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Thread: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Just a though a had while re-reading the Zou arc.

    Jack is presumed dead by the world at large since he tried to rescue Doflamingo but was defeated by Sengoku and Co.
    While he just got defeated by Cat and Dog, I'm on the "he's gonna get up again in a while" camp, so who's going to defeat him then?
    Chopper will. In his monster point he should be about as tall as the hybrid form Jack, so that would be a fair fight, and since Jack is already "dead" Chopper will not get a bounty increase because no one will be counting that win.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    What if Im is actually a female. What if that female is... Luffy's mom!

    She and Dragon obviously did not see eye to eye and had a difference of opinion (as most married couples usually do) and Garp hid Luffy to save him from the WG, the revolutionaries, or both.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    I posted a theory video here:

    <a href="https://youtu.be/TnMtPYwfBig" waprocessedanchor="true" style="text-decoration-line: none; color: rgb(134, 45, 134); margin: 0px;">

    Could Oda have already revealed the design for the Giant King of Elbaf as early as 1999?

    On the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump issues 37/38 from August 1999, which contains the 100th chapter of One Piece, Oda was asked to preview important characters the Straw Hats would encounter in their voyage through the Grand Line. Clean versions of the images were later reprinted in Color Walk 2. These characters were drawn from behind so as to obfuscate their appearance. To date, only one of the four has been positively identified as Boa Hancock. Among this group of future adversaries is a Norse themed character, which I believe may be an early design for the King of Elbaf.

    Character Images: https://imgur.com/7MOMpRA

    In the extra notes for volume 2, Oda discusses a favorite cartoon from his childhood called ‘Vicky the Viking’, which likely in part inspired his interest in telling a seafaring adventure story. Oda describes Vikings as his ‘favorite kind of pirates’. In the One Piece world, the aesthetic and culture of the Giants from the Land of Elbaf draw heavily from Norse motifs. The introduction of Dorry and Brogy, the first giants to appear in the series, in chapter 116 is accompanied by the first mention of Elbaf, their homeland. We get our first glimpse of Elbaf itself during Big Mom’s flashback in chapter 860.

    In the wide establishing panels, we see the silhouette of an object so massive it dwarves even the mountains. Coinciding with the Norse theme, it stands to reason that this object may be inspired by or directly analogous to the mythological tree Yggdrasil which connects the mortal realm to the world of the divine. All of the giants the Straw Hats have yet encountered have had some association with the Giant Warrior Pirates, but we now know this band of Seafaring Vikings do not rule Elbaf. Rather, there appears to be a monarchy themed on the Norse pantheon. Big Mom sought to cement her alliance with the Giants by marrying her daughter Lola to the Giant prince Loki, whose name belongs to the Norse God of Mischief. By virtue of the fact that there exists a Prince of Elbaf, we can extrapolate there must be a King and I believe we may have already seen a preview of his design.

    In the volume 2 Extra Notes where Oda expresses his love for all things Viking, he further describes Vicky the Viking and the other characters who take part in his adventures. Vicky’s father’s name was Havlar.

    Vicke the Viking Sketches: https://imgur.com/1qYGmeA

    The design for Vicky’s father is particularly notable. The particular helmet shape Oda drew for Vicky’s father is rather unique, crowned by two curved horns. Thus far, though many of the giants in the story sport helmets with horns, the design of the helmet worn by the mystery character bears a striking resemblance to that of Vicky’s father. In fact, it’s nearly a perfect match. The horn shape is exactly the same and there is a metal strip running down the center and along the rim. To date, no other Giant in One Piece to date has a helmet with the exact same design or type of horns.

    Comparison: https://imgur.com/QtvcFfr

    So what could this tell us? In SBS volume 54, Oda explains that the four characters drawn on the 1999 WSJ cover are characters the Straw Hats are meant to encounter in the Grand Line. He confirms that the woman pictured in this group is indeed Boa Hancock, who was formally introduced nearly a decade later in 2008 when Luffy crash landed on the island Amazon Lily.

    Oda declines to comment on the other three indicating, that as of vol 54, characters had not yet made their debut. We can intuit that these characters are all likely to play a prominent role in the story given.

    Some have speculated that the Norse themed character may have been an early iteration of Broggy, but I believe this is unlikely. In Color Walk 2, we seen an early concept sketch of Broggy which closely matches his final design. The Preview drawings appear in the WSJ issue containing chapter 100. Broggy is fully introduced just a few months later in chapter 116 so it is unlikely his design would have changed so drastically in such a short period of time. The helmets worn by Jorul and Jarul more closely match the horn shape of the mystery giant from the Jump cover, but like Dorry and Broggy, they ultimately play a relatively minor role in the story.

