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Thread: Confession Session

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    I can't really think of anything. I could talk about "I find 'this unattractive person' attractive' or 'I find 'this highly worshipped attractive person' unattractive', but really, that's just stupid.

    Hmm...I bite my nails?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arei View Post
    The only weird confession I can think of is I still sleep with one of my stuffed animals on the bed (I've never really fell asleep with one in a death clutch, I just like them on the bed), don't need it anymore, it's more out of habit.
    I have a rabbit and an alligator I sleep with. The alligator was a present when I was born and the rabbit once belonged to my mother, so their still being in my possession after all these years has given me recent motivation to attach meaning to them. My sentimental self has grown very fond of them. Usually they lay near me, but I still like having them close. A couple times recently, in a death hug, I've woken up to find them still in my arms.

    It's surprising, since as a kid if I ever tried hugging a stuffed animal while falling asleep, I'd wake up to just find it on the floor since I toss around in my sleep.

    So to keep them near me feels good.

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    I've been fond of the idea of sleeping with stuffed animals, lol. But they just ended up at my feet too. The only one that stayed relatively in place was one as small as my hand. Eh.

    After going out with a relative with a baby, I'd feel bad for any woman who felt like they had to hide away whenever their baby is hungry. Which is a lot! Especially if the woman is already trying to be subtle, if someone has the nerve to tell them to cover up, they can even more easily just look away and deal with it.

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    I've never seen a mother breastfeeding in public, covered or not. :/ Maybe it's cause we're generally conservative, but the discussion here makes it sounds like it's something that can't be helped. So that doesn't really fit for me - I don't really know.

    It's not really a confession, but I sleep with a lot of junk on my bed. I have this stuffed duckie that was given to me as a birthday present from a really close friend of mine, whom I can't talk to anymore. I treasure it so ridiculously much. Once, when I was younger, my friends played keep-away with it and I almost cried.

    Also, once, the same friend gave me another stuffed animal, which was a blue furry shark. It was the most hideous thing ever, but I didn't dare to tell him so I just said the most appreciative thanks I could muster and put it away in my closet.
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    The stuffed animal confessions are really quite sweet. Makes me wish I had held on to more of my old stuffed toys. I do still have an old blue stuffed monkey that was a gift from my mother about 10 years ago. It's special to me not simply because it was a gift, but also because it's such a vibrant, happy-looking toy. I still cuddle with it sometimes.

    Kinda embarrassing, but I have a box full of some of my mother's old books and knick-knacks. I packed them away not long after she died, and they still smell of her and her perfume. Sometimes, I like to browse through that box and just breathe in her scent. Makes me feel close to her still, somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dervish View Post
    Kinda embarrassing, but I have a box full of some of my mother's old books and knick-knacks. I packed them away not long after she died, and they still smell of her and her perfume. Sometimes, I like to browse through that box and just breathe in her scent. Makes me feel close to her still, somehow.
    How is that embarrassing? The mothers scent is probably the oldest memory you, and everyone else has. And if you didn't have terrible childhood it should be connected to good memories of warmth and protection. Also humans have an inner eye so they can not only recognize known pictures but also "view" them in a completly different situation. The same thing does, for the most people, not work with the nose. We don't have an inner nose with wich we can decide to smell something from our memory. We can only recognize scents not recollect them.

    As for me: I have a hard time adjusting to this new social networking world. I'm always embarrassed when people ask me for my facebook and I have to tell them I don't have one. I recently registered at the most popular social network page for german collage students but I hardly ever take a look into it and I don't really care about it. Usually I don't notice someone wrote me until I check my email. It kinda sucks because sometimes I will notice things too late and come off as a jerk. And then I have to explain friends how I don't like to put stuff about myself online in places where it can be connected with the real life me and even looked up with search engines. What a pain. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time 5 years to when social life was still happening in person or at least on the cellphone and the internet was more rough :/
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    I also have a stuffed animal (polar bear in a night gown) named Boo Boo that I've had since birth and I sleep with it whenever I go back to visit my family on the weekends. I don't hold it or anything but I do sleep next to him. I also confess that when I was a child, I used to talk (mostly crying) to him a lot because I was frequently alone and God knows my mother didn't give a shit about me. Rough childhood, yada, yada.

    I confess that I cried many, many, many times while reading Zatch Bell.
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    I still sleep with a Daffy Duck plushie. I could never part with such pure awesomeness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dervish View Post
    Kinda embarrassing, but I have a box full of some of my mother's old books and knick-knacks. I packed them away not long after she died, and they still smell of her and her perfume. Sometimes, I like to browse through that box and just breathe in her scent. Makes me feel close to her still, somehow.
    That's so sweet .

