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Thread: Reported Attack Page! THE RED SCARE

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    i didn't get it. i must be one of the lucky ones.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    i got a couple things myself earlier, though none of it was russian. One fake virus protection popup and one link to an adult friend finder.

    EDIT: And HUZZAH to Urouge for fixing it!

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    im just glad its fix before it happened to me. i'd probaly get agitda for a week. maybe enough to keep me away from this forum.

    Edit: just to calm the masses(and me personally) and for curiosity's sake. how did this happen anyway?
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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    it's back again yo

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Yep. I got the russian popup too.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Me too, including an attempt to install malware (if it stays too long it'll redirect you to an exploit page)

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    While urouge fixes it, a temporary bypass can using noscript. If you are using browser that doesn't supports no-script then edit hosts file.

    to edit it in windows 7:
    1. open notepad as administrator.
    2. go to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
    3. select show all files (instead of .txt files only)
    4. open file called hosts
    5. at the very end type this in new line
    Code: Arizona.popunder.ru

    this will stop malicious script from loading.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Hmm, nothing on Chrome .

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Edit: happened to me for the first time now.

    Gonna leave for a bit, even if your folks' advice calmed me down a bit.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    I'll chime in, just got it on my screen a second ago.


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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Just got this message twice in 10 minutes, first time on the main page, second time while browsing this topic.

    I use a Mac, but I'm scanning my computer now, juuuuuuuuust in case.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    One Russian pop-up for me...

    "I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the fell dragon, Grima. Pay me the respect I am due, and I promise you a painless death."

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    got a turkish/russian pop up just now it happened twice now, this is really annoying!

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Yup, the russian one happened to me too just now.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    That Russian popunder thing happened to me just now.

    It seemsed to me they were advertising their advertising. Or something. I don't know Russian.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Quote Originally Posted by Riddler View Post
    Uhh, I guess I can post this here: Just now when I entered the site and looked through the new posts, some weird russian pop-up thing turned up. When I tried to close it, it took me to some weird site that i immediately closed, too. So, anybody else having that? Just me?
    Nope...i got it too.
    hopefully my Kapersky or AVG caught the bug just in time..
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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Yeah, happened again.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Pop-up appeared in my screen. Would just like to say thanks to the people that mentioned NoScript, it's an awesome add-on for Firefox. The pop-up hasn't appeared ever since I installed it.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    Pop-up appeared on my end. Closed the whole window immediately.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    I've got them too--but Firefox blocked it. Still, it's worrisome.

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    Default Re: Reported Attack Page!

    no-script found and blocked it. it also found some thing else called: wt-rotator.biz. i mark them both as untrusted. i hope this problem
    is fixed before it gets out of hand. this is something i did not want in the morning.

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