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Thread: 504: ''To Fulfill a Promise - Separate Departures!''

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    No one cares about how you felt, since you were too goddamn impatient throughout the whole flashback arc.


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    Yeah, how dare he have an opinion on a message board.

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    I just finished watching this episode and I thought to ask this question: Is Shimotsuki Village part of the Goa Kingdom? Afterall, we would have to assume, since we know that Sabo is alive (and is, of course, part of the Revolutionary Army), that he was the person whom Dragon brought back to the ship. Since Dragon replied that he was watching the ceremony of the arrival of the Celestial Dragon when Ivankov asked what he had been doing, it is likely, though not certain, that their ship is anchored somewhere on the coast of Dawn Island. If this is true, however, then Shimotsuki Village, Zoro's hometown, would also be part of the Goa Kingdom. I'm fairly certain that the manga also shows their ship anchored outside of Shimotsuki Village, but if it does not the question is moot. Dragon may possibly have powers as well, which could allow him to travel without the need of a ship. Notwithstanding, Shimotsuki Village is near Foosha Village. Whether or not Shimotsuki Village is on Dawn Island along with Foosha Village is something on which I can only speculate. I'd be surprised if this same question hasn't already been asked by someone else, but I couldn't find anything about it. If it has been asked and previously answered, please direct me to that page. Many thanks.


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