    Broggy Concept Sketch: https://imgur.com/IH2R3Bc

    It would stand to reason that very prominent characters who play an important role in the story are most likely to be planned or imagined furthest out. For example, the yet to be identified concept sketch of the top-knotted samurai may have been a very early version of Kozuki Oden. Though the design does not strongly resemble Oden’s final design, it is important to remember the 20 intervening years between concept and execution. Oden first appears in full in chapter 960, published in 2019. We know that the character pictured on the cover of WSJ was likely to be an important samurai figure and Oden certainly fits the bill. The boxing gloves, armor, and long golden katana imply a degree of eccentricity which is certainly apparent in Oden’s final design.

    Oden Concept: https://imgur.com/undefined

    Wano and Elbaf are two story arcs Oda has planned for a very long time. Oden was introduced into the story relatively late (chapter 960) and quickly became very important to the narrative. I imagine a Giant character may be introduced on Elbaf occupying a similarly important role.

    Elbaf is referred to as the mightiest nation in the One Piece world. It is located somewhere in the New World, yet remains free from the control or influence of any of the Four Emperors. There is certainly a question as to how the Giants have resisted outside influence when their power is sought out by many outside forces. We saw during Big Mom’s flashback the predatory manner in which the World Government has recruited Giants to join the ranks of the Marines.

    I have long theorized that there may be a character or characters on Elbaf whose role is analogous to Kozuki Oden from Wano, with strength rivaling that of the Four Emperors. Wano’s borders remained closed and its culture free from the influence of the Emperors for centuries largely due to the protection granted by its powerful army of Samurai. We saw firsthand that Oden nearly defeated Kaido in battle. It would thus stand to reason the Royal Family of Elbaf, notably its King, may possess a similar degree of strength and importance to the overall narrative.

    So, to summarize:
    -Oda previewed four characters important to the Straw Hats Grand Line voyage in 1999, only one of whom has been thus far positively identified as Boa Hancock; These characters are likely to play a prominent role in the story.
    -Oda’s decision not to comment on the identity of the other three implies they had not yet appeared as of volume 54
    -Among these four characters is one whose design is Norse themed, indicating they are likely a Giant
    -The design of the helmet worn by this character matches Oda’s rendition of Havlar, the father of Vicky the Viking, the head honcho of Oda’s favorite band of cartoon Vikings
    -From the Whole Cake Island story arc, we know there exists a monarchy of Giants and that Elbaf, the mightiest nation in the One Piece world, remains free from the influence of the Four Emperors
    -It would make sense, given the similarity in design to Oda’s sketch of Havlar, for this character to occupy the role of leader or King of the Giants, a character who may even rival the likes of Oden and the Four Emperors.

    Admittedly, there isn’t a whole lot to go on here, but I think it’s really interesting to look back on these early concepts and see what they can tell us about the future of One Piece. Let me know in the comments what you think about the identity of the three mystery characters who appear alongside the early concept of Hancock. Could the samurai be Oden? Could the Giant be the King of Elbaf?

    The current Wano story arc is on pace to become the longest to date in the series. Once Wano draws to a close, Elbaf remains looming on the horizon. Wano was first mentioned in chapter 450, published in 2007 and first appeared in chapter 909, published in 2018. Over a decade of buildup and anticipation has resulted in one of the largest and most complex story arcs in the series history. Elbaf was first mentioned in chapter 116, published in 1999, with many chapters remaining before the Straw Hats finally reach the land of Giants. Regardless of this mystery character’s identity, twenty years of buildup and planning to an arc starring Vikings, Oda’s favorite variety of pirates, is likely to result in a story of epic, giant-sized proportion.
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Vongola_Boss_XI View Post
    I've seen that image before (because, you know, I'm a Hancock supporter and study everything Hancock), and I agree that the character may be the Elbaf King. He also fits Prince Loki's silhouette somewhat. He could be Loki himself, now becoming king or trying to take control of Elbaf from his father (because, you know, Loki's named after the god of mischief).

    Some wild guessing here: some people theorize Elbaf's related to Shanks (his ship seems to use viking motifs, after all). I have this theory that Shanks will appear in the Wano epilogue and challenge Luffy to come to Elbaf and return the hat after defeating the Red Hair Pirates in some piratey game. However, the events in Mary Geoise (Sabo/Vivi/Hancock) will delay Luffy's journey. When we arrive in Elbaf, Blackbeard has defeated Shanks. Maybe Loki was against collaborating with the Red Hair Pirates and, seeing the opportunity to strike, promotes a coup against his father to start a great war against the world, thus making Loki the opponent in Elbaf,
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Sasaki is gon' get the Pentaceratops df, simply because Oda doesn't like the most popular option, which makes the Triceratops virtually impossible.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Oda often uses embedded narratives, or stories within the story, to reveal aspects of the deeper mysteries and themes in One Piece. Bink's sake tells melancholy tale of a crew of pirates, adventurers, and friends forever parted. The sun sets on their voyage, but the moon rises as a symbol of hope. The funny traveling tale of Joy Boy for which Roger named the final island where One Piece is hidden is likely the basis for this famous pirate song.
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Even though I re-read the whole series just a couple of months ago, I only now put 2 and 2 together on this scene.
    (thanks to the Colored Chapters thread)

