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Thread: Read This Before Doing Anything Else!

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    Default Read This Before Doing Anything Else!

    Okay, guys, Windy here. There are a few ground rules that you all must follow. If any of these are broken, you will be warned. A second offense will lead you to be suspended for one week, with you being banned from this subforum upon return. NO EXCEPTIONS. Voting here is a privilege, not a right. This post is a preliminary warning.

    1.) There will be no flaming of ANY character. I don't care if you think Robin should have died in Enies Lobby, or Usopp shouldn't have rejoined, etc. If you flame any single character, you're gone. Use that time to read up on proper forum etiquette. I will be strictly enforcing this one in particular. Keep in mind, however, that flaming is not the same as critiquing. If you don't like Zoro, stating something like, 'I don't really like how introverted he is,' is not warranting a ban. You're being civil.

    2.) This is FOR FUN. I don't want to see any of the following: Member bashing, bitching because your character did not win, et cetera. If Silvers Rayleigh lost against Nami, oh well. I know that this likely couldn't happen in reality, but this is not a contest of who would win in a fair fight. It's a popularity contest. If your character doesn't win, then grin and find another to root for. I'm sure that you can find someone else to cheer on! ^_^

    3.) The people in charge of this are Ivotas, Bad-Beat, Ubiq, Tare_chan, brennen.exe, e1n, and myself. Each of us is in charge of a different area, but we all have equal authority within this subforum. Please don't cause a stir, because you will be caught immediately with the high number of people in charge.

    4.) Regular members will be unable to create threads. Sorry. In addition, once a battle is ended, the topic will be closed.

    5.) The people in charge get two character nominations a piece. Everyone else will have one.

    6.) Have fun! I started this about six years ago when the forum was just starting, and I want this to be as fun now as it was then. If any of you have a real concern, just let me know via PM! ^_^

    7.) Your votes are final. If you accidentally voted for the wrong character we won't be changing it. It's a simple poll between two characters, if you screw up something simple as that then it's your own fault and shouldn't be rewarded by us with undoing it.

    This having been said, let the games begin!

    Regarding questions:

    If there's a question that you just have to ask, follow these guidelines.
    • Look first as there is a pretty good chance that it was already answered. Check the various threads at the top of the forum first.
    • Ignore anything anybody who isn't listed as a Moderator says about the Tournament. In particular, ignore Deltron. That's a good rule for the forums in general when it comes down to it.
    • If you can't find an answer and you are physically ill from not knowing, PM one of the subforum mods and ask them instead of spamming the forum with "When will the matches start?", "How many nominations are there?", and "Where is the ending to Garp and Lucci?"
    • You'll get your answer when you get your answer; there's a reasonable chance that will be some variation on "READ THE STICKIED THREADS, DUMBASS." Especially if you PMed Bad-Beat or Ivotas. If it actually is something that we hadn't considered and that needs to be addressed, we'll answer it and then add it to the rules section to clarify things for everybody.
    Note to people: spamming PMs to subforum mods will get you banned from the Tournament subforum. If you have a question, ask it once and wait. We'll get around to answering your question when we can. I don't recommend PMing Ivotas or Bad-Beat either on account of the fact that they have far less patience than I do. Windrays will probably be too busy as well.

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    Default NOTE: This tournament is popularity based!!!

    Ok, since it appears that some people still don't get it I'll have to repeat one more time. This tournament is not a "who would win in a fight" tournament. It is a popularity tournament, which means even the weakest of characters could defeat the strongest one if he/she is more popular than the other. Keep that in mind.

    I'm just repeating this constantly because people don't seem to get it (and most probably there'll be some specialists that still won't understand it). With this thread and the several posts in the other threads I think it has been stated enough times to get the concept. If people still don't get it for whatever reason we will not edit the polls to undo your mistakes. If you're too lazy to check on the rules or too stupid to understand, then it's your fault for screwing up and shouldn't be rewarded by us with second chance. So please keep that in mind.

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    Default Re: NOTE: This tournament is popularity based!!!

    So, I should vote who is stronger?

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    What's not to get when I say popularity based? Vote for the character you like most. Simple as that.

    Just have to do my best to make sure it has been stated often enough because there will be people who will ask us to change their votes because they got it wrong. And I'm sorry, but who doesn't take the time to read the rules and catch what this is about just screwed up him-/herself.

    That's why I'm making it clear now. Bitching and crying later on when the matches are in full swing won't be listened too.
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    Exclamation n00b Announcement! (PLEASE READ)

    Regrettably, due to an increasing number of members registering multiple alternative accounts (You know who you are) to try and tip the balance of various poll(s) in their character's favor, coupled with some other poll related misdemeanors (You also know who you are)

    We've decided to restrict voting access for new members to this forum for the duration of the tournament, you'll still retain all the rights and access of a normal member, but without the ability to vote. You can still fully take part and participate in the campaign efforts of your favorite character(s) (<-- your campaigning could end up swinging many undecided votes)

    We can only apologize to those new members who are affected by this temporary change. But there has been a substantial amount of effort put into the setting up and execution of this tournament on a daily basis from a member to staff level and we can't just sit idle while that substantial effort is constantly undermined.

    Cheers - BF.

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    Default New Rule (Please Read).

    Recently, there have been an increasing number of arguments springing up across the forums. I'm sure most of you have seen them. It has also been noticed that these arguments are creeping into the tournament section. We do not want this happening.

    Any members found participating in pointless arguments within the tournament section that are not related to the tournament will not be allowed to participate in the tournament from that point onwards.

    I'm sure this rule is clear to you. Again, this is to ensure the tournament threads stay on topic.

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