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Thread: Super Smash Bros

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxterdexter View Post
    I'm trying to Max them to satisfy my insane curiosity. And to add a free gacha waiting to my life to keep me from looking another.
    Have you considered the possibility of no gacha?

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    I've been trying to max out the spirits while I wait for Piranha Plant to be released; one funny detail that I've noticed is that Dan Hibiki is, by far, the weakest spirit in the game.

    Even at level 99, his stats (2003 in total) are lower than the following spirits at the same level:
    -a Goomba (3758)
    -Glass Joe (4042)
    -a Bokoblin (3777)
    -Boney, Lucas's dog (4053)
    -a Primid, the random enemy from Brawl's story mode (4058)

    At this point, I'm replaying the World of Light mode to get Dracula and Marx's spirits, since I had to enhance those two to complete my spirit list and you can't get them through the spirit board.

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