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Thread: Thriller Blend

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    Default Thriller Blend

    So I've had this idea for a Halloween-themed story for a while now and it's pretty much just a story entirely for fun. The title comes from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" along with "Blend" because it's a mash-up of monsters and every day life. This story is designed to be like a comic so I hope you'll enjoy reading.~



    Font Change: Story Progression
    Arrows: Actions
    Italics: Emphasis, Inner Monologues/Thought and Crucial Information
    Purple Text: Flashback Sequences
    Green Text: Added text (Edits)


    This is just for my own benefit but in case you're curious about it then here's an explanation for the formatting I do:

    Issue #X-Side X: Nothing of any real significance. The separate sides count as separate chapters but they belong to the same "issue number". So in this case, Side A can be considered a stand-alone chapter but part of the same scenario as its issue number. Will always only be an A and a B.

    Scene #-F: Any scene number with an "F" next to it simply stands for "full scene" or in other words, there won't be a continuation of that particular scene's scenario beyond that particular scene.

    Scene #-1, Scene #-2: Separated scenes that belong to the same, continuing scenario that has a break in ideas. The main idea is perpetuated but focus might shift (usually some way minor such as a change of setting or a change of perspective).

    Scene #-I: Any scene number with an "I" next to it simply stands for "intermission" or a brief pause from the story's goings-on to shift to the narrator's perspective.

    Scene #-M, Scene #-M-1: Any scene number with an "M" next to it means that it's a "musical" scene, a song. If that "M" also has a number after it then that means that it's a song that's broken up into multiple, smaller scenes.



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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    “Britney Bright”


    Issue #1-Side A, Scene 1-F
    Setting: Half Happy Town - City Square (Morning)

    "In the town of monsters, ghosts, and ghouls there are many dummies, bats, and tools. The colors are bright and no one's right, and there's always a bunch of fools."

    "Their hearts are black and they attack near anyone for a snack. And it's a fact that tact has hit the sack, these monsters are all but cool."

    "Let children lie, pester, and plunder while the minutes of time are ripped asunder. A witch's tale she'll spin for ale, ask her at your own blunder."

    "She'll talk of now, she'll talk of how, she'll talk of when she sold her cow. Listen pal, that girl is foul, and wow, she blast a shot of thunder."

    "There's magic, spells, and pixie sand as well as food, stores, and the monstro band. They're just like you and me, you see? And they give you a chance for bland."

    "They look for fights, they wreck all nights, and still have time for sights. A girl with plights will up the bites with mites, and lay back for a tan."

    "All the flowers move, talk, and cry while a man on the corner just stands by. The elves make mirrors, they're magic seers, they'll trap you on the fly."

    "They'll take a turn, they'll burn your fern, they'll place you in an urn. The elves, they learn to churn the stern, and send you to the sky."

    "So whether you laugh, cry, or frown, there's more than enough to go around. A man that's blue, could leave anew, they get you like a clown."

    "Get ready dope, grab your soap, and crank up hope. You're about to enter a slope so cope, don't mope, welcome to Half Happy Town!"


    < a shoe flies and hits a fat, white cat with a strange top hat >


    - Enter Mad Poet, a cat with a billion rhymes and a cartoon face. His top hat is fat and wrinkled severely with eyes and a jack-o-lantern mouth. The cat himself is fat and white with closed eyes.

    < he looks toward a window from his nearby perch on the top of a chimney; there's a mummy wrapped in toilet paper waving angrily back at him >

    MUMMY: Shut up, you stupid cat!

    < he slams the window and leaves >

    < the Mad Poet rubs his head and looks back, smiling once again after the sudden attack >

    MAD POET: That's fine, for now, I'll take your pow. But know that soon, you'll all bow down. You're going down, Half Happy Town!

    < the atmosphere completely changes; he opens his red and yellow, hypnotic eyes as white lightning strikes against the background >


    Issue #1-Side A, Scene 2-1
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Charms 101 (Morning)

    A world filled with magic and monsters is not unlike our own. Here, the children still attend school as any other child would. But Sunshine Jr. High could definitely be called... the darkest school of them all.

    < a pencil-thin teacher, violet in color, with a big, strange nose and wearing glasses, demonstrates the use of pixie sand to the class with a student of hers nearby >

    - Enter Britney Bright, a 12 year old witch girl wearing a hoodie over her uniform and a witch's hat on her head. From below her skirt you can see her dark blue, striped stockings ending with her school shoes.

    - She's a rather cute girl, currently with dark blue hair that's shoulder length and puffy like a cloud. That is to say, she currently has dark blue hair.

    < Britney stands drowsily as a bubble gradually grows larger from her mouth >

    TEACHER: Today I shall demonstrate the use of the special magic powder, pixie sand... and its effects on a creature... I mean, lady... such as Ms. Bright here.

    < all the various monsters and ghouls of students in the classroom seem uninterested >

    < the teacher throws a handful of pixie sand casually at Britney, who then puffs into a cloud of smoke >


    < when the cloud disappears, her color scheme changes to yellow hair and stripes, replacing the dark blue from before >

    BRITNEY: Hey! Check it! I'm mad hungry, yo!

    < another toss of pixie sand; her color scheme becomes light blue this time >

    BRITNEY: Ahhhh, man... I just want to die...

    < several consecutive tosses >

    < she changes to orange, green, red and then purple >

    BRITNEY: Wait... I feel great! I'm calm and...

    < the teacher ignores her and tosses another handful of pixie sand; her color scheme returns to the dark blue from earlier and with it, Britney becomes drowsy again >

    TEACHER: And that is all, children.

    < the children are as unamused as ever; Britney leans forward and then falls face first on to the floor, but doesn't seem to care as she passes out >

    TEACHER: Quite all.


    Issue #1-Side A Scene 2-I
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High (Morning)

    Yes... This is the school of Sunshine Jr. High... a school that mysteriously changes color with each passing day. It's fairly large but despite its grand size, the walls look like cardboard and it almost seems as if a giant dropped their toy playhouse in the middle of the city. Rather, it looks less like a building and more like a box.

    Children of all races, genders and monstrosities attend this middle school before graduating to other monstrous places of higher education. But though the classes are colorful, this diversity leads to more than a few... incidents...


    Issue #1-Side A, Scene 2-2
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Hallway (Morning)

    < Britney drowsily walks back and forth throughout the hallway before slamming her head against a locker and placing her hand on it for the combination >

    < next to her is an elf girl holding a book close to her chest >

    - Enter Trixie Delight, an 11 year old elf girl with short, pink hair wearing a standard uniform with longer sleeves. On top of this she wears a green, patterned beret on her head with a matching vest over her uniform, the sign of a girl scout. She has blue eyes and is rather timid. Her stockings are regular long socks.

    < very silently, she begins to speak >

    TRIXIE: Um... uh... Britney... Maybe you should switch to a... um... better mood...?

    < Britney continues to sleep while laying sprawled out on the floor >

    < Trixie waves one of her hands a bit frantically >

    TRIXIE: Um... um... Britney...?

    ???: Hey, carrot ears!

    < Trixie drops her book, slams her back against the lockers and buries her face deep into her palms; she starts shaking like a cornered and defenseless animal >

    TRIXIE: Eeep!

    - Enter Emily Bite, an 11 year old snow-girl with a pure white body. Her eyes are the reverse of what regular eyes would be, with white pupils and black for where her whites should be.

    - Her head is very much like a snow-man's with stringy black thread lined along her mouth tying together her two lips in x patterns and a Santa's hat on her head. Her stockings are a little fuzzy and colorful like a scarf.

    < Emily gets close to the cowering Trixie and places both hands on either side of her head, looking her dead in the eyes >

    < Trixie moves her hands to see Emily staring right at her >

    EMILY: You gonna give me a nose today, carrot ears? I'd like to pluck one of those carrots off your head. Come on... You got two of them!

    TRIXIE: I... I...

    EMILY: You what? You really wanna give me a new nose!? Why thank you, hun. Aren't you the sweetest!

    < all of the fingers on Emily's right hand get spiked with frozen sickles and she slowly draws them towards Trixie's face >


    EMILY: I hope you don't mind if I miss a few times. I'm just such a klutz! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    TRIXIE: B-... B-... B-... Britney... Help me...