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    I very much enjoyed Avatar.
    Happy Bastille Day!

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    I miss this place lately.

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    Default Re: Confession Session

    I'm an adult and I still watch Nickelodeon and Disney.
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    I find some of Justin Bieber's songs very dancing.

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    I've got a confession...


    Honestly, what did you expect?

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    I've slept with a small pillow my mom made for me ever since I was a little kid. It was made right after my original which was given to me as a baby was destroyed by the washing machine (and I exploded into tears which wouldn't stop)
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    Default Re: Confession Session

    About the sleeping with stuffed animals talk.

    I have eight stuffed animals myself with which I sleep every night. (I usually stay completely still while sleeping so they stay in my embrace pretty well.) One of them is a Dalmatian dog that's over ten years old and has lost both its spots and nose, but it was given to me by my deceased father so I cherish it even now. And one is a ten-year-old teddy bear that was given to me in his funeral. The rest are... I should take a pic I guess.

    But yeah, every night.

    I'm supposed to be 21.

    (I even took the Dalmatian to England with me when I went to stay there for half a year. Something to remind me of home.)

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    i think i might be getting addicted to cocaine. not in the wake up in the morning thinking like man i want some coke type of addiction. but whenever i know i'm going to be drinking a lot i always pick up an 8ball.

    years ago i once myspace stalked some girl for a few months. eventually we hooked up a couple times, but noway did i tell her i was stalking her.

    i think my ex girlfriend got an abortion and never told me she did or that she was pregnant. it bothers me to this day, but i can't really describe what emotion i'm feeling

    got into manga and anime when i was 18. im 26 now, one piece is the only series ive watched or read in 4 years now. all of these manga jokes referring to other series go way over my head on this board

    not really embarrassed that i watched or read anime/manga but its not something i jus share with people. maybe i am iono. only one other person in real life knows that i do.

    i know so much useless knowledge concerning basketball and the nba. its really just a waste of time really.

    i haven't bought an audio cd in 3 years. i used to be big about 'supporting the artist' but now i just say fuck it

    at 21, i thought when i was 26 my life would be completely different than the way it looks now.

    i still get mad when people call house music, ''trance''. i guess that shit dont matter anymore, music is getting more difficult to categorize these days

    i hate trance music. i do like house.

    one of my best friend is currently dating some girl i hooked up with 4 years ago. i struggle with the idea that i should tell him or not. id rather him hear it from me than her, but i know she wont say anything. or does that even matter?

    im typing a bunch of things, hoping spoilers would be out by the time i finished
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    No, Jerk should be shown as the douche he is in front of everybody. Has One Piece really thought you guys nothing? Sticking to your dream/goal? Don't give up? You think im about to stop because some guy is calling me annoying? or a "bad poster" oh my god. Im so offended im the bad poster of 2010. Why don't you guys grow up first? I guarantee you that Jerk has caused more people to be annoyed in 1 month then i have in all the months i have been here. So far i have loved the community, but when it comes to this guy. I will say or do anything to get rid of him off these forums. His words, ways, and what he says just annoys me. You know what Rayleigh would do? Drink Sake! But i can't im too young, so ill do what any over cocky marine would do, annoy you till i win.

    (Copy pasted from a argument i had in a thread)

    (Jerk = Jerk Disease

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    label: hurr;
    output *jingle cats*
    goto hurr;
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    Default Re: Confession Session

    confessions part 3

    had a buddy who worked for some distribution company, and he gave me approximately 500 dvd's of porn of all different ethnicities, stories, scenarios. i threw a party and got super drunk one night, and brought them out and said 'merry christmas'. i woke up the next morning and there was only like 50 dvds left and they were all black ones. i loled

    when i moved out into my own place 3-4 years ago, i didn't realize how much energy it took to cook food every night. i either went broke from eating out all of the time, or went starving from being too lazy to cook and go grocery shopping

    my (asian) parent's friends always try or want me to meet their daughters. im so sick of this shit, but next time i get asked im just gonna say yes.

    the best part about living alone isnt the quiet or feeling of independence.. it's being able to smoke a cigarette everytime im on the toilet.

    this one girl i knew when we were kids, i think we had a crush on each other when we were 15-16 but it was mad awkward because we weren't sure if we were related.

    the internet probably ruined my life and my childhood.

    @silversraleigh should just calm down, who gives a fuck

    the only reason why i registered was because they stopped letting guests view spoilers. and now im posting too. oh lord.
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