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Thread: Buggy vs. Jinbei

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    Default Re: Buggy vs. Jinbei



    Well Off to bed now. I have school in the morning.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs. Jinbei

    Another one bites the dust...

    Bring on the Straw Hats.

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    The clown is a force to be reckoned with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silleeel View Post
    I disagree DoFlamingo and Kuma are way more entertaining in my book than Jinbei!

    Doflamingo has only been in a tiny part of the manga/anime so far but his crazy, manical, i dont give a sh*t attitude has enterained me alot more than jinbei! And has showed that later on when he shows up in a more main role in the storyline its guna be some pretty epic stuff!

    Kuma is kinda boring but the intrigue with the is he really on the marines side or what shows that theres guna be something more to his character!

    But Mihawk and Moria yeah your pretty much spot on lol!

    As for hancock i like her! Hated her at first but im guessing that was the whole point as her character was meant to be a bitch lol!
    I didn't mean Jinbei was more entertaining than all of them (except Mihawk), just that I understood why people would vote for him over the others given the screentime he's had and abilities he's shown.

    DoFlamingo is kind of the archetypical sadistic bastard. I think he has the potential to be really awesome or really awful depending on how he's handled later on. But until now he's just made brief cameos so it's not surprising he wouldn't get that far in a popularity contest. Though he's definitely one of the more entertaining warlords.

    Haha, I'm actually one of those people that liked Hancock at first, then hated her later on.

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