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Thread: I'm gonna hang myself

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    Roronoa Zoro4real

    Default I'm gonna hang myself

    I just wanted to let you all know that this is my last post because tonight I'm going to hang myself on a tree in my back yard. This world is a horrible place and people are stupid. I hope to come back as a cat or dog so that I can hope and have a better life as an animal. Thank you all for giving me somewhere to talk and for a place to have fun. I never really got anywhere in life and will hopefully help the world be a better place because of this. Thanks you guys, and if you want to, please try and give me good reasons to stop from doing this.

    Sayonara, Roronoya Zoro4real (AKA Steve The Chef and FullMetalFatGuy,and the imposter Cap'n Carter)

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    Don't do it man, Please...........

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    the bigot who thinks being an asshole is actually worth shit

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    ... I've heard it before. You're full of it.

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