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Thread: Pimpin' One Piece to TV Networks

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    Default Pimpin' One Piece to TV Networks

    We should do our part and ask Networks About the Possibility of Airing OP.

    We should start with the most web interactive Network there is:The Hub

    And no, they wont object just cuz a rival company makes the Toys:In an interview with the CEO Margaret Loesch she stated that The Hub was to be a channel where many shows, not necesarily Hasbros property would be given airtime.

    Do not mention that you live outside the USA. They Want ratings and we should show that One Piece can give them ratings.

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    Default Re: Pimpin' One Piece to TV Networks

    Stop making topics already.

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    Default Re: Pimpin' One Piece to TV Networks

    Less Complaining and More Pimping,Joel McHale.

    You can complain and lock the thread once every USA member has pimped It up.

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    Default Re: Pimpin' One Piece to TV Networks

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiolino View Post
    Stop making topics already.
    I wouldn't be so blunt, but yeah, Kaiolino is right.

    Yonkou I appreciate what you're trying to do but we already have enough topics in this forum concerning this subject. If you want to discuss this further just post in the FUNi TV Discussion, it's there and no one posts there anymore.

    For now I'm closing this.

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