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Thread: Volume 54 SBS.

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    Default Volume 54 SBS.

    Has someone translated it? If I'm not mistaken, Oda talks about how Buggy was captured in that SBS, and I want to see it and I'm sure there's other interesting information. So... I'm looking for it, but can't find it.

    Edit: Nevermind. Someone already gave found it for me.
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    Default Re: Volume 54 SBS.

    Could you throw it my way? I want it too:/
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    Default Re: Volume 54 SBS.

    Yeah, i'm still looking for Nami's VA interview.

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    Default Re: Volume 54 SBS.

    Yeah, here it is. Translated by Greg, I think.

    Someone wants to know why Luffy reacted to Nami but not Boa.

    He goes into a huge roundabout explanation but ultimately decides that it's because he was with Usopp who being the same age and all was a bad influence on him. It's not that he isn't interested, just that he doesn't act like that alone.

    Someone asked why Luffy doesn't think about his options or express his psychological motivations ie. talk via thought bubbles.

    Oda said he decided from the start he didn't want him to be like that and the one exception was Skypiea because that kind of expression was the same as a 'voice'. Remember the deal about the 'voice' of the bell.

    Some asks if Wanze is a Yonkou.

    He brushes it off.

    Someone asks why Marigold got fat.

    He says it isn't fat, it's muscle. To get stronger. She ate lots of chanko like sumo do.
    From the left to right, the first 5 are Kuja Pirate Crew Members:

    Ran, Rindou, Daisy, Cosmos, Blue Fan

    Memo Freak: Nerine

    Doctor: Belladonna

    Lady's Maid: Enishida

    Someone notes that Buggy was on the newspaper Nyon was reading.

    Oda says yes indeed it's him. He describes the article's contents:

    Thinking it was a cave containing Captain John's treasure, Buggy entered what he thought was a cave but was really A MARINE FORT and got captured.

    R: Oda Sensei, hello. This is the first time I'm writing a letter to you. I always enjoy reading. And I really mean it. In Vol. 53's SBS you said, "I'm gettin' to the point where I'd like to finish off OP.", so I was quick to pick up my brush. Please, don't say that kind of thing. Please don't say things like, "Sorry to make you spend your money." I know it's the SBS and all but I have no question.

    O: NO QUESTION!!...that aside, I was shocked at the mountain of letters and postcards I received regarding that comment from 53! Uh, first off, I had in my mind 'The Ideal Serial Manga Length', that is to say, 'The Extent That All Readers Can Purchase All Volumes'. It's a desire of one who writes the story but say for example we now have the SH Pirate Crew with its 9 members. At the start it was just Luffy setting out to sea alone right!? That's something that readers who jumped in along the way just don't know. The adventures they've been through, the growing crew, I want them to know all about it but I can't just tell everyone to buy all 50 volumes. I know that little kids don't just have money! That's why in the past I've tried different things like the collection books [Logs] so they could know it all and now, the companies Caramel Mama and Hearty Ware have helped me realized that dream of 'as cheap as possible'. It's too cheap!! 'Cuz it's free!! NICE FIGHT!!

    We've created, "One Piece Web".It's a 'perfect story guide'. It explains the entire story. For the kids who can't afford all the books, go on and read it for free! Access it! (You adults out there buy the books.) Anyway, because I worry about that stuff is why I just let that comment slip out, I'm sorry. I have not lost my motivation yet. There's ONE thing I've wanted to do from the very start. To bring various threads together and show you "The Manga Where The Final Chapter [meaning 'section of'] Is The Most Amazing". In the grand story of One Piece we are but in the middle. If you have the time, please, stick around. I'm still striving to make a story the likes of which no one has ever read before. Now visit that site!


    Someone notices that Boa was on the cover of Jump many years ago. (the one from CW)

    He says that while some parts may have changed, that was indeed Boa. He says it was when they entered GL and he was asked by the editing dept. to draw some enemies that would be appearing from here on. He agreed and drew their backs. He says that even though it's a bit different, at the time he fully intended her to be Boa Hancock of the Shichibukai.

    Someone asks about the CP9 members with Spandein and if the dude with glasses was Calipha's dad or not.

    He says yes it is. And this wasn't some spur of the moment bullshit answer. He explained to his chief at the time that it was indeed her dad and that's the only person he told. He says most of CP9 are orphans raised by the govt. but he thought it would be interesting if there were kind of 'thoroughbred' members amongst them. Hence Calpiha.

    Someone asks Oda to explain the original Fata Morgana. He does. Nothing surprising.

    Hancock's Bday- Sep. 2nd

    Shanks' Bday- Mar. 9th

    Someone asks Oda to put a retarded looking face in Brook's head along with the dial. Brook agrees. Oda disagrees.

    I have full confidence it will appear someday when we least expect it.

    That's it for the Oda SBS.

    Sorry I can't deal with the big comment now. I'm already late for work.

    God I love this series.

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    Default Re: Volume 54 SBS.


    No, I read that. I wanted a word to word translation of it complete with questions like the volume 55 SBS.
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