    < all of a sudden, Emily's face gets deranged from the slam of Britney's palm; she goes flying while Britney stands there, still asleep >

    < Trixie, with tears in her eyes, is stuck in a shocked daze >

    < Emily sits up and rubs her head >

    EMILY: Gah! Of all the frosty winters... Oh that is it, little miss rainbow! It's time someone grayed out your day!

    < Emily slashes across the lockers with her hand, causing a powerful, gusty surge of energy across all of them; as it moves in the girls' direction, each locker gets ripped in half and frozen >

    < however, before the slash gets the chance to get close enough, Britney grabs Trixie and jumps to the side; but when Britney throws Trixie to the side, Trixie's weight brings the two girls tumbling down and when they hit the floor, Britney looks more than content enough to stay sleeping on the ground >

    EMILY: Ha! You don't have to say anything, I know I have you on the ropes!

    < looking at Britney sleeping on her chest, Trixie observes >

    TRIXIE: Britney is too sleepy right now... Will she... um... really be okay like this...?

    < Britney sucks on her thumb while laying on top of Trixie and smiling; Trixie looks worried >

    EMILY: Hold that pose you two. Now just smile and say "freeze"!

    < Emily holds both of her hands above her head and charges an icy ball of energy, snow flying in circles around it >

    < at that moment, Britney stands up with an even wider smile and drowsily walks towards Emily who proceeds to throw the icy ball at her; however, to the snow-girl’s surprise, Britney simply tilts her head a little and misses it >

    EMILY: What the...!?! I've never lost in a game of snow fight!

    < Britney looks dumber and dumber as her smile starts to go all over the place (along with her drool); this strongly embarrasses Emily >

    EMILY: Gaaaahhh!!! It was a fluke! That has to be it! A lousy, dummy fluke!

    < she angrily forms another icy ball of energy >


    EMILY: I'll get you this time you rainbow idiot! I'll freeze time itself if that's what it takes!

    < another icy ball flies through the air towards Britney and just like before, she dodges it with ease >

    < the ball slams against the back wall and freezes it; Trixie looks up from her place on the ground >

    TRIXIE: Could it be that... Did Britney knock me down because...?

    EMILY: This...

    < another missed shot >

    EMILY: ...isn't...

    < and another >

    EMILY: ...fair!!!!! Why won't you get hit!?!?!?!

    < Emily looks on in surprise as Britney appears right before her face and then strongly elbows her in the gut; trying to get Britney away, she shoots an icicle up from the floor but Britney dodges it with all the ease she showed getting to Emily, then delivers a kick to the snow-girl’s side >

    < just as Emily thought she wouldn't get hit again, Britney sends her flying with an elbow straight to her face >

    < she slides across the hall and looks up with an intense rage but resists the urge to continue once she sees the sleeping Britney get into a martial arts stance >

    EMILY: Gaaaahhhh!!!!

    < Emily stands up and starts to back away >

    EMILY: Don't think this is over, little miss rainbow!!!! Just as sure as the winter is cold!!!!

    < she turns and quickly exits through a side door, slamming it so hard that the glass breaks and then the handle freezes over >

    < Trixie is still on the floor but then starts breathing heavily; she looks over at Britney >

    TRIXIE: Th-... Thank you... Britney...

    < Britney smiles sloppily and then falls on her back, asleep >

    < Trixie looks on and smiles, crawling over to where Britney is and removing a handkerchief from her backpack to wipe away some of the saliva pouring from Britney's mouth >

    TRIXIE: Britney Bright...


    < she continues wiping the mouth of her best friend who keeps sleeping in the most awkward of ways; Trixie looks down with a few tears in her eyes >

    TRIXIE: I wish... I could be strong like you.

    < from right next to her, above >

    BRITNEY: But you are strong, Trix.

    < Trixie looks up and sees the apparition of Britney floating in mid-air; she looks like a ghost with the bottom half of her body being a tail and the rest of her body being colored entirely dark blue; ghost Britney smiles back at Trixie >

    TRIXIE: Br-... Britney...?

    BRITNEY: I'm having an out of body experience, yo! Come on!

    < she grabs Trixie's hand and pulls her soul out of her body; Trixie's body falls on Britney's and her ghost flies up next to Britney's who's still pulling; Trixie's ghost is solid pink >

    TRIXIE: Huh!? Huh!?

    BRITNEY: Come on, Trix! Let's have a lucid dream together!

    TRIXIE: Huh!? Huh!?

    < a portal opens up right next to the girls filled with a mixture of rainbow colors; she pulls Trixie with her into the portal and they enter an abstract world; the background looks like a mixture of paint smudges all combining into a mess of crazy, and random objects fly through the air like clocks and cows >

    < Britney flies towards a fountain spewing vanilla ice cream in place of water and pulls Trixie shortly behind >

    BRITNEY: Ha ha ha! Want some, Trix?

    < she places her hand into the fountain and licks her fingers, dotting Trixie's nose with some of the ice cream; Trixie just looks around in confusion >

    TRIXIE: This is... we're in a... dream...?

    BRITNEY: It's a lucid dream, Trix! You can do whatever you want! And...

    < she looks both ways and then places her face against Trixie's, whispering... >

    BRITNEY: You can be whatever you want.

    TRIXIE: I can... be whatever... I want...?


    BRITNEY: Totally, Trix! It's totally true, yo! You could be strong here if you wanted.

    < Trixie starts waving her hands frantically at Britney >

    TRIXIE: Um... but Britney... I... I don't...

    BRITNEY: Ah, come on Trix!

    < she twirls around Trixie's ghost with her tail wrapping entirely around her and then looks her in the eyes >

    BRITNEY: Don't be whack. You can be strong if you really try!

    TRIXIE: I could... be...

    < she looks down sadly >

    TRIXIE: Not even... in your dreams...

    < Britney frowns with her >

    BRITNEY: Aww, Trix...

    < all of a sudden, the girls are shocked when a powerful and loud noise shakes both of them awake; it sounds like an echoed scream full of rage >

    < the background melts away and back to reality, they both awaken to a vampire holding a megaphone in his hand looking none too pleased >

    - Enter Count Simon Del La Fonte Rey Goostid, the principal of Sunshine Jr. High and the town's local vampire. His skin is light blue and his eyes are yellow and void of emotion, blood shot, with black lines drawn from the bottom of his eyes to his chin.

    - There's little hair on his sides and instead three somewhat large rows of permed black hair sectioned off from one another upon his head. He wears a heavy black coat with red lines scribbled about it and the inside of his mouth glows black from within as cold breath escapes it.

    < the hallways have become blackened in darkness and silence looms heavy; a cold mist walks about as hundreds of red eyes watch from tiny squeaks on the ceiling >

    < Count Simon looks upon the children with indifference as he starts to toyfully touch his boney fingers together; his long, black nails pay tribute to the darkness >

    SIMON: Brit-nay, Brit-nay, Brit-nay... De problem child of dis establish-mont. Care you not take de day off?


    < Trixie trembles while Britney rubs her head >

    < she looks down and notices her color scheme has changed to yellow and then smiles happily >

    BRITNEY: Hey! Check it! I'm mad hungry, yo!

    SIMON: As chi-ful as ever, your... sun-neh persona sick-ons moi.

    < she looks up having just now recognized her surroundings and the situation >

    BRITNEY: Oh! Hi, Mister Count Simon Del La Fonte Rey Goostid! Do you have any snacks? I'm sooooo super hungry!

    SIMON: In-soylent child!

    < a walking cane appears out of nowhere in his hand and he slams it against the ground, an expensive wood with a metal dragon's head at its top and the sharp protrusion of a blade at its bottom >

    < the blade hitting the ground creates a clanging sound that echoes throughout the hall and almost sounds as if it cuts the air repeatedly without subsiding; the count speaks as this ring continues >

    SIMON: I have had it up to de vary stars in de sky wit your coon-stant tra-ble ma-kin ways! For de fi-tieth time you shalt have a de-tension! Do you un-door-stand, Brit-nay!?

    < she scratches her head and looks around, noticing all the damage caused from her earlier fight and then blushingly responds >

    BRITNEY: Oh...? Yeah, guess I got a bit carried away with the fireworks this time, boss man.

    TRIXIE: Bu-... But, Britney... You did it to... to...

    < she spins around and looks at Trixie, placing a finger on her lips >

    BRITNEY: Shhh...

    < and then spins back >

    BRITNEY: I totally did it to spite you, boss man.

