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Thread: CAPCOM SUCKS thread

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Capcom's like the roommate you help move in, then sit and wait for him to help pay rent for about a month.

    Too bad we can't hold them legally bound to this game, unlike the roommate.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    I don't sweat the small stuff, but to me, this was big. I've been wanting a Megaman Legends sequel since I was a runt.

    CAPCOM really shot itself in the foot in the worst way with the community dev. blog.

    Let 'em bleed.
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    There's a great lighthearted vibe around here, because no matter how serious we might get, we're all together because of some magical pirate.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    But of course every single jackoff (many here on this forum, no offense) will keep buying their various fighting game rehashes even tho it is the same damn thing with a different filter slapped on.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    this makes me hate capcom now more then ever.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    The sad thing is, I don't think it will hurt capcom much.

    Do not underestimate the fighting game community.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom


    You looked at the fans and saw that we loved the 8-bit megaman games and gave us more. You looked and saw tHat we were waiting for 10 years for a legends game, and you said you would give it to us.


    What really sucks is a some of the big megaman fansites announced a campaign to support legends earlier today.

    Your daily heaping helping of haggis.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Hell View Post
    The community dev blog was an insanely unprofessional idea as we can retroactively see now.

    I think that's the worst part of it all.
    Yeah. Not to mention that several of their commands demands required thier labrats fans to use to scurvy through a rat maze an interface that wasn't very user friendly or easy to begin with. There was thing in where you had to register a servbot, then vote. Admittedly, I was trying to figure out that shit for 2 hours before bailing on whole thing. I realized that it was all just ruse. A plot to see how many rats were motivated enough to make it to the end of their elaborate maze.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    The whole community aspect was stupid, especially since they never planned to make the game in the first place. From the start it was never greenlit, yet they go and get the fans all excited. It'd be fine if some huge issue stopped them from making it when their had been concrete plans to do it, but they never had anything concrete to begin with. And gauging interest with an online community is stupid because most people won't even look at it even if they would be interested. Hell, I tried to sign up for capcom unity to support the game and it didn't even work and I could never activate my account

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    I need to make sure that there's a FUCK CAPCOM on this page too

    "Fuck capcom!"

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    No AAI 2, DLC up the wahoo, screwing over Clover Studios, the new Devil May Cry, no MH 3 P, the mercenaries save debacle, now this.

    Why do we support this god awful company again?

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    So how did I know this would happen?

    Oh, that's right, because Capcom ALWAYS pulls this shit. Fuck them is 100% right. Inafune knew what he was doing when he left Capcom.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    ...I don't know weather to cry or hurt something right now.


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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Adler View Post
    No AAI 2, DLC up the wahoo, screwing over Clover Studios, the new Devil May Cry, no MH 3 P, the mercenaries save debacle, now this.

    Why do we support this god awful company again?
    I still don't get why they're not localizing AAI 2. Isn't the AA series one of the more profitable DS games aside from the mainstream games.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaronrules380 View Post
    It'd be fine if some huge issue stopped them from making it when their had been concrete plans to do it,
    They should have used the earthquake while they had the chance. I should not joke about something like this, but knowing Capcom now... Who knows?

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Anyone here have any idea how long that Rocket Development Progress was on 29%? Yeah. Since the day the announced the whole green-lit drama.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    They didn't WANT the game to be released, they didn't WANT to have to fund it. They delayed the Prototype edition which was considered ready to hit the 3DS store already, and MML fans were just about to launch a massive support campaign. They pulled the plug because after a point they knew they'd have no choice but to allow it to be made.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Yeah. No wonder Inafune left. With Mikami not even really working for them and Clover Studios disbanded, they're really losing they're talented people and with good reason from the looks of it and what you hear about the company.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    Guys don't worry

    Capcom is releasing a reboot of a franchise that we last saw in 2008 with DMC :)

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    They are becoming the Japanese Activision.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom


    Q: Are there plans to restart the Mega Man Legends 3 Project in the future?
    A: There was a project? Hahahahah! You fucking tool.

    Q: I want to maintain contact with the people I met through the Devroom.
    A: People still think this shit is a dev room? What a bunch of fools! Hahahah!

    Q: Is there a chance the ideas recruited in the Devroom will be used in future games?
    A: A snowball's chance in hell. Deal with it.

    Q: Will it be okay to upload the ideas we contributed to the Devroom elsewhere?
    A: What else is there to do with rubbish? Trash is man's treasure right? Do what you please.

    Q: Will the people whose ideas were supposed to go in the game receive something else instead?
    A: They would revive a giftcard to buy any Capcom game at their local Radio Shack. IF they can find any. Hahahaha!

    Q.Can you please give me more information on why the MML3 project was cancelled so close to the launch of the Prototype?
    A. Can you fucking read? It's in the statement. Stop asking stupid questions.

    Q.Will the Prototype Version still be distributed via the Nintendo eShop?
    A. There was never a prototype. That was just random shit that looked like a game playing. Unfortunately we aren't handin over the source code.

    Q.Is the cancellation of MML3 related to the departure of Inafune-san?
    A. It is related to Inafune-san leaving the company. But I'm going to say it's not because that's the humble thing to do.

    Q. This is the second Mega Man game cancelled this year, what does this mean for the future of the Mega Man Franchise?
    A. What future? *smiles with sunglasses*

    Q. The Dev Room was a place where fans were supposed to be deeply involved in the creation of this product, why were they not involved in the decision to cancel this product?
    A. Because we get paid to pretend developer for a few hopeful saps. It was a fun vacation away from real company work. Thanks for playin along tho.

    Q. What will happen to the ideas and input participants have given to the Dev Room?
    A. Did I fucking answer this already? Wait... Are you crying? Keep that shit away from my new suit!

    Q. Will there be any future projects that involve fan participation in this manner? Or was this a one time experiment?
    A. The latter. Now go away and never talk about this shit again.

    I just finished reading the interview.

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    Default Re: FUCK Capcom

    People's retaliation to people getting mad makes me laugh

    "Guys MML3 wasn't gonna sell lol"

    Fuck you lol that's not the point

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