    DoFla is ,presumably, locked down in Impel Down, and while he's there, some mysterious thing goes and releases his shackles.
    DoFla assumes it's some assassin to kill him, but... Blackbeard has a good eye for important things, and a crew mate with the power of invisibility and unsurpassed knowledge of Impel Down.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Arlong and Jimbei were both members of Tiger’s crew. In Otohime’s flashback, we see the events which lead to Tiger’s death and inspire Arlong’s turn to the dark side. Fifteeen years before the present point in the story, Arlong was imprisoned in Impel Down, but by Jimbei accepting a role among the seven warlords, he was pardoned.

    Once released, Arlong took up residence in the East Blue, enslaved Cocoyashi Village, and began building power with the goal of one day returning to and conquering the Grand Line.

    Of course, Jimbei has now joined the Straw Hat Pirates and whatever role he played in precipitating the fate of Nami’s home town has now been reconciled.

    In fact, Nami and Jimbei seem to have now formed a close bond. Nami is shown sitting atop Jimbei’s shoulders during both the Whole Cake Island arc and on the color spread opening chapter 987.

    The small details in One Piece really highlight Oda’s talent as a writer. Beyond the narrative ties between Nami and Jimbei, Oda has connected them symbolically and thematically.

    Nami was marked with the Arlong Pirates Tattoo and transformed it into the pinwheel and tangerine tattoo, which echoes the manner in which the Fishmen took the Hoof of the Celestial Dragon and under Fisher Tiger transformed it into the emblem of the Sun Pirates.

    Nami lived under a Fishman oppressor and had their mark placed on her, which, once liberated, she transformed into a symbol representing both her origins and her aspirations. The Fishmen were and still are oppressed by the Celestial Dragons who mark those whom they enslave with the 'Hoof of the Celestial Dragon.' Those liberated and united by Fisher Tiger transformed that symbol into the emblem of the Sun Pirates which inverts the symbol of their oppressors and turns into a representation of their aspiration and their hope for a future promised day of ultimate liberation.

    Nami and Jimbei both becoming Straw Hats is really fitting, but this extra connection between the two illustrates just how much detail Oda intricately weaves into both his characters and his world.


    But this got me thinking about if and when Arlong might return. Unlike the other forgotten East Blue enemies, Arlong has strong narrative ties to both Nami and Jimbei. We know Arlong was imprisoned in Impel Down during the Fishman Island flashback, yet he’s nowhere to be seen when Luffy invades the prison to rescue Ace. During Impel Down, Luffy encountered many past enemies including Buggy, Bon Clay, Mr. 3, Daz Bones, and Crocodile. With Jimbei’s introduction, this would have been a natural point in the story to reintroduce Arlong.

    So where could Arlong be if not Impel Down?

    What if Arlong is now enslaved by the Celestial Dragons in Marijoa, the same fate which befell his former Captain Fisher Tiger?

    I believe the final war saga will bring the Straw Hat Pirates and allis from around the world into conflict with the World Government and may very well result in a battle in the Holy City where the Five Elders and Lord Imu reside.

    Perhaps Oda is saving Arlong’s return for the endgame of the series as a climax to both Nami and Jimbei’s character arcs. He played a pivotal role in both their backstories. We know the Celestial Dragons keep fishmen as slaves due to their superior strength.

    I can imagine a scenario where the Straw Hats are engaged in a war against the World Government in Marijoa during which Nami and Jimbei attempt to liberate the slaves of the Celestial Dragons. Because of her backstory, Nami has a very big heart for those, like the kids from Punk Hazard, who are victimized, and Jimbei may intend to complete Fisher Tiger’s mission.

    Arlong was a monster, fully responsible for his own actions. He became that which he hated because of the pain he experienced. Understanding the way he became the brutal tyrant that he is does not excuse the pain he inflicted on Nami’s village, further exemplified by Jimbei’s noble character.

    Enslavement at the hands of the world nobles is a fate no person, even Arlong, deserves.

    If Nami and Jimbei encounter Arlong in such a state, it could be a full circle moment for both of their character arcs. Jimbei’s choice to become a Warlord resulted in Arlong’s initial liberation and the enslavement of Cocoyashi Village. Nami was once Arlong’s captive and would now hold the key to his liberation, standing alongside Jimbei, his former friend and crewmate.

