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Thread: Attack on Titan

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    Oh, Mikasa is definitely important to the story (if nothing else, we wouldn't have taken down Annie without her). It's just the characterization we want more of.

    As for Historia . . . I dunno. On the one hand you can consider it one of those heavy duties of royalty to keep the bloodline going, on the other hand, you have to wonder what made her decide to do it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungWhite View Post

    You're blowing small & even hypothetical situations out of proportion & using knock on effects she had nothing to do with to make her seem more important that she really is.

    She barely shows up and when she does she hardly has dialog & she rarely interacts with other characters. She slowly started fading into the background after the first arc and after the clash of the titans arc she completed her transition into a background character who's importance is barely higher than Connie's or Sasha's was. She's only good for action scenes.
    Yeah you can say the same for idk every single of the recruits?
    Following your logic: every side character are shallow cutouts, why is Connie and Jean still needed? They had their moments already. Damn, must be underutilized characters and terribly developed.
    What's the point of Levi? He didn't have much of a development either.
    Let's insert "life transforming scene" here for Mikasa and then we'll slap it on and call it development.
    Of course she's only good for action scenes! Why else would we need someone to point out Eren's changing behavior, why else would we need her perspective and see her subtle changes? Obviously it is not necessary for her to give her viewpoint because it contributes nothing to the plot at all.
    She's just a stalkerish stereotypical female in your eyes that obviously only fight for Eren and only care about Eren in your eyes.
    Screw those interractions she had with the other soldiers and people besides Eren for once and screw her being hesitant in defending Eren.
    She's just a midget titan spinner amirite.

    Sasha was fun but she had no stake in the upcoming events.
    She is well loved by the fans and the characters but Isayama didn't think her through or felt it unnecessary to develop her further since many, many chapters ago.
    Her death helped moved the plot and keeping her alive won't unless Isayama spent a large amount of time to do so which he chose not to.
    In the case of Mikasa, Isayama had set up various stuff for her long ago. He had been inserting relevancy into her character on purpose.

    She's not a deep enough character that we can debate a huge number of posts about but neither is any single one of the characters in AoT.
    All form of drastic character developments was only used to move the plot and the world-building/history. It's a pattern that you have been used in story-telling albeit Isayama has been overdoing so.
    If you are going to raise up the fact that she feels like a one-note character and a background deus ex machina, you better raise points to make it sound reasonable instead of twisting stereotypical assumptions to suit your argument.
    Because from how things are going, every single one of them feels stagnant as fuck until now and that's not entirely on the author's because he chose to take the plot in this direction.
    Eren is a walking plot device because that's the entire point. He's being developed the most because I don't know, he's the main character and probably Nuclear Hitler.
    Comparing anyone to him in terms of development is impossible.
    All those "developed" characters with "thick" backstories and characterizations are either
    1) dead
    or 2) Reiner(for PLOT).

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