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Thread: How many languages do you read/speak?

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    Woot, another Taiwanese <3 I studied my Mandarin by reading Chinese version of Manga before >:) I should start that again.

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    English, duh. I&#39;m fluent-ish in Japanese - I can hold a conversation but I&#39;m not exactly an expert - and I know a little French from my mother. Other than that, nothin&#39;. :E

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    I&#39;m only really fluent in English, but I did take four quarters of Japanese in college, which I wasn&#39;t too shabby at but it&#39;s been so long since I took it that I&#39;ve lost a lot of my knowledge. I also took two years of German in high school but I can only say a few things anymore. Took a bit of Latin in 9th grade, which I liked, but my tutor left for a higher-paying job. <_<

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    I took 3 years of German, but I still suck at it. xD At least I think I suck at it, I don&#39;t really know because I don&#39;t talk to Germans.

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    Well I know I stink at it. I was in Germany for two days not long after I graduated, so the information should have been relatively fresh in my mind at the time and I could barely remember how to ask where the bathroom was. "That is not my luggage" was fresh as a daisy, though, and I never needed to use it. I was disappointed. Same with "You are a donut". :P

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    My native language is Indonesian...

    I learned some Chinese back home. Took another class in college. Enough to converse daily with my parents, but don&#39;t ask me about the characters XD Seriously, I don&#39;t think I&#39;ll ever memorize most of them.

    Guess what the third language is =)

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    Well let&#39;s see...

    I&#39;m fluent in Filipino, English and Japanese, beacuase I pretty much had to learn these languages growing up...

    I can read Hangeul, French and some German. I read better than I speak those. But I am on a quest to get better. My Spanish and my Latin (yes, Latin, can you believe it?&#33; I had 2 semesters of the thing&#33;) are better spoken than written, though.

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    I&#39;m fluent in English (Duh.) and I&#39;m also fluent in my native tounge, Italian. I can also somewhat understand French, considering some words are exactly alike in Italian, but I HATE speaking french. I&#39;m not quite good at writing in Italian but i&#39;m trying to get around to actually improving on it ^_^
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    I speak Swedish and English and I&#39;ve studied some Spanish and I can speak some Japanese, too.

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    was only gone for awhile Aycee's Avatar
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    French, Cebuano, Tagalog, Japanese, English, Mandarin, Spanish and German...
    Gosh...I didnt know I knew all of those...
    Except I only know how to speak Normally in those lang.
    and some, only alittle bit

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    English and Mandarin. Born in Singapore so I have to learn those.

    Can speak a minimal Japanese though..

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    Japanese(2nd native?/self-learned)(no, i&#39;m not half-breed... 100% norwegian B) )
    German (can understand/read it very good, but need to think twice before i say/write something... stopped studying it 3 yrs ago, so i think i&#39;m about to forget it )

    Can also write some swedish/danish if i have to, but that doesn&#39;t count, does it?

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    Hmmmm....can speak English and Malay.
    A bit of japanese and practically zilch for chinese.
    Also can speak a few Indian words.

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    I speak Portugueese and English.

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    Well, being born (And still living) in the good old Netherlands, I naturally know my Dutch. I know a slab of German, too, but mostly because of its similarities to Dutch.

    I taught myself English and Japanese and now I&#39;m pretty much a fluent speaker and writer of both.

    Aanndd.... I adore speaking French and Spanish and I&#39;m damn good at it too. The problem lies in understanding what the hell I&#39;m supposed to be saying.

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    Demon Party Law Eddie's Avatar
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    English,Thai.know some German word.
    I want to learn German and Japanese language. :)

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    Cap'n Big Nose


    At the moment I can only speek and write English, but i am curently learning Japanese (Speetch and Caligraphy), so soon i will be able to hold a convosation with someone with who know the Japanese languae. I think Anime&#39;s such as One Piece has helped me alot with my speetch and prenusiation. (I know i suck at spelling sorry)

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    I know english (of course), fluent dutch, portugeese (mostly understand), and some japanese. I could say that I understand a bit of german because of my german especially when it comes to reading.

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    Studying, studying and studying.


    English and chinese(i suck at it, seriously), i&#39;m intending to learn japanese, but that&#39;s a long while more to go
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    Besides, English and my country&#39;s national language, i can also speak quite a bit of Japanese. :lol:

    Kurapica/Killua from HxH ~

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