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Thread: Marvel Movies Thread - Can't keep a good God down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    The Incredible Hulk:

    This was another film I didn't have high hopes for, but in the end, I think I enjoyed it very much and even more so than Iron Man. I think it's because, except for the brief mentions of turning soldiers into Hulks, it felt completely like a personal story with a major impact on only the protagonists and antagonists. I could get behind what Bruce was doing without having to be distracted by broader implications like I was with Iron Man.

    I mostly really liked how they gave the origin story in the opening credits and allowed the film to start with a brisker pace. Though I will admit it wasn't perfect since I'm not extremely familiar with Hulk in the comics, so not everything seemed to be introduced smoothly. Thankfully, I did have background knowledge on Thunderbolt and Betty Ross so at least their introductions were easier. Also, I absolutely loved the little scene where Betty's ex? boyfriend doesn't take shit from her dad after the campus battle. That, the campus battle, and the scene with Hulk and Betty in the woods was probably the peak of the movie for me (although the final fight wasn't bad)

    My biggest criticism of the movie is Abomination/whatever his human name is. I felt like I had barely gotten to know him when he had himself become the Abomination, only really remembering his fight against Hulk on the campus (which was really cool!) But I still hadn't gotten a full sense of his character by the time he went beast mode and so his violent actions before the transformations didn't feel natural. And while the final fight was enjoyable, I'd have preferred if the humans hadn't been in such close proximity, so the fight could have been less restrained.
    I've always liked Emil Blonsky before he becomes the Abomination in that film, although I agree he could have used a little more development. However, I give the film bonus points for keeping him alive at the end, as I really wanted him to come back in a sequel.

    I always hoped for a payoff to the Samuel Sterns as the Leader setup in a sequel as well. I think he and the Abomination together would make excellent foils for a Banner/Hulk team.

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    I really do wonder what's holding back a new Hulk solo movie, besides all of Bruce and Hulk's character development happening in other characters' films.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    I really do wonder what's holding back a new Hulk solo movie, besides all of Bruce and Hulk's character development happening in other characters' films.
    Because Universal doesn't want to play ball.

    Marvel owns the rights to the Hulk character and can make as many movies as they want with the character. This is why Marvel doesn’t have to partner with Universal to have Hulk appear in any of the MCU movies unlike Sony and Spiderman.

    However, Universal owns the rights to distribute any stand alone Hulk movies along with first right of refusal, which is where the problem resides. When The Incredible Hulk was released in 2008, Marvel was still an independent company so everything was fine. Once Disney purchased Marvel in 2009 all MCU films have to be distributed by Disney. Disney won’t let any other company distribute their films and they can’t force Universal to let them distribute it.

    ....Give them a couple years after the Fox merger and maybe they'll buy it outright
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    Default Re: Marvel Movies Thread - Can't keep a good God down.

    Not to mention the theme park rights issue for the Marvel superheroes, like the fact can't use be used at Disney World or any non-Universal property on the east coast (elsewhere it's okay). Disney and Universal do not get along and even though the Hulk was the biggest non-Spider-man/X-men Marvel superhero pre-RDJ, he's not really a big money maker like they are. Plus unlike Sony, which was hurting so bad for a stable franchises it was willing to work with Disney on their biggest one, Universal has both the Fast & Furious and Illumation (the Despicable Me most of all) that easily make up for the lack of Hulk (Jurassic Park as well, but that feels less stable till I see how the second movie does). Plus, it's going to get the rights to for Nintendo characters in the theme parks and the film rights are likely to follow.

    Universal is honestly, after Disney, probably the big Hollywood studio in the healthiest position. I don't see it being bought by Disney like Sony pictures likely will when they become too much a drain for the parent company that it decides to sell them dirt cheap, I don't see them limping like Paramount (unless the Hasbro toyverse actually works or the Mission: Impossible stuff remains steady), nor do I see them like what possibly could happen to Warner Bros. by being sold to a Chinese company because the parent company wants to focus on the internet and the film studio feels less integral.

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    Default Re: Marvel Movies Thread - Can't keep a good God down.

    Just reminded me of that awesome Spider-Man the animated series ride they had at Universal.

    I'm just gonna post three reviews at once tonight/tomorrow for both Iron Mans and IH. Figured I'd just post them all at the same time since I'm watching Iron Man 2 later.
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    Default Re: Marvel Movies Thread - Can't keep a good God down.

    Iron Man 2:

    The player crashed about 3/4 of the way through the movie. Was that a warning? A metaphor? Well, eh, kinda.

    Good stuff out of the way first. I enjoyed Ivan Vanko, especially his first clash with Iron Man. Black Widow was also a lot of fun. The Captain America proto-shield's entrance was hella cool.

    I understood what they were trying to do with this film and I could get behind the idea of trying to undermine Iron Man's image while commissioning an outsider to help you match him. But the execution was such that the film felt like a big mess. Tony suffering adverse effects from the suit and going a bit crazy as a result wasn't bad, but didn't stay grounded enough with that and when he went insane I felt like the whole film was going insane. I couldn't follow along with how Tony fixed his condition. I didn't view Rhodes' character as important before he donned the War Machine suit so his entire arc in the film felt entirely out of nowhere; I had no idea what to think when he went onscreen, it felt like he was an outsider being crammed into a plot that didn't offer a lot of support for him. We had the rival who turns out to be evil that was in the first film, and lo and behold he tries to recreate Iron Man too! The way he did it could have felt fresh, but it ultimately didn't. The whole thing with Anton Vanko and Howard Stark felt unbelievably half-assed and seemed to completely lose relevance once Nick Fury waved it away by making Vanko entirely evil.

    At the very least, the film had cool moments and never felt boring. But I won't be surprised if it ends up as my least favorite in the MCU. In a nutshell I think Ivan Vanko would have been able to carry the film perfectly fine, but the film fell into a mess when it gave so much spotlight to Hammer.


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