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Thread: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

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    Default Re: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

    Finally...... after waiting for 6 years, eversince 2005, of endless trying......

    ROBIN WIN!!!

    I certainly can't believe my eyes..... but it's for real....
    my dream of all this time..... finally..... *sniff*

    Great job for both sides!!!

    Crazy campaigns everywhere!! Pat yourselves in the back..... especially Enzeru, Juvar, Masterking, Raging Donuts, Gekko, Lily.... and many other that I can't spell one by one...

    I'm sure everybody had fun XD

    and for the icing on top..... Robin win!! YAY!!!


    Thankyou everyone... thankyou.....

    Z/R Forever!!
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    Default Re: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

    It'll be Law's year next year...
    Just saying

    Congratulations, Robin~

    Thou shalt be ended in the name of the League of zachri and the Lawfare army.

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    Default Re: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

    *looks at poll*

    We can dance if we want to...

    Quote Originally Posted by krule274 View Post
    When does Oda ever clue towards anything? He's Mr. Unpredictable as it is so far. Not saying I agree with his crack pot theory either, but anything could happen.

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    Default Re: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

    In honor of Enel I will post the best Enel campaign and definitely 1 of the best campaigns of the tourney.


    All credit to Gekko.

    And many props to Juvar and MasterkingJC for fighting hard for Enel, to the very end! A feat equally shared by the Robin campaigners
    Everything's Eventual...

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    Default Re: Championship Match: God Enel vs Nico Robin

    Enel: No….how!?
    Robin: I told you…with my friends I can accomplish anything. Even if it does sound cheesy it's true.
    Enel: ….
    Robin: Thank you everyone for supporting me!

    Gotta close this with 69 pages.

    Teehee. Feel free to continue discussing in the dis cussion thread.
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