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Thread: OK, Update Concerning the Account Suspended

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    Hey everyone.

    I contacted the host yesterday about the problem:

    It seems that your php scripts caused the issue. If you know where the problem
    lies, inform us, we will unsuspend your account for a short period of time, so
    you can remove the cause.

    A PHP script is causing a problem, and I already have a good idea on what's causing the problem. But the problem is, I can't access the FTP to rid of this problem. So Ive yet to wait confirmation from my host to unsuspend the account so I can rid of this problem. The thing is, the host's customer support is very slow
    -_-. I've been waiting all day for a reply and still haven't recieved one yet.

    So stay tuned here for more details. Hopefully we'll have AP back up within the next few days.

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    So do you have an idea of it geting back up and runing?
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    Originally posted by Borlz@Apr 21 2005, 09:05 PM
    So do you have an idea of it geting back up and runing?
    .................. okay... dude, have did u even read the last post?
    a PHP script is causing the problem.
    It's the include script i presume... i heard if the script is weak, hacking the site would become easier (php injections).
    All we can do is wait until Aftershock gets a reply email o_o
    does it not habe a support forums? arg.. what terrible service..

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    I hope it get fixed

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