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Thread: Everyone!

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    I think it's best to just lock this thread for the time being. The guy's obviously craving for an audience and he's got one here.

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    Yah lock this shit n00bs.

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    Yeah, but how can you ignore such a dick! He'll just open another thread and start ripping on someone else. If somone can ban him this will all end!
    "I Need Mo' Allowence!"

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    Originally posted by TheDude'sCockRocket@May 30 2005, 01:38 PM
    Cant ban this.
    Whoo!! It is YOU who flatter ME! Orgazmo is one of my fave movies!!

    "Let's see how you like my....COCK ROCKET!!!"

    Oh, you card... :P

    By the way, we have your IP address logged. There's countless things we could do. Like report you to your ISP, for example. I suggest you give it up.

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