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Thread: general football "soccer" thread

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    Karius is going into a witness protection programme after that game.

    If Bale came back to the Premier league he could wreak havoc

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    So, Bale is the Welsh name for Domino?

    Also Ramos. Sportsmanship like a FIFA-executive.

    I give it to Benzema though.
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    As a neutral who loved the match for the most part,
    I felt like this game got ruined a little bit.

    Liverpool played really well, even after losing Salah.
    They didn't deserve those two Karius blunders.

    Bale was immense though, what a fucking goal to score after coming off the bench.
    Madrid deserved to win simply for that goal.

    But on the whole I feel like Liverpool's performance merited more of an overall contest.


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    Default Re: general football "soccer" thread

    As a person who appreciates tactical football, this match was a nightmare. As a simple spectator looking for excitement and drama, it was great.

    Real Madrid's playing style is passing the ball around until one of your super duper expensive players do something incredible out of the blue. In case that doesn't happen, get help from the referee. In case it doesn't happen, pray for the best. Sigh.
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    A little season preview since I'm bored and don't want to see this thread so very dead.

    In no particular order, we have:

    - Ligue 1: It's safe to say that PSG will take the domestic triple once again (who's going to challenge them? Monaco? They're in the middle of yet another transition. Marseille? While they do click as a team, their overall quality will remain at EL-level internationally and top four domestically. Lyon? Assuming they manage to hold onto Fekir, we could be in for some real treat but frankly, their individual player brilliance fades compares to PSG's). What I am interested in seeing is how Tuchel, the new coach, manages to handle the star ensemble and just how beautiful the football will be
    - Serie A: Juventus went from strengh to strength. Landing Ronaldo to have a real go at the CL, getting Emre Can on a free to further bolster their ridiculous squad depth and bringing back Bonucci while getting rid of (admittedly high quality) dead wood in Higuain; they are going for the big prizes. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how Ancelotti manages to handle Napoli while Roma and Inter will be worth watching too, what with their various player acquisitions displaying some real ambition. The title's going to Turin, sure, but it should be a close race at least.
    - Bundesliga: Yeah, let's be real. It's going to be Bayern again. They'll dominate domestically and bow out at the quarters/semis in the CL. Why the latter? Because Kovav, new coach, is inexperienced when it comes to Europe's biggest competition and because Bayern refuse to permanently rejuvenate their wings. As for the other teams, Schalke, Leverkusen, Dortmund and Leipzig will play their football, entertain the people but ultimately it won't result in a real title challenge; Bayern is controlling the league and the title is theirs for years to come (a sad state, truthfully)
    - Premier League: The league may have its top 6 but at least their matches are worth watching and it's not possible to pinpoint the champion on day one (please, City, don't make me look stupid here). Here, I am just incredibly excited to see Liverpool and ManCity in action as their football is so very beautiful. Plus, there's Chelsea and Arsenal with new managers (Sarri and Emery, respectively) and who knows, maybe even grumpy old Mourinho surprises everyone. I cannot wait for this one to start.
    - LaLiga: Barce and ATM bolstered their ranks with some smart signings/contract extensions while Real have a new coach with an inherently offensive coaching style. Will Barca dominate the league again and go for another treble (remember what happened after the 2014 WC)? Will ATM's offensive options (Griezmann, Costa, Correa, Lemar, Koke etc) click and we will see them march on in the CL? How will real cope with Ronaldo's departure-- will it unleash Bale, Isco and Asensio? Or will we see an overhaul take place?

    Last but certainly not least, the Champions League:
    Contenders? Juve, PSG, Barca and because you just have to name them, Real. I'd like to include ManCity and Liverpool as well but the former I feel will never win the CL with Guardiola as high-press and counter-attacking will always be his system's demise while the latter's, Liverpool, run to the final is something that won't be happening again this season, I'm afraid.

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    Not looking forward to this season at all with sour puss Jose and with it being his 3rd season. Think he'll be gone by December which will please me. City will walk the title again Liverpool to finish 2nd and Chelsea and Arsenal making up the rest.

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    Arsenal's new bunch will take some time to settle so losing only 2-0 to City is totally acceptable.

    Liverpool, in the meantime, are every bit as entertaining to watch as I had hoped.

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