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Thread: Hello :-)

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    Smile Hello :-)


    I found this forum today and had to join *g* Looks like fun :-). I'm from german and my favorite characters are Zoro and Brook (but there are LOTS of others I also like ^^).
    I will be gone for the rest of the week without internet, but after that I look forward to join you all!



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    Welcome here.
    Hope you have some fun. :)

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    so you like character w/ sword as a weapon
    Under Construction

    Black Beard will take part in this arc in the near end when the pirates is about to escape.

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    Welcome to Arlong Park forums Roro! :D Hope you have lots of fun here! ^^
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    Welcome to the forums.
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    Welcome to the water parks~

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    Welcome to AP, Roro.

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    Hello Hello, Roro! Welcome to the park, and remember haaaaaaave fun with it!

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    You'll fit right in.
    Welcome onboard.
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    Hey there, are you watching anime or reading the Manga?? Well, doesn't matter, welcome to the forums!!
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    Hi Nakama

    Welcome to AP

    And I like Zoro too, is a favourite characters

    Regards to you


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