    < Simon raises an eyebrow in anger >

    < the noises from the ceiling grow louder and you could feel tremors from the movements of the creatures above >

    SIMON: My pets... are get-teng testy. I will have no coon-trol o-var dem if they should vant to suck jo blat. So if you shall, do not be vate for jore de-tension. Ka-peesh?

    BRITNEY: Right-O! Check it, don't let them eat before I do!


    SIMON: Cer-tanly.

    < all of the red eyes quickly disappear and all of the darkness in the hallway seemingly gets sucked into the count's chest as he himself morphs into a ball of darkness and then disappears >

    < when he leaves, the damaged floor and lockers from before repair themselves and then sun shines through the glass again >

    TRIXIE: Br-... Britney... Why did you... It wasn't...

    BRITNEY: Oh, come now Trix. Emily is always getting into all kinds of trouble. I think she could use a break from painting the whole school, right?

    < Trixie's eyes droop timidly; at that moment, the bell rings >

    BRITNEY: Ah! We're late for class! Check you later, Trix!

    < she runs off waving back at her friend while Trixie remains as motionless as ever >

    BRITNEY: We'll meet up again at lunch!

    TRIXIE: Ri-... Right!

    < once Britney disappears, Trixie looks down at her palm; in her hand is a small bundle of dark blue hair >

    < Trixie pulls her backpack off her back >

    TRIXIE: I'm going to be... strong like you, Britney...

    < she places the hair in her backpack, puts it back on, and then starts to walk away slowly >

    TRIXIE: Very... soon...


    Issue #1-Side A, Scene 3-F
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Ancient History 214 (Late Morning)

    < in Britney's history class, magic symbols are inscribed on all the walls with a few of them glowing every now and then >

    < the teacher up front, Mr. Knots, is a fat man who dresses sloppily, with a white tank-top and food stains; he has an unshaved face and a crazy demeanor with the only indication of his monstership being the two horns on his head >

    < he keeps slamming his pointer on the board and yelling >


    KNOTS: And in accordance to this diagram here, YOU CAN SEE WHY MY WIFE LEFT ME!!! Any questions, children!?!?!

    < a Gothic girl raises her hand >

    - Enter the 12 year old necromancer, Fade Sunshine, more commonly referred to as Faith. She's often viewed as being the most powerful student in Sunshine Jr. High on top of its namesake, as her mother was the one who built the school.

    - She's a rather slender girl with grayish-white skin and a Gothic style all around. She has black hair, lipstick, and nails in addition to all the steel skulls and other trinkets on her body, along with bright red eyes. Her stockings are all black.

    < in a disinterested and almost mocking voice >

    FAITH: Yes, I have a question. When are we going to like... learn something?

    KNOTS: Learn something!? Well fine... You want to learn something then!? You want to all learn something!? Take out your scrolls and read until the bell rings.

    FAITH: Tch...

    < as the members of the class individually remove scrolls from their backpacks, Britney gazes idly around and then digs into her own >

    < when she looks inside of it, shock overcomes her >

    BRITNEY: Ah drat! That's right... My fight with Bite took my sight! Hee hee... That rhymed.

    < she looks and sees that everyone else already has their scrolls out and then sighs deeply >

    BRITNEY: What am I going to do now?

    < eyes watch Britney from afar >

    - Enter Young Boogie, an 11 year old boy with his head wrapped entirely in dirty cloth that makes him look like a puppet. The eye hole where his left eye should be is stitched together leaving just his right eye visible, and his mouth piece is also stitched together with strong, black string.

    - What little you can see of his face reveals that he has leathery, brown skin. The rest of his outfit is standard uniform, an all black shirt with all black pants.

    < he watches Britney with just the top half of his head visible above an overly huge book titled "Snag Your Passion By Force!" and smiles heavily; his visible eye has a heart in it >

    BOOGIE: Oh boy! An opportunity to snag Britney's heart! She doesn't have any of her materials for class! I could so lend her a hand!


    < he bounces his chair closer to her and then looks up at her; he then bounces closer and looks up again >

    < finally, he goes in for the final few bounces >

    BOOGIE: This is it! I'm going to do it! I'm going to break the ice with her!

    < but without warning, another intercepts Boogie's path; and by "intercepts", I mean he was thrown to the ground >

    - Enter Dante Portal, a 13 year old devil with a regular human body aside from his long, black horns and long, black devil tail. He's much wider in comparison to other students, though noticeably shorter.

    - He also has blond hair and blue eyes and for some reason, he's shirtless as to show off his six pack and muscles that are already well developed for his age.

    < he wraps his tail around Britney the same way one would wrap their arm around someone, then places one foot up on part of her desk and goes into a cool pose, staring deeply into her eyes >

    DANTE: It looks like you've forgotten your things again, Britney Beautiful. Would you mind if I poured this wretched soul of mine out for you and lend you my scroll?

    < Boogie looks shocked as he stares at him >

    < when Britney goes to respond, he stares at her >

    BRITNEY: Oh snap! Would you mind?

    < she cheerfully responds >

    < Boogie's eye widens in shock >

    DANTE: Of course not. It would be my eternal pleasure to serve you.

    < he grabs her hand and kisses it; Boogie's eye literally falls out of his head at this point >

    < Faith looks from across the room and glares angrily at Dante putting the moves on Britney >

    FAITH: What the heck does he think he's doing? Getting all worked up over that little witch who can't do a single spell!

    < she looks up at a nearby, giant ogre silently reading his scroll >

    FAITH: Hey, you! Fat boy!

    OGRE: Huh?


    FAITH: Listen up...

    < some time passes and Boogie is feeling pretty upset about the interception; he's rocking back and forth in a fetal position >

    BOOGIE: I can't believe it! I can't believe it! She chose him over me! I can't believe it!

    < he neglects to remember that he never actually made it to her so in his head, he was there when she "rejected" him >

    BOOGIE: The way she swooned when he kissed her hand... I just can't believe it!

    < actually, she never swooned and was pretty oblivious to the whole thing >

    BOOGIE: Fine, if that's the way it is then they'll both have to pay!

    < Young Boogie is a pretty delusional kid >

    < meanwhile, Dante enthusiastically reads to Britney who actually seems bored >

    DANTE: ...and then in 1749, the pact that ended further feuds between the vampires and werewolves was signed, stating that rather than senselessly dump their aggression on to one another, they should instead take it all out on the humans. Needless to say, undertakers everywhere got filthy, stinking rich.

    BRITNEY: Ugggaaaahhh!!! I can't take this anymore!!!!

    < she pulls on her hair as she screams >

    DANTE: Huh? Are you alright, my one and only everything?

    BRITNEY: No. I'm not alright. Can't you see!? I'm totally turning to bones, man! I need, need, need, need, need, NEED to eat!!!

    DANTE: Hungry, eh? Well baby, if you'd like... I got an apple in my backpa-...

    < she cuts him off and grabs him by the head, shaking him repeatedly >

    BRITNEY: Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!

    DANTE: Alright, alright!

    < he reaches into his backpack to pull out the apple >

    DANTE: See? It's right...


    < as he's about to finish his sentence he feels someone tap him on the shoulder and turns around to look; without any warning, he feels the heavy impact of an ogre's fist against his face and gets sent flying into an opposing wall, dropping the apple on the ground >

    < the impact is enough to destroy the wall; the ogre stands menacingly as everyone in the classroom sets their gazes to him >

    < Mr. Knots jumps up from his paper >

    KNOTS: Hey! What the heck is going on in here!?

    < before the teacher is able to walk from behind his desk, though, he's encased in a pure dark ball that surrounds his entire body >

    < Faith's hand is covered in black flame as she directs it towards him and smiles >

    FAITH: Shut up. Things are just starting to get good.

    < Britney reels from what just happened, although it isn't because of Dante's safety; she starts slapping the ogre >

    BRITNEY: Yo man, don't you know what you just blew!? He was totally going to feed me, square! You're a dummy!

    < the ogre backs up a bit slightly in fear >

    < Britney stops slapping him and stands perfectly still with her arms crossed and her eyes closed; then all at once she pulls on her cheeks and makes a ridiculous face >

    BRITNEY: Duuuuummyyyyyy.

    < this allows the ogre to regain his composure as he looks serious again; when he moves his foot, he accidentally hits the apple and it rolls a small distance away >

    < Britney looks down and notices it >

    BRITNEY: Ah! The apple!

