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Thread: CAPCOM SUCKS less in 2018

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    Capcom Vancouver staff got cut to 200 from 250 and canned a new game they were making, here's details of the canned game.

    Knights of Aegis

    1974, New York City. You are recruited into the Order of Aegis, an elite brotherhood of Mystic Knights sworn to protect and keep the peace between the mortal and supernatural realms.
    When a powerful evil stirs in the darkness, you must master the ancient powers of the past in order to save humanity's future.

    An Action Shooter with Elemental Magic Mastery
    -Unlock an arsenal of modern weaponry and elemental spells. Become a master of the elements to defeat the most powerful creatures in the city.

    A Detailed and Intriguing Campaign
    -Uncover a poweful evil that is brewing in the darkness as you explore a rich narrative-driven world. Investigate crime scenes to piece together a case and bring the orchestrators to justice.

    Guns & Magic Combat System
    -Dual-wield elemental magic and modern guns and combine them to create a wide variety of powers to destroy your enemies, protect yourself from danger, and turn the enviroment to your advantage.

    Classical Supernatural Creatures
    -Battle renowned supernatural creatures like Werewolves, Angels, Goblins, and Demons. Identify their weaknesses to take them down, and prepare yourself to fight gargantuan monsters in your quest to vanquish evil from the world.

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    That sounds like one of them bullshit games you see ads for on websites.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tenth Strawhat View Post
    I'm surprised that DMC4SE isn't with the collection, but that's not a dealbreaker for me. I'm just happy that I'll get a chance to finally play DMC1 and 3.Now, where's that Onimusha HD Collection?
    You shouldn't be. If it was, the collection would be redundant for people who already own it.

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