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    Default Something I found

    Um, I didn't find a thread or anything similar to post this in, so I made it. While watching the Enies Lobby arc again, I noticed something while they were showing the fleet admirals sent for the Buster call.

    It's Momonga! He was sent for the Buster Call. So Oda had him for this long and waited to introduce him until recently.

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Something I found

    You just now noticed Momonga? owo;

    Oda likes to put things in at the right moment.

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    Default Re: Something I found

    also it wasn`t THAT long after we met him again
    The epic battle of BusterCall vs. Don is decided !!!
    And the results are 3:2 for Don..

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    Default Re: Something I found

    You'll get a Joker clap gif if you can tell me a) the scene where the other Vice Admiral you've shown in your post appears again and b) what his name is. I know you can do it.
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    Default Re: Something I found

    Some "fans" not even reading this thing... really sad.
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    Default Re: Something I found

    Oh snap! I never noticed!
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    Default Re: Something I found

    No one made a thread because everyone already knew this.

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    Default Re: Something I found

    Guys, I'm not sure if anyone noticed this.....but Usopp's dad was in chapter one!! Whoaaaa!

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    Default Re: Something I found

    OH GODZ ur never guess what I just realised!!!!

    You know at ohara, with the buster call...
    Admiral Aokiji was there ... but UNDER the name Vice Admiral Kuzan.

    Jesus I bet no one has ever noticed this before, I guess my discovery will beat yours, sai-chan.

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    Default Re: Something I found

    Have you ever should I describe this.....that there's a man....with a panda head in the back of a lot of panels?

    Strange no? Can't believe there's no thread about this.

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