    < without warning, Dante bursts out from underneath the debris of the wall with his body now more solid and dark red, his eyes now yellow and his blond hair grown out longer than shoulder-length; when he breathes out his nose, fire shoots out >

    DANTE: Hey, man. What's the big idea? Are you ready to burn to a golden crisp?

    < the ogre tenses up and prepares for whatever attack is coming >

    < Britney ignores everything and kneels down to grab the apple >

    < Dante looks on with a large smile as he creates a massive fireball and tosses it at the ogre >


    DANTE: Or did you just want to play catch with me, mac!?! Ta ha ha ha!

    < the ogre manages to catch the fireball with both of his hands although it pushes him back and explodes on impact >

    < the fire from the ball surges outward and comically vaporizes the apple on the floor; Britney, reaching out toward the apple at the time with a smile on her face, remains in that same position when she sees it disappear; there's a sweat drop and a telling feeling that she's disgruntled >

    BRITNEY: My... My apple...

    < Young Boogie hides under his desk as the fight goes on; he's shaking in fear >

    BOOGIE: Geez, man! Is that what he's like when he's angry!? I can't fight that!

    < the ogre is on his back but as he sits himself up, he gets picked up by two hands made of fire and thrown through the wall behind him, breaking through it and landing on the roof outside; Dante walks towards him as Faith smiles >

    FAITH: Yes, just like that... Now...

    < her eyes glow red as she stares at Dante who, himself, is sweating and only controlling half of his own actions >

    FAITH: Kill him.

    < he walks outside where the nearly unconscious ogre lays and aims his right hand at the ogre's chest, building up fire energy to finish him off >

    < Britney remains oblivious to everything, only concerned about one thing >

    BRITNEY: Apple...

    < the stripes on her stockings, her hair, and her eyes all slowly start turning red and her body gets encased in a wavy, red aura; the students take notice of it when her aura reaches out like a controlled path of steam and grabs Dante by his right hand, burning his wrist >

    DANTE: What... What is this!?

    FAITH: Grrrr... That little witch...

    < Faith's eyes glow even brighter and Dante's body pulsates; all the students begin talking >

    STUDENT A: Look... Look... It seems like Faith and Britney are fighting for control! It's a battle of wills!


    < Dante's eyes go blank and, unable to move his right hand, instead takes aim with his left and unleashes a powerful blast of fire energy, incinerating the ogre; the blast is intense and can be felt by the students inside >

    STUDENTS: Ahhh!!! What... power...!!!

    < it dies down a bit >

    < feeling very underwhelmed, the students talk with a hint of disappointment >

    STUDENT 2: Aww, but bummer... Guess that means Faith really is the strongest.

    STUDENT B1-5: Yeah, who could possibly match up to Faith!? Even her intent is scary.

    < though the students talk and Faith relinquishes her hold on Dante, she notices that Britney hasn't let go of him with her aura and that she's actually heating up >

    STUDENT A: Man, it's getting hot in here. Did Dante do this?

    STUDENT B1-5: Must have been, I mean you felt that blast right?

    < outside, Dante is screaming from the pain he's receiving from Britney's grasp >

    DANTE: Ahhh!!!

    < Faith, watching him and looking back at Britney, notices that she's whispering something under her breath as she flashes colors back and forth from yellow to red >

    BRITNEY: ... ... ... ...

    FAITH: What is she saying...?

    BRITNEY: ... ... ... ...

    < Faith concentrates her gaze on Britney to try and read her lips; it's then that she hears Britney's clearly audible voice whispering in her ears, like her voice had magically traveled to her >

    BRITNEY: Apple... Apple... Apple... Apple...

    < shock overcomes Faith as she realizes what's going on >

    FAITH: Earlier, Dante destroyed the apple by throwing a fireball with his right hand... Now her furious intent is attacking that same hand. So then... she wasn't even concerned with the ogre's safety?

    < at that moment, the black orb that Faith had placed around Mr. Knots begins cracking and then forcefully explodes; from within, Mr. Knots had expanded himself several times his previous size and immediately takes up half the room once he's free, pushing everyone back like a giant blimp >


    < Faith looks unamused as he gazes down on her in anger; the intercom comes on >

    INTERCOM: It has come to the attention of the main office that there has been a burial on campus. Due in large part to the danger, all classes will be dismissed early. Please go to the cafeteria until we are able to investigate the situation. Thank you for your understanding and have a greeeeat day.~

    < Mr. Knots looks down at Faith, fuming as he does so >

    KNOTS: You... are... in... TROOOOOUUUUBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!!!!

    < she sighs in response >

    < the bell rings which causes Britney to calm down altogether; her color scheme returns to yellow and a huge smile overtakes her face; she has no idea what had just transpired underneath her own nose >

    BRITNEY: Oh boy! Early lunch, yo!

    < in an instant, she disappears, leaving the rest of the class behind like nothing had happened; Young Boogie looks over at Dante who's crying from the pain Britney inflicted on him >

    BOOGIE: Geez... Britney sure is scary when she's angry...

    < a random student speaks up >

    STUDENT 2: You got that right!

    < Boogie's eye falls out of his head as he jumps from the sudden declaration >

    BOOGIE: Ah! Ah! Whoever you are! I'm not some kind of push-over, man!

    STUDENT 2: Woah, woah... Calm down, B. Just talking.

    < he places the eye back in his head and looks at the student, a common goblin with a mischievous smile; the goblin has wavy, perfect hair and an all purple body; he's also very short, as all goblins are >

    GOBLIN: I hear that, when Britney gets super angry, she's even stronger than Faith.

    BOOGIE: Stronger than...

    < he looks over at Faith getting yelled at by Mr. Knots; though he fumes, she stands there and takes it as spit drops hit her face; she doesn't seem to care >

    BOOGIE: Faith...?

    GOBLIN: Yeah, dude. Totally. Some people even say that she could beat up the old count if she ever got really ticked off.


    BOOGIE: Heh, heh... Guess I shouldn't make her angry then, eh?

    GOBLIN: Got that right, man! It's so super scary!

    < as Boogie plays along with the conversation, he starts to think to himself; he imagines himself in a hypothetical situation where he tries to get revenge on Britney by capturing her in a butterfly net but then she bursts out of it, turns into a red monster, and eats him alive >

    BOOGIE: Hmm... Maybe revenge isn't the answer. I should totally just stick to sweet talking her instead. Heh, heh...

    < he imagines a hypothetical situation of himself giving Britney flowers but then she turns into a red monster and eats him alive>

    < he starts shaking from pure fear; the Goblin kid looks down at the floor, legitimately curious >

    GOBLIN: Yo, man... Is it just me... or is the floor getting wetter?

    Wetter indeed, as the plot thickens and all our collective pants get more and more drowned with fear! Britney's mysterious anger, monsters mysteriously being vicious, descriptions mysteriously mysterious! See all this and much more in the continuation!

    (End - Side A)

    “True Strength”


    Issue #1-Side B, Scene 1-F
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Cafeteria (Noon)

    The first issue continues with more "bang" and "boom" and "intrigue" than ever before! Observe events that will literally... EXPLODE YOUR MIND!


    < there's a crowd in the cafeteria with everyone whispering about the "burial" that happened not too long ago; they all seem to be awaiting an announcement from the staff >

    < in the crowd, Trixie Delight listens in on the gossip >

    STUDENT B6-12: Hey, man... So who do you think put the roses on that fat ogre? I heard from someone in that class that Faith took him out.

    STUDENT C: What? Faith? Way I heard it, was that yo boy Dante did the deed. I mean, you seen that fire, right? Faith doesn't have any fire powers.

    STUDENT D: Hey, but do you know who does have fire powers? An angry Britney Bright, and she was in that class too. Word from my partner up in there was that she was fuming.

    STUDENT E: Shoot, son... That Britney is a crazy one. I wouldn't put it past her.

    VITAMIN STUDENT K: Bet old Faith was fuming herself. Ha ha ha.

    < Trixie starts to get worried over the banter >

    TRIXIE: What...? Did Britney... did she... she couldn't have caused... the burial...?

    ???: Guess whoooooo.

    < suddenly, Trixie's eyes get covered by someone else's palms and she immediately lets out a fearful scream >

    TRIXIE: Ahh!!!! It's Emily...!!! It's Emily...!!! Ahh!!!!

