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Thread: Enel vs. Zoro

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    I voted Eneru, because although I love Zoro...well, Zoro can't exactly shock himself back to life, predict the movements of people within several hundred miles' radius, doesn't have vast technical knowledge...loves apples...has beautiful women serve him...has that epic laugh, and the epic face! And I love me some religious symbolism any time, and he certainly is chock full of it!

    As for Melody.,..aww, you make me sad. ;_;

    BUT! He has great combat abilities; if you complain about him using his mantra too much as well, that's like complaining about a Jedi using the Force to sense the movements and actions of those around them. It's sort of innate, you know? Besides, Luffy of all people has very good fighting skills, of course, and relies extremely on his Devil Fruit.

    Regardless, he's extremely acrobatic and agile.
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Enel is perhaps the most annoying character in the history of the whole series. Aside of Crocodile of course..
    Although i hate Zoro fandom, I still have to go with him (he's a great character when you read a bit of the older chapters)..

    Nice landslide by the way
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    I've read all this crap people are saying like "No, you voted for God. All these other people are heathens." and "God is God" get over it people! enel is NOT god no matter how much you think he is! he's just an asshole who thinks he IS god. just because someone doesnt like him or doesnt vote for him doesnt mean they are against god. and so what if they are? everyone has their own beliefs. enel is just a manga character. live with it
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshu-sama View Post
    Too many Zoro fanboys. Enel has already hosed Zoro twice, and stomped on his face. He took a reject to the chest and restarted his own heart, and conquered the moon. Yet people vote for the masochist without fail.
    For god's sake man dont agitate the Zoro fans, or else they'll start linking poorly made amvs of Kuma stuffing Zoro with paw pain.

    That or they'll panic and we'll have a human stampede of epic proportions on our hands.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Ener will fry Zoro again. Or do we have to spam what happened in Skypiea?
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Easy choose. Enel because he has tittle "God" damn it. How cool is that. And of course he is damn great character. And the fruit... damn pure win. LOL great to see that Zoro got so many fanboys... fun fun. But even mighty Zoro cant match God. Gosh I loved that pawnage. And his little try with seastone... he did well. Dont fear the God, God is fear!
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by Taz View Post
    What are you talking about? Most of his fight with Luffy on the ship consisted of melee attacks with his staff, combined with creative use of his power (ie. molding and heating the trident). And he got up like one minute after Luffy 'KO-ed' him.
    No, most of the fight was Enel relying on his lighting dodging abilities and his mantra to try and stab Luffy. The moment Luffy bypassed his mantra, he totally clobbered him. Weeeeaaakkk.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    god vs. atheist

    Being an atheist myself, i have to vote for Zoro.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    The best campaign would be to say "Vote for who you like, and then STFU" :|
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    There is a difference between being a god and thinking you are one.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by Taz View Post
    Say, you know who else could:

    - create giant balls of death in the sky

    - transform their physical bodies into more powerful forms

    - survive the vaccum of space

    - refered to the hero as a "stupid monkey"?

    Yes, that's right!

    Vote for the Frieza of One Piece!
    Speaking of DBZ, Enel would've kicked Goku's ass in that one multi-screen crossover. The only reason he lost was because of Luffy spinning Goku around while he fired a Kamehameha which...still makes no sense. Either way, Enel almost won, which is more than Zoro can say. So Enel gets my vote.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Aw I soo wish I could vote, God Enel all the way <3 He's gone so far, but now that he's up against Zoro...I'm afraid his time has come, sadly :(

    Go Enel!

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    enel sucks especially when faced with the awesomeness of Zoro...

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    I wanted Enel to go Thru an other round, but hes against my favorite StrawHat :( GO ZORO!

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Just saw this:

    But I voted Enel because he is so funny in that pic
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    UGH I think I'm gonna give Zoro my vote because I saw that Marimo_Swordsman couldn't vote for him and she's a kick ass Zoro cosplay xD other than that I just... I dunno x__x; neither of them are favorites of mine.

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sea View Post
    Just saw this:

    But I voted Eneel because he is so funny in that pic
    Is its strange that the Zoro Roach makes me wanna vote for him?

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Gosh, some peope are taking the "Vote for God, HEATHANS" thing a little too seriously, methinks.

    TECHNICALLY, according to Skypiean law, Eneru WAS God, as that was the title of the secular governor over the lands thereof. It was just his megalomania that made him think that he was a God of any religious significance.
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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    i'm sorry enel, no matter how fking awesome you were, you just cant stand against zoro :S

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    Default Re: Enel vs. Zoro

    Yeah Zoro, it's time for god to pray.

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