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Thread: Super Smash Bros

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    Took Joker out for a spin, got the new combat spirits, hardest being the last one, the first one and a third place tie between Yusuke and Akechi.

    lol at what they chose for Johana.
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    Got lucky with them on the first try, they were just about to end me when Arsene kicked in and I connected a F-smash.

    I went with joker for all of them except the whole party. Had to dust off Link for them after like 8 attempts.
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    I thought the battles were all a joke (pun honestly not intended XD). Like first try spamming smash attacks on every single one. Though I did equip wind immunity for that one battle, and never took it off afterwards since I never felt pressured.

    I even repeated the final one because I needed a few more rewards to level the new ones to 99. I didn't even realize until the 2nd time that the opponents don't fight you 1 at a time; they show up on a timer. The first time I killed everyone too fast to even have two opponents simultaneously. Also both times Joker got his instant FS but never tried to use it...

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    L o o k i n g c o o l F o o l i o !

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    Default Re: Super Smash Bros

    Really wish Stage Builder had a Duplicate and Mirror option.
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