    BRITNEY: Geez, Trix... You're pretty whack at this game aren't you?

    < Trixie calms down all at once, though tears have already started rolling down her cheeks; Britney turns her head so that Trixie is facing hers >

    TRIXIE: Br-... Britney...?

    BRITNEY: That's right, yo. Britney Bright, outta sight!


    < Britney pulls out a handkerchief from within her hoodie and wipes away Trixie's tears >

    BRITNEY: Geez... You really shouldn't ruin that lovely face of yours, Trix. It's mad uncool.

    < Trixie's eyes droop and she looks deeply into Britney's humongous smile >

    TRIXIE: No... Britney couldn't have... done the burial...

    < though as she stares into Britney's face, for just a moment, she sees Britney flash over to her angry mood with its red color scheme and fury painted all over it; moreover, she hears it tell her something before switching back to normal >

    (Inside Trixie's head.)

    BRITNEY: I know what you're planning to do. Give me back my hair or... SUFFER.

    < after seeing this image, she immediately starts to cower in fear and move away from Britney >

    BRITNEY: Hey, hey... Trix... What's up, yo? Why are you trippin so much?

    < Britney, oblivious to Trixie's vision, pulls her closer and hugs the shaking elf girl >

    < she tries to calm Trixie down by stroking her hair and offering a few kind words >

    BRITNEY: Check it, if anyone ever tries to pull something on you I'll knock em down for you. So don't cry, Trix. I told you... you're going to ruin that lovely face of yours.

    < Trixie looks up at Britney while still in the embrace; Britney smiles back >

    BRITNEY: That's what Grandma Bright says.

    TRIXIE: O-... Okay... I'll stop... crying...

    < hearing this, Britney grabs a fork and knife and then runs over to a table to sit down >

    BRITNEY: Yaaaay!!! Then when do we eat!? I'm soooooo super hungry!

    < Trixie returns to her usual self and frantically waves her arms at Britney >

    TRIXIE: Bu-... But Britney...! There's gonna be an... an announcement on the burial...! You were in... the class...!

    BRITNEY: Huh!? Does that mean we don't get to eat!?

    < Britney's fork and knife go limp in her hands as if they're frowning with her >

    < in her depression, the room goes dim and a spotlight shines on the opposing wall; the vice principal walks towards the light >


    - Enter Nasty Bob, a muscular pig standing hunchbacked with blank eyes and a furry tail. His forearms look like bear arms and his hands are paws with powerful, razor-like nails on them. The rest of his body is pure boar and he exudes demonic influence.

    < the vice principal directs both his arms towards the spotlight, though he doesn't seem to put much effort into it >

    NASTY: And now for your... oin-REEEK'ing... announcement tonight... THE COUNT, Simon Del La Fonte Rey Goostid.

    < the principal, Simon, appears on the opposite side of Nasty instead, away from the spotlight >

    < Nasty looks angrily over at him and then walks away >

    NASTY: Whatever.

    SIMON: Tank you, vice-prencable Vob. It is wit utmost err-gency that I must voy-ce, wit you all he-are today, the cru-alty dee-splaid by de stoo-dents within dis establish-mont. Dures dat have coo-mitted dis hen-ous act have been placed oon-dar de stree-ctest of car.

    < everyone starts to whisper amongst themselves, Britney looks as gloomy as ever since she can't eat and Trixie looks over at Britney >

    TRIXIE: So then... if the culprits are in custody... that means that Britney really wasn't involved...

    < she sighs a breath of relief; Count Simon continues speaking >

    SIMON: Ob-serf dis, though de vic-tom may regain he's life in tree days time... Bear-eals are still of de utmost of oo-fences. Do not pray-sume dat joo may git away wit dem. Dat is all.

    < with that, the count disappears into a cloud of bats that immediately scatter off; everyone looks around and begins talking >

    < seconds later, the bats reform in the same spot as before and the count appears again >

    SIMON: Oh... and exploy-den Bill-ay, joo have a detension. Do not ex-...

    BILLY: WHAT!?!

    < Exploding Billy, from the shock of getting a detention, explodes in the middle of the crowd and kills himself; his limbs fly everywhere and the crowd spreads out a bit from where he was, nothing but ash marks in his wake >

    SIMON: Nevar-mind.

    < the count disperses into bats again and the lighting in the room returns to normal >


    < the cafeteria lady hits a cowbell, signaling the start of lunch; Britney, still in her previous position from before, disappears into a cloud of smoke and then reappears first in line >

    BRITNEY: Now this is what I like to see, yo! Check it, give me everything.

    WORKER: ...

    < the cafeteria lady slaps some mashed potatoes down on her tray and Britney looks at it with disappointment; though soon after, she puts on a devious smile >

    BRITNEY: Sorry but, I'm a lot more hungry than that!

    < at supersonic speeds, she begins grabbing all the food she can from the kitchen and stacks a mountain on top of a mountain of food on to her tray, then immediately appears at the table before the cafeteria lady can grab her >

    < when she appears at the table next to Trixie, she's in an orange color scheme >

    BRITNEY: Ha ha ha, I'm brilliant!

    < after that statement, she puffs into a cloud of pixie sand and then returns to her yellow color scheme from before >

    BRITNEY: Now I can finally eat! I'm more than mad hungry! I'm rage hungry!

    < she starts digging in and Trixie looks at her, concerned >

    TRIXIE: Um... Britney...?

    < an apple falls from her tray and Britney continues to dig into the mountain of food, devouring it at record speeds; Trixie starts waving her arms at her >

    TRIXIE: Ah... Br-... Britney... You can't... eat so much...

    < without listening, Britney plows into the food and eats it like a jet engine (if jet engines had mouths); the table shakes and Trixie notices that her backpack is bouncing slightly on top of it >

    < for some reason, Young Boogie is underneath the table as well; he's reading a passage from his latest, overly-sized novel "Is the Love of Your Life a Monster? Tame Her with Passion!" >

    BOOGIE: Heh, heh... I was pretty confused earlier about what to do ever since I found out Britney was a monster... But now I'll definitely capture her heart (and put her in a cage)!

    < he reads >

    BOOK: "If you just recently found out that the girl you've been crushing on was secretly a mindless monster that eats everything, RUN! She is not good for you, you are not safe, what the heck are you doing you stupid idiot!"


    BOOGIE: Huh... That doesn't sound too helpful...

    < Britney finishes the mountain of food and then eats the tray it was on; Trixie watches as her backpack accidentally gets caught on the corner of the table >

    TRIXIE: Oh... no...

    < in that same instance, Britney picks up the entire table and eats it whole, sending Trixie's backpack flying in the process towards one of the ceiling fans where it promptly gets caught >

    < Young Boogie looks up in terror >

    TRIXIE: Ah!

    < Trixie gets up and runs to where her bag flew; Britney looks down at Boogie in confusion and then asks him >

    BRITNEY: Hey, you! What's up?

    < though she asked in a polite tone and with a smile on her face, Young Boogie interpreted it differently; he sees her as the red monster from before >

    (Inside Boogie's head.)

    BRITNEY: Hey, you! What's up!?

    < this time, it's loud and angry; Boogie freaks out and runs >

    BOOGIE: Ahhh!!! Don't eat me!!!

    < this leaves Britney to ponder what he meant >

    BRITNEY: Huh? I'm not that rage hungry, yo.

    < she starts to laugh cheerfully >

    BRITNEY: What was he doing under the table? Hee hee.

    < Britney looks around and notices that Trixie is gone, so she gets up from her chair to go and find her >

    BRITNEY: La la la, where did Trix go? La la la.~

    < meanwhile, Trixie is looking up at her backpack hanging on the moving ceiling fan; her backpack is bunny designed so she looks timidly at it and speaks >

    TRIXIE: No, Mr. Bunny... please don't open...


    < though she says this, she notices that the zipper is coming more and more undone; it almost seems like the backpack is looking back at her as she tries to reason with it >

    TRIXIE: Ah...! No, Mr. Bunny...! Please...!

    < she starts flailing her arms about as if trying to fly in an attempt to garner her backpack's sympathy; but this is to no avail as the zipper comes more and more undone until finally, the bag bursts with all the contents sent in each direction >

    < papers float gently down as the books hit the ground immediately, and the hair she collected from Britney slides across the floor >

    TRIXIE: Aww...

