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Thread: General Pokemon television and manga thread

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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on Pokemon RAWs (outside of Share)? I need to capture a screenshot from a particular episode (185) to put on some website.

    Thanks for the assistance.
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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Komrade Korobooshi View Post
    The Ono Mangas, which were loosely based on the Anime, were my favorite. Special is pretty dull, imo, and not worth importing them (since like no scans exist).
    I actually always thought the opposite. I was much more interested in Adventures/Special. I guess that's because I wasn't that big on the anime at that point, so I wanted something a bit different from the Ono manga, which used the anime characters. It had nice art, but I was looking for something different from the anime I guess. And Adventures/Special seemed more like the games to me back then, which I thought was neat.

    Of course, this was a few years back. Who knows what I would think now. But, yeah, I'm not going to import all of the Singapore volumes of Adventures/Special or anything.

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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    The 10th Movie Raw comes out soon, and it looks pretty cool (and the 11th movie supposedly actually continues it).

    OH SHI-

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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaimei-Karasuhebi View Post
    Crude Clefairy Manga? Are the Clefairy hunted down or what?

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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf Cable View Post
    If only Jesse and James could be absolutely defeated and Ash evolved his damn Pikachu.

    I know those two things would destroy the premise of the cartoon, but I can dream!

    Seriously though, who would not let their Pokemon evolve? If I had a Pikachu, I would evolve to a Raichu as soon as I could... after it's learned all of it's moves as a Pikachu of course.
    Are you freaking insane? Do you know how powerful Pikachu would be if it ever evolved?! And Ash was all for his Pokemon evolving, Pikachu didn't want to evolve because he wanted to be great and prove he could do just as much without evolving. In fact he slapped the thunder stone out of Ash's hand. (See the battle with Lt. Surge episodes) and even Bulbasaur refused to evolve.

    Plus if Pokemon actually existed it would be a lot different than just playing the game. You actually would have to take care of it, and the bigger it gets the more it will probably want to eat, cleaning would be harder, personality changes (See Charmander to Charmelion[SP?]).
    Quote Originally Posted by SSM View Post
    Toni, no offense, but you must be the most plain user on the forum. Your posts, your avatar, everything. You're like the Ishamaru of Arlong Park.

    That totally came out of nowhere.

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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Knight View Post
    Yeah, after reading the synopsis, I got what you meant, but..


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    Default Re: pokemon thread.

    the pokemon Mangas are getting better than the pokemon ones I read(where the character was named Red instead of Ash)
    this one I am reading is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Ginjis Rescue team.
    When was in in Nintendo magazine because thats what it says on the back on the volume?
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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    I catch Pokemon some times in the morning when I eat my breakfast. It's on at 7:30am here and is funny as all hell. Brings back nostalgia watching and no matter how stupid the series has become I still have a soft spot for it.

    I too stopped watching some time in Johto. I just couldn't stand the repeated formula they used.

    My favorite episode was 'The Wayward Wobbuffet'. The one where wobbuffet has a key with him and Team Rocket and Ash are after him for the whole episode.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    Two weeks ago I watched the 10th movie in Japanese.

    Pretty good in terms of animation. I thought the scenario could have been a bit better. It was kind of like the 2nd and the one with Deyoxis(SP?) (Was that the 7th or 6th?)

    They should have let Darkrai die too.

    I also loved the battles in the very beginning of the movie, and that one scene where Brock's frog thing grabs that blast from Dialga(SP?).

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    I sat around yesterday and watched Pokemon for ten hours straight, including the tenth movie dubbed. It was pretty good in terms of fights and whatnot, but none of the movies ever managed to have a plot as good as the first two.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chibi Schala
    Nero has just the right amout of junk in his trunk.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    The 2nd one had a good plot?

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    Yes, yes it did.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chibi Schala
    Nero has just the right amout of junk in his trunk.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    So wait Movie 10 has good fights?
    BTW what's up with all the Slowpoke fandom?

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    It's a 4chan thing...

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    Yuara Pirate

    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    I saw the new movie on Sunday. It was okay. It could have been better, though. But I can't pinpoint why.

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special continue as a series. Even if it's just 26-52 episodes.

    EDIT: Sure, that would spoil some plot twists in the game, but...
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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    I've only seen the first 5 movies. Don't think Australia ever got any more after that.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    I watched the 10th movie too, I kinda like it (it's as good as the Deoxys one, which I gave an 80&#37;, or 4 star)

    I wonder how long does it take for the episodes to be back?

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    Default Re: pokemon tread.

    Quote Originally Posted by HEATXZ View Post
    I never did like the pokemon anime series mostly because of Team Rocket i only like the games and the manga,btw you forgot the "h" in thread
    I hate it.Plain and simple.I gave a summary of it repetitivness somewhere else,Ill try to find and copy it.

    PS:Why was Pokemaster banned?

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    Really any of anyones business why he/she was banned?

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    Default Re: Pokemon Thread.

    Yeah, I saw a bit of 10. The only thing I saw that I liked was the drill like penguin attack and the Croagunk(That blue frog) punching the blast coming at him. In fact, I think I'd watch every episode of Pokemon ever just to see that frog beat the shit out of stuff with that jab. Oh, and I couldn't give a crap about the plot of the pokemon movies.

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