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Thread: Clock Tower 3

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    Default Clock Tower 3

    So, has anyone here heard/played Clock Tower 3? It's pretty fun, and I like the concept of it. And I like the story as well. Beat the game today too. Though the final boss was hard. Gonna be playing hard mode next.

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    Default Re: Clock Tower 3

    I remember seeing footages of the first and second episodes.

    They were scary like hell.

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    Default Re: Clock Tower 3

    I remember playing the first one when I was younger and getting freaked out by the killer jumping out and slowly coming after you. The walk home from my friends house was extra long that night.

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    Default Re: Clock Tower 3

    Clock Tower is definately a series I've always felt bad for skipping over. The first one (the one for the SNES) looked fantastic, and 3 seemed like fun.

    I gave Fatal Frame a grab, I should attempt this one. Being a horror game fanatic and all.

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    Never played the series, but I do have the successor of the series, Haunting Ground. I bought it after seeing the entire game played through on YouTube, which was excellent. Never played it myself tho.

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