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Thread: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortY View Post
    a vote for Bon-Chan is a vote for.. Friendship
    Quote Originally Posted by RobbyBevard View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RobbyBevard View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RobbyBevard View Post
    Never has this campaign I made two years ago been more appropriate...


    Nami campaigns are good, but these just floored me.

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Nami stole my vote. Nah, actually the campaigns did. Superb work guys! ^_^

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    I like Bon, but I don't really like Okama's that much. I think they're creepy, especially in the manga the way they tormented Sanji. It's one thing to express yourself in whatever way you want, it's a completely different thing to try to forcibly rape a guy/turn him into one of you and make him express hisself as you see fit. I do like bon though, especially in Impel Down where he was amazing.

    Nami on the other hand is one of the original three straw hats, and one of the only ones who seems to have matured during the time skip. (even if it's led to skimpier clothes) I don't think I have the capacity to vote against her right now so she gets my vote.
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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    it's not over until it's over guys!..."gomu gomu no... okama pistol! okama gatling! okama go kama ! "
    vote for Bon-Chan ;]!

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Nami can make rain and then Frogs will Dance.... at least according to this calender picture anyways.

    Note. I forgot to resize the photo while scanning. So it's kinda a huge picture when clicked on. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    You are a treasure.

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    I've been re-watching the Arlong arc, so of course I'm voting for Nami.
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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    GUAAHH!! what a hard round!! >_<

    These Nami campaigns are totally awesome!!

    But actually I like Bon-chan more.... especially after seeing those 'reminder' campaigns....

    But Nami's..... man... you can't possibly didn't like the Nami vs Ichigo one... awesome one!!


    okay... seeing Nami's already on the lead. and I like both of them. My vote goes to Bon-chan cause he's behind. No other reason.

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Quote Originally Posted by Hiroy View Post

    Posting this. I'm sorry I could not make more Nami fans. Something came up but depending on the next matchup, I'll see what I can do.

    edit: Wow. Nice one Raging Donuts. Fantastic! *saves*
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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Can't deny that Nami has been great since the timeskip... but Bon... Bon
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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    Who has look to die for?
    Bon Kurei obviously! He can transform into anybody!!!

    Vote Bon Kurei! A manly Okama!!

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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    This tournament is getting pretty boring with all the mugiwara love, so...


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    Default Re: Bon Kurei vs. Nami

    One last-minute campaign for our lovely weather-lady!


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