    Arlong perpetuated the cycle of hatred and brutality of which he was once a victim. Nami and Jimbei would here have an opportunity to break that cycle by liberating Arlong rather than condemning him to the same abuse he inflicted on others.

    It’s hard to imagine Arlong being redeemed, but perhaps experiencing the same horrors to which he subjected Nami, will at least allow him to see the error of his ways. The scene would certainly have much greater emotional weight if Arlong showed some degree of regret or remorse.

    But even if he doesn’t, forgiveness is something you do as much for yourself as the person whom you are forgiving. Arlong certainly deserves to be held accountable for his actions. But torture and enslavement, are cruel and unusual punishments which do not befit even the worst criminals. By refusing the opportunity to pay Arlong back in kind, Nami’s own moral compass, her own soul will be preserved.

    Of course, this is really just speculation. At this point, there’s no real evidence in the story to suggest such a scenario will unfold. Arlong’s absence from Impel Down, despite having been previously imprisoned there, may be notable. Nami and Jimbei’s now intertwined moral and thematic arcs may however come full circle if they again meet Arlong during the final war saga when the Straw Hats fight against the world’s dark forces to bring the light of the New Dawn.
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Act three will end in chapter 1000.

    Probably a popular theory so probably also dont deserve its own thread.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinomoto View Post
    Act three will end in chapter 1000.

    Probably a popular theory so probably also dont deserve its own thread.
    I'm leaning towards Act 3 ending just before that (one or two chapters), and chapter 1,000 being set during the intermission, with events outside Wano and a big world-related reveal.
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
    I'm leaning towards Act 3 ending just before that (one or two chapters), and chapter 1,000 being set during the intermission, with events outside Wano and a big world-related reveal.
    Eh i kinda prefer up to chapter 1000 to be Wano related and the big stuff outside Wano being after that.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    A litle bit of unbacked theorizing motivated by the slow morning. In no precise order:

    1) I believe by the latest stages of the story we will have four Ancient Weapons, one for each faction. Three will be proper AWs (as in reincarnated people), while the fourth will be an Anti-Ancient Weapon a la Pluton, a warship designed to counterract an Ancient Weapon (but not more than one at a time).

    2) We know Shirahoshi to be Poseidon. I think Momo is the second. And Imu be the third.

    3) This would make Imu a D. who betrayed his own people, mirroring Luffy's struggles on the small scale (vs Blackbeard) on the larger: an all-out war between the two facets of the D., the ones who want freedom against the ones who only want power. The "devils" who want to sail the seas in search of adventures and the "gods" who, feeling superior by birthright (maybe because of their extraterrestrial origin), think they know what's best for the lower-ranked people.

    4) I believe Blackbeard will get the fourth AW, the warship, either Pluton itself or a variant of it.

    5) The Big War to End all Wars after Raftel will see the SHs with Shira, the WG with Imu, BB with Pluton, and the Rocks Pirates (Kaidou and Big Mom) with captured Momo.

    6) This latter point will also lead to Momo commanding Zunisha into committing yet another crime against her own people, culminating eventually in the redemption for both characters (kid and elephant) by standing up to Kaidou/Imu once and for all.

    7) I just like having seven points in my presentations.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Not my theory. Read on reddit. So keep in mind that the translation is only compatible due to English translation of the words. In Japanese, this doesn’t line up.

    Anyways, in the latest chapter, Yamato states to Momo that his role is to guide the world to the Dawn. Yes, Dawn, D., Will of D.

    We know Oden wanted to open the borders to open when the time is right, a la chosen one. But the use of the word Dawn, could that be what D. Represents?

    Keep in mind the first chapter of the series, Romance Dawn. Coincidence???

    Again, Dawn in Japanese doesn’t begin with a D, and Yamato doesn’t use the English word Dawn in the chapter. But Chapter 1 I believe does use the English word for Dawn. Plus the series is all about the unique sound effect “Don”! A sound effect meant to capture many an awesome moment...

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was brought up before but given Yamato using it to an extent, and given Yamato’s knowledge from reading Oden’s journal, thought it’s worth a re-examining...

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Forgot to add that “Dawn of the New World” is what Pedro and the Minks in the know called the event that will result in everything changing forever...
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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    I think the way Kaido will be defeated is by Luffy showing him how to sacrifice himself.
    They will be in their final stage of their battle, but Luffy will throw away the chance of a final punch, because somehow Yamato will be danger and Luffy will be the one safing him/her, while Kaido sees this as a final act worthy of dying.
    So Kaido will take Luffy´s place in sacrificíng himself for Yamato in the last second.
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