On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we train to head into the New World with Zach, Ed, Steve, Jason, and Greg. We have a ton to do before we make the trip, though. First we have to go through some News from both Japan and the U.S. Then we trudge through the Manga Recap for Chapter 640 which includes the likes of giant ships, vicious fishmen, holes, and claims of sexism.

Then we find ourselves at the Anime Recap for Episode 516 which includes an all new rendition of "We Are" by Mr. Kitadani and a look at the preview for the next episode. After that Greg takes us into all new territory with an exclusive interview with One Piece creator and author Eiichiro Oda. As if that weren't enough trials and tribulations for you, Greg also brings us the second installment of his "inspirations" segment. We conclude training with our traditional "piece together," and then go to New World! It's a heck of a journey.


0:00:00 Introduction
0:09:01 News with Greg and Zach
0:21:24 Manga Recap: Chapter 640
0:46:07 Anime Recap: Episode 516
1:13:03 EXCLUSIVE Oda Interview
1:30:30 Greg no Gougai: Inspirations (Pt II)
1:46:10 Piece Together
2:11:59 Go To New World!


Reminders: Next week we will be holding our live event to commemorate the timeskip in the One Piece anime. The event begins at 8:00PM EST on Saturday, October 1st. The episode airs on OnePieceOfficial Saturday, October 1st, at 10:00PM EST.

We'll be giving out prizes during our live event and going through some segments with the podcast crew. The Back to the Future contest ends on October 2nd (Midnight EST) and the nominations for the Podcast Awards end on September 30th.

We'll also be at NYCC for a meet-up just blocks south of the convention (29th St. and 12th Ave. by the Hudson River) where we'll be giving out even more prizes, discussing One Piece, and having fun! Join us!

Finally, Stephanie Sheh will be on the relaunch of our Anime Fans Give Back to Japan effort. We will be doing a podcast for that on a semi-regular basis featuring a segment from Greg on Japanese life and culture. If you have questions for him, direct them to the AFGB forum on Raftel Forums.