Pangya is a free to play, online fantasy golf game. Before you exit this thread labeling me as a total dweeb, let me explain it a bit, and what makes it an addictive, competetive, and surprisingly sportsmanlike game (yes, those still exist online). One of the biggest things that makes Pangya a great game is it's on-going events and contests.

Alright, for anyone not interested in listening to my version, here's a link to the website, explaining the game etc.

The game:

Pangya has 2 modes of play (essentially) V,S is a turn-based mode, with up to 4 players. You can choose how many holes you want to do, what course (many courses to choose from) etc.

Tournament mode is kind of a course run-through by yourself, but competing with other players in the same room. It's a competition. The main difference between the two is one is for social gaming, one is a test of skill.

How to play:

From what I've played in other golf games (dweeb alert) it has the same general idea. There's a power bar, club choices, special shots, and wind to watch for. You choose your power and try to hit a "pangya" on the way back while powering up, which determines how accurate your shot is. I'm SUPER generalizing the game, there's a lot more to it like power-ups, trick shots, beam impacts...

Anyway if anyone at all is interested in playing, or if anyone has an account already, PM because I'd love to join you for a round, and my guild and I are very happy to meet new people, we've been a guild for over 7 years, carried over from another game called Gunbound. :)