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Thread: Roger vs. Nami

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Come on, Arlong and his gang took over her home because they were enslaved by humans. Her town was enslaved and her mother was killed by them. She has every reason to hate Hachi and throw him to the wolves, but she doesn't. Vote Nami, she stops the cycle of hatred amongst humans and fishmen!

    Edit: Come on! That can't be it! there's still time! All the great stuff in this whole thread and we can't inspire three more votes? Come on, her boobs might be huge, but the heart under them is even bigger!
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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    I just jumped in to vote Nami because there needs to be at least one female representing.
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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Four minutes... and Nami's two behind! This is just like Garp vs Croc last time. *wink wink wink wink*

    Edit: So close, yet so far.
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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Ahhh and that ended in a tie

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Unfortunately I think those voters' attentions are directed on the current Garp vs Croc (vs Brook).

    Two more miracle votes for Nami, anyone?

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Ahh damn. One vote, that's nothing to be ashamed of, though.
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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Neat! Makes me glad I actually bothered to vote this time!

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Aww... Well Nami did good to come this far.

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Un-freaking-believeable. Nami actually lost to a hyped-up flashback character. You people disappoint me.

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    wow epic

    this is epic!!!

    just for one vote...

    this..... epic!

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    Every vote counts, eh?

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Nami

    And the lesson?

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