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Thread: Jango vs. Bepo

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Jango is one of the three characters who appeared in the first 30 chapters and participates in the whitebeard war, that makes him a timeless classic

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    When I originally started watching One Piece, I think the entry of Jango was the final cap on my decision that it was an awesome anime. Buggy is hilarious, but there's still enough rage in him to make him a semi-legitimate villainous figure. Jango's spaced-out self-hypnotizing King-of-Pop antics were the perfect balance to Kuro's extremely serious villainous style. One Piece: macho enough to get you pumped; silly enough to not make that sad.

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    First time I held my vote until I read some of the thread. My instinct was to go with Bepo, but after reading the campaigning and watching the AMV, voted for Michael :D
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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Shit, I got again hypnotized. :D

    First Mates and their friends kick ass!!!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted for DA BEAR. Not the pedo.


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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Quote Originally Posted by bugiipoppu View Post
    Not the pedo.
    You're incredible disrespectful, and wrong at that.
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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Quote Originally Posted by bugiipoppu View Post
    Voted for JANGO. Not the pedo bear.
    Fixed that statement for you.

    Annie are you ok?!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted for Jango..

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Vote for Bepo, Sanji's rival!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    I wanted to vote Bepo, but got hypnotized damnit! However, Jango is one of my top
    5 favourites.

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo


    Vote For Jango Jackson!!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Vote for Jango, one of the few Marines who can stand the comparison with Whitebeard's most powerful men.

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Lol? Jango Wins? O.o wtf is going On?

    a kungfu bear vs a human? cmon guys!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted for bepo just to see if he can get through to the next round and face off against Sanji lol! Dream match and maybe we might get a comic out of it that would be awesome!!

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Jango vs Bepo

    Jango has over 100 votes more.
    Neither of them had a serious threat in their fights...and with the recent death of Michael Jackson I would say Jango has a bit of advantage...

    So Jango
    Trust the statistic...
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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted for the most awesome hypnotist ever.
    Some talking bear doesn't win a good MJ performance.

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted Bepo cause I know Jango's gonna win xD I love both characters soo much, I will crap my pants if Jango has to go up against Whitebeard next round.. oh god..I hope he does so my sis can draw that xDD

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    Voted Jango. He's just cooler, his design is great and the scenes where he falls asleep trying to hypnotize other people is hilarious.

    Only open the spoiler box if you like idiotic, mindless, retarded rambling.

    No, I voted Jango, because it's about time to get that idiotic bear out of the contest. All of the other characters that made it to the third round at least has some content, but Bepo is that type of character that only retarded, superficial 12-years-olds like. He's only so popular because he is recent. When a speaking pheasant that likes solving crossword puzzles and wears a bikini (or another blank character in that style) shows up in 20 chapters, Bepo will be forgotten forever. Just try to say 3 words about his PERSONALITY and not that he can do Kung-Fu and is able to speak.

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    Default Re: Jango vs. Bepo

    has to be jango...i mean the bear is cool, but still jango is a early chara of OP and still damn awesome..(and still in the storyline)

    let him rock this show
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