    < as she goes to pick up her papers, Britney arrives on the scene and then Trixie glances over at her; she immediately notices the hair next to Britney's feet and freaks out >

    < Britney, watching her this whole time, looks down in curiosity but then gets hit in the face by Trixie's hat >

    < Trixie rushes over and grabs the clump of hair >

    BRITNEY: Geez, Trix... That wasn't very cool.

    TRIXIE: I'm... I'm sorry, Britney...

    < she places the hair in the hat and then places the hat on her head >

    < for just a moment, she can swear that she sees a dark red ghost in Britney’s image, as if Britney's anger had manifested and started watching Trixie unbeknownst to Britney herself >

    TRIXIE: ... !

    BRITNEY: Aww... Come on, Trix. You're not gonna get upset again, are you? I accept your apology so don't worry about it, yo.

    < the apparition disappears and Trixie starts stuttering >

    TRIXIE: Hn... Um... En...

    BRITNEY: ... ?

    < still kneeling down on the ground, a wolf kid appears on the scene >

    - Enter the Little Bad Wolf, an actually large wolf standing on two legs wearing a Scottish jacket over his uniform along with a matching hat. He's holding large bag pipes at his side.

    WOLF: Aww... The little girlie gonna cry again?


    < Trixie looks up at the wolf kid and frowns, shaking in his presence ; Britney looks at him with a stern look upon her face >

    < from one of the tables, the count has a newspaper in hand and a coffee in the other; he watches intently on the scene >

    WOLF: Little no strength Delight, always whining after Bright! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    < Trixie hangs her head and holds herself knowing her lack of confidence and fears to be true, but then Britney stands in front of her, between her and the wolf, and begins to speak >

    BRITNEY: Hey, bub. Trix has more strength in her little finger than you'll ever have in your whole body! It takes more strength to love... than to give into petty hatred! That's what strength is, dummy!

    TRIXIE: Britney...

    WOLF: Right on cue, the rainbow shows her face. I know one thing, though... Love sure ain't gonna win you this fight!

    < the count's paper is all the way done now and his eyebrow is raised; it's like he's waiting to give Britney even more trouble should she fight >

    < Britney smiles >

    BRITNEY: Check it, I'm not done speaking...

    < she starts to stretch her face out; while she makes a crazy face, her anger mood manifests to the wolf and threatens him >

    (Inside the Wolf's head.)

    BRITNEY: If you so much as move in my direction, I'll DESTROY YOU.

    < the wolf starts to freak out and turns entirely white; Britney continues to make her crazy face >

    BRITNEY: Duuuuummmyyyy.

    < he runs away immediately and then Britney laughs, oblivious, and helps Trixie back up; the count smiles and then goes back to his paper >

    BRITNEY: See, Trix? I told you that you were strong! It's totally true!

    < though she was depressed at first, Trixie smiles back at Britney >

    TRIXIE: Thank... you...

    < just then, Britney bursts into pixie sand and transforms into a purple color scheme, the color of a calm mood >


    BRITNEY: Wait... I feel great! I'm calm and in a state!

    < she grabs Trixie and runs off with her laughing, forcing the little elf girl to dance with her against her will >

    < meanwhile, in the shadows, the goblin from before picks up the apple that Britney had dropped earlier while eating and takes a bite out of it >

    GOBLIN: Heh, heh, heh... Enjoy your happiness for now, Britney. Very soon, all of your smiles will be turned upside-down.

    < he watches as the two girls laugh before they start picking up Trixie's belongings that had gotten scattered >

    GOBLIN: A recipe for "true" strength...?

    < his focus shifts to Trixie as he narrows his view in on her >

    GOBLIN: I got just the ticket!

    < while the girls pick up Trixie's materials, Trixie lets out a deep sigh >

    BRITNEY: ... ? What's up, Trix?

    TRIXIE: Well it's just that... I have... I have "that" class again...

    < there's a thought cloud above her head where an image of herself is walking towards a door that reads "Mean Manners" and a bunch of monster kids come out and throw paper balls at and laugh at her >

    BRITNEY: Huh? "That" one?

    < Britney has a thought cloud above her head where she's in a class called "Food Appreciation" and she's sitting in a seat making intense motions towards a t.v. up front where they keep showing images of food; she's the odd one out as everyone else in the classroom is sitting quietly and watching >

    < Trixie places both of her palms on her cheeks and looks down >

    BRITNEY: Don't worry, Trix! I know that class can be tough to get through sometimes... but it totally is really helpful!

    TRIXIE: ... Huh?

    BRITNEY: I never would have learned about all the cool stuff you could eat until I took that course!

    TRIXIE: .......... Huh!?


    BRITNEY: So you just got to deal with it like a big girl, Trix! Get moving!

    < she starts pushing Trixie by the back while Trixie herself is resisting >

    TRIXIE: Ah! But Britney... You don't... understand...

    < the bell rings >

    BRITNEY: Nonsense, just go to class and we'll talk about it later! See ya, Trix!

    < Britney runs off and looks back at Trixie, smiling and waving, eccentric as ever; Trixie holds a book close to her chest and still looks depressed >


    Issue #1-Side B, Scene 2-1
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Mean Manners Class (Early Afternoon)

    < Trixie looks up at the tall door as the only one still outside it and sighs deeply as she enters the classroom; inside, the teacher is giving a lecture >

    - Enter Howard High and Dr. Jet Black, the former a Frankenstein's monster from every old-school horror movie imaginable and the latter a zombie crow attached to puppet strings held up by Howard, with buttons in place of eyes.

    < Howard is actually a mute so it's Jet Black that's giving the lecture >

    BLACK: Four score and... one billion years ago, monsters came to this planet in search of tolerance. They had been getting pretty sick of all the angry mobs hounding them on their own worlds and wished to find a place where they could be accepted for who they were... pieces of filth, the bane of all decent life that want nothing more than to see the innocent suffer.

    < he pauses for dramatic effect and then whispers >

    BLACK: Is that... so wrong?

    < the students in the classroom start crying softly >

    BLACK: I stand before you... not as your friend... But as a monster with a burning heart that loves nothing more than to burn people. Will you not hand me a match... so that I might one day burn you too?

    < now the students are in heavy tears and a few of them toss matches like roses at Dr. Jet Black; some even throw entire match boxes >

    < Trixie seems like the only student in class with a straight face as she takes her seat in the midst of the display >


    BLACK: We monsters, being the destructive and evil brutes that we are, must learn the proper "mean manners" if we wish to function correctly in society. This touches back on our previous lesson of the "Three Most Important Principals to a Monster Ever, Ever". Howard, if you would.

    < Howard drops the doctor and starts writing on the chalk board behind them; Dr. Jet Black starts screaming after being dropped like nothing >

    BLACK: Idiot! Don't drop me!

    HOWARD: Uh...

    < the Frankenstein's monster picks him up by the strings and then starts writing on the board with his left hand; being right-handed, the text becomes entirely illegible >

    BLACK: Bah! Stupid idiot! You need to write with your right hand!

    HOWARD Guh... Ah...!

    < he switches hands and then starts writing with his right hand, but since he's now controlling the doctor's movements with his left hand, Jet Black is getting into all kinds of weird poses and doing strange dance moves >

    BLACK: You... im... be... cile... Cut... it... out...!

    < one of the monsters in the room, a short, all black demon kid, raises his hand >

    KID: Er... I'll write the principals on the board, sir.

    BLACK: Finally, someone with initiative. Go ahead then.

    < as the kid runs up to the board, Howard and Black face the class again; Black looks back at Howard real quick >

    BLACK: Idiot.

    < then addresses the class >

    BLACK: Now then... the first principal for any monster to understand is to "Scare children". Understand? "Scare children". It's quite important to do this before the next principal and I'll explain why in a minute...

    < the class looks intently >

    BLACK: The second principal is "Eat children". Now it's important that you scare them before you eat them because usually they'll pee their pants. If you just eat them, you might be met with a horrible incident. So get them to pee their pants first and then eat them.

    < a monster raises his hand >


    MONSTER: What if they try to escape?

    BLACK: Ah, good question. That brings us to our third and final principal "Chase children in order to scare and eat them".

    < all the ghouls and monsters in the room shake their heads at each other happily >

    BLACK: If you follow these steps then you'll be well on your way to being a proper monster. And remember, it's essential to target the children because if they grow up, they might become an angry mob. And let's face it folks, we can't stand pitchforks.

