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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiolino View Post
    Chevy Chase is a terrible human being and incredibly hard to work with. There's literally not a single person he's worked with who has positive things to say about him.
    Which is sad, because he's also the least funny part of Community (next to perhaps Chang).

    Would be upsetting if he has a hand in its ultimate downfall.

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    Why would Community get cancelled because Chase leaves? They can just replace him with a new student like JOSH HOLLOWAY which is what I've been saying for a year already anyway

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    This isn't really surprising, but it is surprising that Dan was such a jerk about this. I know Chevy is hard to work with, but Dan seems pretty difficult as well. They're both brilliant at their job, but put two such people together and things will eventually blow.

    This sucks as well, since Pierce has consistently been one of my favourite characters. If the show gets renewed without Chevy, it's a sad day for me.

    However, this could all be a huge publicity stunt. Not very likely, but you never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiolino View Post
    Why would Community get cancelled because Chase leaves? They can just replace him with a new student like JOSH HOLLOWAY which is what I've been saying for a year already anyway
    You don't give NBC any more reasons to can the show at this point in time. And for quite a few of these execs, wouldn't be surprised if Community is "that show with the guy from SNL in it."

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    Okay Chevy's a dick not surprised at all but if Harmon actually led that chant then he's no better than Chevy.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Also this is definitely not a stunt.

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    Community is currently doing better than 90% of NBC's other shows, so it's not getting cancelled unless NBC cleans house entirely.

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    Community should be pretty set last Thursday proved it but to move on without Chevy IMO would kinda sucked.

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    More fuel for the flame from a recent Chevy Chase interview: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/31/community-chevy-chase_n_1393823.html?ref=mostpopular

    unny part is, I can see his point. They never have seemed to have a clue where they were headed with Pierce (save for his decent Evil Arc), but I think in large part that had to do with Chevy's limited range. Most of the cast seems willing to go just about anywhere for a given plot; Chevy always just plays the same old grumpy dude.

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    The end of that interview gives slight confirmation that he'll be back. He seems to enjoy the work(ing) with the other people (Harmon aside).
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    If there is a fourth season, Chevy probably won't be back. He seems to dislike working with the sitcom format so much that I don't even know how he lasted three seasons.

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    Well they did say someone will die.

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    I see all this hate for Pierce every where, and I'm really surprised by it. Last season he did get a bit wacky, but I thought everything with him in it this season has been on point.

    Especially in this past episode.

    I would honestly hate to see him, or anyone else in the group, go.

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    Again they could get rid of Pierce/Chevy and the show would move on it but the "dynamic" would be kind of off. You just can't have any member of the study group gone hell Harmon showed it in the season premiere when Pierce came back.

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    Omelette du Fromage!

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    I agree with something I saw on Twitter: the worst part about Chevy leaving would be more Chang.

    Could easily see him getting plugged in for racist/crazy person of group.

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    To be fair, I haven't been crazy with Pierce this season. Chevy just doesn't seem to have any energy anymore. Granted, I haven't seen the latest episode yet. Even in episodes centering around him (Advanced Gay, Urban Matrimony) he just seems... off.

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    Pierce was flawless in this last episode. Can't say the same over the rest of the past two seasons

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    this season so far has been pretty crapy imo. Only a few moments I laughed and that was the Ice Cream and Chevy chase at the end of one episode. Chang shooting his tranq gun and chase drinking the pen ink.

    Otherwise worst season so far. Was super pumped for this season and yet now wouldn't care if it got canned.

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    "That's 'saved' Garrett?"

    Pretty good episode I think, mainly because it had some really entertaining subplots.....the whole Kim thing, Britta/Subway, and a competition that escalated into a blanket fort vs. pillow fort (loved how Jeff was ignoring the war breaking out and looking at his phone)

    And Idk, I thought Pierce had some classic lines this ep-

    "Top notch whoresmanship, Britta."
    "Sorry. Whoreswomanship. Forgot it was the 90's."

    "You only think you live in New York because I implanted your memories!"

    I'd be a little disappointed if Chevy Chase left....

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    Now that I've seen the episode I can say that Pierce is back. He was great this episode. Just a bunch of line that cracked me up, from everyone! Looking forward to next episode.

    To people saying that this is the worst season ever. just shut up until the season is done.

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