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Thread: Star Wars Universe

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwok View Post

    Wait for Ackbar at the end
    For a moment I thought this was a really dark isis joke about there being a big explosion. Kinda dissapointed you were talking about the admiral now.

    (yes I know I'm horrible)
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Thanks to PirateNeko for the avatar!

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    My body.....wasn't ready....

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by WolfWood37 View Post
    My body.....wasn't ready....
    and either was mine...i haven't felt like this since i saw episode 7.
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    I will come back to this thread and post something more thought out and complex about that trailer in the future but for now....


    Already got my tickets for the opening night at Alamo Drafthouse!!!

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Trailer was pretty cool.

    Showed enough without revealing much. That last part seems like a clear misdirect in order to build hype and get the click bait articles and videos rolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KzTxL7 View Post
    I wasn't distracted by Lucy being half naked.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Goddamn this is looking like the most beautiful Star Wars film by a mile. The AT-ATs on the color dust planet, Finn and Phasma's clash, pure money.

    I thought the first half of the trailer was a bit meh and was starting to feel a bit worried since nothing stood out much other than the visuals, but there was no need to worry since they just saved the good stuff for the second half

    Glad to see Finn and Phasma getting that duel they should have had in Episode 7. Looking forward to see what they do with Phasmoothie this go around. Kylo piloting that starfighter reminded me of that one episode of Rebels where Darth Vader single-handedly wrecked a Rebel fleet with a TIE Fighter. The ways Kylo emulates Vader are pretty interesting.

    Anyone else think Luke's voice sounded a lot like Yoda's? I wonder how intentional that was.

    Pumped for Snoke as well! Given the scenery around them, I'm not under the impression that this is just a dream sequence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halfmetal-lich View Post
    Trailer was pretty cool.

    Showed enough without revealing much. That last part seems like a clear misdirect in order to build hype and get the click bait articles and videos rolling.
    Idk, if there's anything that felt like misdirection it was when they implied Kylo killing Leia in his starfighter assault. There's definitely more to that last scene than they're probably letting on, but I can see the potential for this being a thing. From Kylo being conflicted af to Luke's statement in the teaser that it's "time for the Jedi to end" there's a good chance of new wrinkles forming in this arc rather than being straight good vs. evil, or turning Kylo good at the last minute like Vader in the original trilogy.


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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Gosh look, "Ren as frighteningly overpowered Tetsuo figure" wasn't in my head.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Small detail someone pointed out to me today, Luke's hand is the same mechanical one from Empire. Most people assumed the case, but the small detail that proved it was the blast mark on the hand, which is from Luke getting shot in the hand in Return of the Jedi when fighting Jabba's crew.
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    I figured out who Admiral Snoke is. Once I saw the scar on his forehead it was so obvious, especially once you think about it


    You might say when he hit his forehead..... The Force awakened

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