    < all the ghouls and monsters shake their heads in agreement angrily >

    RANDOM: Pitchforks suck!

    BLACK: Indeed, pitchforks suck.

    < Trixie gently touches her two fingers together and whispers under her breath >

    TRIXIE: I... I like... children...

    < Both Howard and the doctor appear right next to her in an instant and give her a stern, stern, stern look; it was a pretty stern look, you'd have to see it >

    BLACK: What was that? You... Let me get this straight... You like children?

    TRIXIE: Um...

    < all of her classmates and the two instructors wait for her answer >

    TRIXIE: Yes...?

    < they all collectively let out a bout of disgust >

    STUDENT 1: Ah... Ugh... That's sick...

    STUDENT 2: What kind of monster... Eww...

    STUDENT 3: ....!

    < that third student just barfed into a paper bag and didn't even say anything >

    BLACK: This is... I can't believe what I'm hearing... Quick, answer me these simple questions.

    TRIXIE: Um... O-... Okay...

    BLACK: Do you like the dark?


    < a thought cloud appears above Trixie for the duration of the questions; in response to this one, she thinks of how she still sleeps with a night light and pajamas at night >

    TRIXIE: N-... No.

    BLACK: What's your opinion on bugs?

    < in the thought bubble, she's on top of a stool screaming about a roach on the ground >

    TRIXIE: They're icky...

    BLACK: Do you ever crave for human flesh?

    < this time, just a bunch of red X's appear in the thought bubble >

    TRIXIE: Ew...

    BLACK: This is much worse than I thought.

    < the doctor begins speaking while walking back and forth in a thinking motion on top of Trixie's desk; Howard is manipulating the strings above him to make this happen >

    BLACK: I never thought I'd see the day where a human sympathizer would sit amongst us!

    TRIXIE: Wh-... What!?!

    BLACK: You! Girlie! You're a human sympathizer!

    TRIXIE: I'm... not...

    BLACK: You smell funny too, like...

    < he sniffs her hair >

    BLACK: Nice!

    TRIXIE: ....

    < she sighs, depressed >

    BLACK: That's it. Do it, Howard.

    < Howard stamps her forehead and leaves a big, red and backwards "F" on her head; Black looks up at him in fury >

    BLACK: You idiot! You did it backwards! You good for nothing...

    HOWARD: Uh... Guh...?


    BLACK: Not having a brain isn't an excuse! Can't you see I'm trying to properly grade this kid's manners!? And you keep... setting... a great... example... That's cheating, Howard! Don't you know that's one of the greatest things ever!?

    < Trixie waves her arms frantically >

    TRIXIE: Um... Dr. Jet Black...

    BLACK: Shut up, kid. Everyone else, you know the drill.

    STUDENTS: Right!

    < they pummel her with paper balls until she's covered in a mountain of them; the mountain of paper balls actually looks like a snowman ; shortly after, she pops her head out and looks around >

    BLACK: Heh... That's pretty cute...

    < he looks down, depressed >

    BLACK: What a sad, sad failure...

    < meanwhile, elsewhere... >


    Issue #1-Side B, Scene 2-2
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Love Songs 123 (Early Afternoon)

    < in Britney's classroom, a room that has a different color for each wall and hearts everywhere, the room is filled with the softer creatures in legends such as fairies and fluffy easter bunnies >

    < they've all just finished singing a song about love; the teacher, a tiny angel girl with an extremely bubbly personality, addresses the class >

    ANGEL: Alrighty, kiddies! That was our seventh song about love! Go ahead and mingle for a little while!

    < the kids all seem disappointed >

    KIDS: Aww... But we want to sing more love songs!

    < the angel contours her body like a gymnast on top of her desk; it doesn’t look too pleasant >

    ANGEL: Ah, well... If you all feel that way! Let's get some more love in our hearts!

    < the students cheer in squeaky voices; as the camera pans away from the teacher, you see her fall down and break her back >


    KIDS: ~ ♪ ♪ ♪

    ANGEL: Can someone please find me a doctor?

    < the teacher is sprawled out on the floor in a very fractured appearance >

    KIDS: ~ ♪ ♪ ♪ ...!

    ANGEL: I hate all of you! All of you, all of my hatred!

    < even Britney near the back of the room seems oblivious, probably on purpose >

    BRITNEY: Mmm... La la la!

    < while Britney is singing, she gets interrupted by a nearby mermaid girl >

    - Enter Princess Umbrella, a 13 year old mermaid with long and perfect violet hair along with deep yellow eyes, glasses, a standard uniform over the top half of her body and a literal fish net all along her long, green tail. Plus, she's in a wheelchair.

    UMBRELLA: Psst... Yo, Bright...!

    < Britney looks over at her >

    BRITNEY: Hmm? Oh, hello Undella!

    UMBRELLA: It's "Umbrella" but hey, how's it going. Hey listen, what do you think of "love"?

    < she asks with a look of intense curiosity; Britney's face lights up >

    BRITNEY: Love? It's the greatest thing ever! I was just telling my friend...

    UMBRELLA: Yeah, yeah, that's great. But what do you think of romantic love?

    < Umbrella asks this while appearing to be secretive >

    < the little witch looks confused >

    BRITNEY: "Roman" what now?

    UMBRELLA: Romantic love, silly! It's all the rage right now in Atlantis!

    < the mermaid seems overly ecstatic and downs an entire bottle of water before moving into a more descriptive mannerism >

    UMBRELLA: There's been all sorts of mermaids turning into humans for their loves, humans turning into mermaids for their loves and all of them turning into fish food because it's against Atlatian laws! It's super cool.~


    < Britney holds her hands against her head and looks like she's straining herself >

    BRITNEY: Ahhh... My head hurts...

    < the princess crosses her arms and smiles condescendingly >

    UMBRELLA: Well, I guess you're still just a little girl.

    < Britney changes her expression to a big smile >

    BRITNEY: Little girl? Heck no, check it! I'm larger than life, yo! I'm big time!

    < Young Boogie is walking by the class when he hears Britney's voice >

    BOOGIE: Oh snap! Britney's in this "love song" class? Maybe if I listen in on her, I'll learn what kind of guy she likes!

    < the mermaid downs another bottle of water >

    UMBRELLA: Then if that's the case... Are there any boys that you like?

    < the mermaid smiles; Boogie almost loses his mind >

    BOOGIE: Woah! I really hit the jackpot this time! Finally, I'll be able to hear Britney confess to her friends that I'm the guy she likes! I mean... I'm pretty sure it HAS to be me...

    < Boogie has never had a conversation with Britney before >

    < Britney looks confused and thinks about Dante from her history class >

    BRITNEY: Well... there is this one boy in History class that I thought was kind of nice.

    < Boogie's smile gets larger than his face >

    BOOGIE: I'm in her History class!

    < the mermaid downs two bottles of water at the same time >

    UMBRELLA: Ohhh... So then, do you like him?

    < she thinks back to how he burnt "her" apple to a crisp and then crosses her arms angrily; Boogie is still celebrating outside the classroom when he hears her next words >

    BRITNEY: Nope! I don't like him at all! Ha ha ha!

    < Boogie stops dancing mid-way and looks to be in shock; Umbrella actually looks a bit disappointed herself >


    UMBRELLA: What? Why?

    BRITNEY: I found out he was nothing but a big, fat jerk, yo.

    UMBRELLA: That's too bad.

    < Boogie looks morbidly depressed >

    BOOGIE: I'm... a jerk? But what did I...

    < then he remembers that he ran away from her at lunch and begged her not to eat him >

    BOOGIE: Ah man! I really blew this up! Of course that would upset her! We were finally going to talk and get to know one another and I just ditched her. How stupid can I get!?

    < really stupid >

    < Umbrella continues the conversation; also, she has a fire hose to her mouth now and seems to be ferociously drinking water from it >

    UMBRELLA: Don't worry girl, you'll find your true love one day!

    BRITNEY: Hmm? True love? But I already have lots and lots to love!

    < the princess smirks condescendingly again >

    UMBRELLA: We... must not be talking about the same thing.~

    < Britney keeps speaking >

    BRITNEY: Ah, but it's true, yo! And I got this one friend that's packed full of love! She's the sweetest girl ever!

    < the mermaid perks up as if she just got told a grand secret >

    UMBRELLA: Packed with love...?

