here, bastards!!!

    Square: The very next day of when the sky loses its light, 3pm.
    Luffy: It's a feast---!!!
    Goku: I'm starving~~~!!
    Usopp: Goku~~~.
    Dragon: Welcome, friends.
    Krillin: Luffy~~~.
    Bulma: Hey, you're late, both of you!!
    Square: Wish-granting dragon's friends gather together, and a tea party is held.

    Dialog: A dreaming feast in the world of confectionery!!
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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    That was fast. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    Interesting, the characters seem to be paired between the series.

    Usopp and Robin working for Vegeta?

    funny stuff. I didn't even have to read it.

    Sanji and Roshi?....expected but welcomed.

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    I forgot Vegeta was shorter in the manga. Love the new eyepatch look he has. And my god, on any parallel universe, Zoro still has no sense of direction. The look on Picollo's face is priceless.

    And Ussop is such a kiss-ass (funny as hell too) to Captain Vegeta. I'd kill for a series based in this universe (DB/OP Sky Pirates are awesome). Here's to hoping they decide to do another crossover next year.

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    They did Death Note / Bobobo cross over last year (or was that two years ago?) so I would expect something else to come out in the future...

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    Death Note and Bobobo, now this i gotta see, where can i download this crossover???

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    Thanks a lot for the translations. Nice to know there's a reference to Dr. Gero as well.

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    This is seriously awesome, thanks for the translation, ocean!!

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    ban D coot

    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    Thank you so much for the quick transalation, been waiting for this crossover for ages!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: Cross Epoch

    We put the RAWs up on our site for easy browsing.. http://www.onemanga.com/Cross_Epoch/ enjoy! And thanks for the quick raws and translations... Lots of OP love today Cross Epoch + Chapter 439 RAWs.. niiiiice!
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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    This is so cool I love it!!!!! I love the pari especailly Ussop with Vegeta hehehe

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    Quote Originally Posted by oceanizer View Post
    And it's not proofread nor spellchecked :/

    December 19, 2006
    Translated by ocean
    i dont want to polemize,just curious why u dont traslate the normal chapters

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    Default Re: Cross Epoch

    They're in my queue ~.~ I'm still recovering from my trip.

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    Default Re: Translation: Cross Epoch

    Thanks a lot, but why not allow scanlation teams to use it? OPHQST is done with scanlating it, but we need a translation.

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    Default Re: Translation: Cross Epoch

    Wow that was amazing! The pairings were all so perfect! I'll treasure it forever.

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    Default Re: Translation: Cross Epoch

    Quote Originally Posted by meh View Post
    Thanks a lot, but why not allow scanlation teams to use it? OPHQST is done with scanlating it, but we need a translation.
    ... Cause I translated it for my own team? We were done before you post this, too, afaik...

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    Default Re: Translation: Cross Epoch

    Realized right after my post when I saw the scanlation, thanks for the answer.

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