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Thread: Roger vs. Luffy

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Quote Originally Posted by GaaraofTheDesert View Post
    Shanks saved Luffy's life.
    And Buggy tried to kill him a few times. It's just hit and miss with the Roger crew really.
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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Voted for Luffy... basically because he was winning. If Roger was close I might've voted for him just to make Luffy lose .

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinpanman View Post
    I'm glad you like the comics but I don't think I could've managed one considering I've had no access to my own computer or a scanner all week. Still, I too would've preferred Nami vs. Luffy, even though it would've been just as one-sided.

    Well, time for the old to make way for the new. Go, you silly rubber man, you!
    I mainly assumed you would've (if you could) since you did them for all the other SH/SH matches. At least we're not missing out there since yes, I did really like them.

    Nevertheless, it's ironic how the expectations for potential Roger matches were so over-hyped and in the end he's getting the worst slaughter this round. Very unbefitting of a king. Even Ener did better against the almighty Zoro. And this without making a main story appearance for like 250 chapters, or the benefit of a recent flashback/mention to stir up excitement.
    Ah well. Hope we'll get to see something as crazy as the Buggy/Sanji match next round.

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Luffy for the win. The destined future Pirate KING!

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    any last minute roger voters out there...nows your chance

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Whoop! Too late! Luffy wins!

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Even after his defeat to luffy


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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    What a way to end the bitter defeat of the pirate king!

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    Default Re: Roger vs. Luffy

    Poor Roger xD I see it as Zoro vs Luffy in the end, Zoro being the victor.

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