    < a thought bubble appears above the princess' head as she starts thinking of ways to use said love in order to make a love potion >

    BRITNEY: Yeah! She's totally super strong!

    < she shrugs >

    UMBRELLA: I don't get your logic...

    BRITNEY: Well... You see, it's easy for people to hate, right? You can hate anyone for any reason. But if you love someone for no reason at all... I think that takes real strength, yo.


    UMBRELLA: Ha ha... Maybe you're right.

    < on a hilltop somewhere, the Count gazes into a crystal ball and sees the image of this conversation; he smiles to himself >


    Issue #1-Side B, Scene 3-F
    Setting: Sunshine Jr. High - Outside (Afternoon)

    < turns out, Count Simon was looking into the crystal ball from a hilltop facing Sunshine Jr. High; he sees the images of what truly transpired between Britney and Emily, her encouraging Trixie and of course, her recent conversation with Princess Umbrella >

    < he smiles as he watches before Britney shows up, walking in his direction >

    BRITNEY: Hi, Mister Count Simon De La Fonte Rey Goostid! What do you want the school painted today?

    < the images in the crystal fade and his sour mood returns >

    SIMON: Today for jour detension, I am tink-ing... red.

    BRITNEY: Hmm? Red? But boss man, I thought you said you'd never, ever want the school painted red.

    SIMON: Silence! Do as joo are told, Brit-nay. De ma-tearels are next to de wall.

    BRITNEY: Right-O! Check it, I'll get on that right away!

    < she smiles as she hurriedly runs over to where the paint is located and then starts to paint the school's walls red; however, after she paints for a little while, she notices that some of the buckets and brushes are floating around as if possessed >

    BRITNEY: Oh...?

    < they fly to the highest point of the wall and then start to draw a design; Britney's gaze goes from curious to a smile and then from that smile to an even bigger smile >

    < the count smiles himself as he motions his hand, commanding the paint brushes; they swirl around and create elaborate designs and then finally it's revealed that what's painted is a giant heart with a thumb's up and winking smiley face >

    BRITNEY: It's...

    < Britney jumps up and down excitedly and then shouts >

    BRITNEY: It's a giant heart!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


    < the count rises, still smiling, and then walks away; Britney closes her eyes and places her palms together in a praying motion, then opens her eyes >

    BRITNEY: To love... That's true strength, yo! Check it, this year is going to be awesome!

    ...and with that, Britney's day is made. Though Britney's lesson seems to have gotten through to the count, not even love strong enough to melt his cold heart is able to get through to all those lurking in the shadows. The adventures at Sunshine Jr. High are only just beginning!

    (End - Side B)


    List of Edits:

    - Smoother descriptions
    - Conversion to new format
    - Extended Britney vs Emily fight
    - Young Boogie scene added to Scene 1-F, Side B
    - Britney and Trixie conversation added to Scene 1-F, Side B
    - Added two brand new scenes: Scenes 2-1 and 2-2, Side B
    - Made corrections to a few scenes
    - Added a joke with the angel teacher
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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    I literally read the Mad Poet's part aloud.
    I love the characters, situations and descriptions, and I can't wait to see this get better in a second draft (there's nothing wrong with this, but you know that good things can be turned into good-er things).
    Also, now I want to draw some of those scenes. Maybe I will one day.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    I won't get happy just because you complimented me, bastard!!!

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    After having read the title and the first two pages, I expected something a million times darker. I am very glad this was not the case. The characters and the whole chapter itself were written in a style that got me grinning like a little boy in front of a candy store - The count and the ending actually had me tear up in joy and that is rare. Once I got over the comic script form (I've never been into reading scripts similar to this one), the story in all its deliciously tasty shortness made me thirst for even more.

    It has been a long time since I have liked anything this much after having read just a single chapter. Your talent, I am envious of it. You had better use it well and not let it tarnish. You successfully made my day. Thank you.

    But can you keep it up?
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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    How to make a winning series:

    -Take one part Soul Eater
    -Take one part Panty and Stocking
    -Take the best of both and mix!

    I don't know why, but when I see the characters in my head, I see them drawn in the same style as Panty and Stocking.

    I'd go so far as to say this is on the level of a Jump series. :) However, there's always room for some criticism.

    My main complaint is that as much as I love Britney and Trixie, their dynamic is a little stale. I've already seen it with Gintoki and Shinpachi and more recently with Toriko and Komatsu. Granted, I really like the spin on it, what with both characters being female and Britney combining the best of a Luffy-type character with a female. Other than that... a few grammatical errors and a couple of stutters in conversation exist, but honestly, this story really is "outta sight"!

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Oh... I didn't think my story would be this well-received! I'll be honest with you, I proofread it once before the first comment and I thought my descriptions could have been better so I was worried that would bother people. And I figured people would get a kick out of it but would still have plenty of complaints brought to the table. You guys honestly don't know how much all of your compliments mean to me. This kind of praise... this is a writer's dream!

    Thanks everyone for your comments.~

    Last edited by Jazzy Jinx; April 6th, 2011 at 11:04 PM. Reason: @Vixen: Complaint acknowledged. This is the first time I've ever used this dynamic so I just wanted to give it a spin.~

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    I can't help but think of Soul Eater when reading this. And I love Soul Eater!!! Great story Kenny and the humor is spot on.

    "KNOTS: And in accordance to this diagram here, YOU CAN SEE WHY MY WIFE LEFT ME!!! Any questions, children!?!?!"
    LOL, yeah I love the humor. Exploding Billy is my favorite character.

    The only problem I had with the story was I had a little torouble reading the Count's words, but that's nto much of a problem. Otherwise great job and I'm looking forward to more. Very interesting, dynamic, and full of fun.
    Everything's Eventual...

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    already told you this, but I figured I might as well comment here too. I really really like your story, it has a nice good pace that makes it very easy to read and get involved in. the characters seem to come out very naturally, nice dynamic, and it's just plain fun to read. each character has a distinct quality to them, whether it be their physical appearance or their speech or unique and prominent personality characteristics, and that makes them seem more like real people with multifaceted personalities - albeit with that random cartoony quality.

    the only criticism I have - which is rather minor - is that some things are a little bizarre, like that dream sequence and the blue hair. there's nothing wrong with those plot points, but sometimes it throws off my pace cause I'll stop halfway while reading and start reading backwards to see what I missed, and keep thinking/wondering what that was about. It's kind of normal and necessary I suppose (maybe I'm just not accustomed to fantasy stories) but the backtracking kind of interrupts the flow/pace a little.
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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Oh, nah I understand.~

    The story is pretty fast pace and so it's easy to glaze over certain details. When I go back and edit things, I'll try to slow things down a little bit. Thank you, darling.~ ^^

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Like most things in life I tend to behind. So I just finished reading this.

    I have to say Kenny, this was an enjoyable read. This is the kind of light hearted series I want to read. If there's any complaint I have though, it's basically what Kitsune said about Trixie and Britney's relationship. It's nothing that is currently wrong with it, it's just been done before so I'd imagine it would get old quickly. I do like it currently though and I have faith that you'll shake things up in future chapters.

    So good job and keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    H'okay, I clearly underestimated what it would take to make your B-Day Present Kenny.
    Let me put it this way: I'll send you the rest of scene two sometime this weekend, and if I can muster the energy give you the other scenes as well.
    I think overall I'll only do chapter one, and then just stick with giving you pictures like I do everyone else.
    Still, in case I get super lazy and disappoint everyone, here's this at least.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Ha ha ha. That's awesome.~

    Thanks an infinite number of times, Cuddles. =D

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Nothing to see here.
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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Finally got myself to reading the second chapter.

    Funny stuff with the ogre and devil and the sun and moon. I love your sense of humor Kenny. And Britney is adorable taking care of those kids. Really makes her a good sympathetic character.

    Keep up the good work sir.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Haven't I been telling people not to read the second chapter!?! >=(

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Since when do I pay attention to details~?

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Holy shit, Kenny, I can't get over how emotionally charged this chapter was. You've come a long way as an author.~

    I want to really discuss Britney's scream in the middle of the chapter. I really enjoyed how you took the time to set up Britney's emotional dilemma before splattering her brains across the floor like that. It brought out so much.~

    Great chapter. Keep up this level of quality.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    Fucking badass! I really love the diversity in Britney's character.

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    Default Re: Thriller Blend

    The fuck is this shit?

    What happened to the longer chapters?

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