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Thread: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic Youth View Post
    Great job quoting me, I'd forgotten otherwise to upload it.


    (He's wearing his clothes from when he first attacked Nami's hometown)
    As expected, traveling from the Grand Line into East Blue is a simple thing to do for fishmen.

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    I'm just stating my idea. We don't know if he was an active member of his community who ceremoniously unveiled his machine to the masses to help their woes. He could have just did it out of the blue one day and then went on to his next project with not much afterthought. Its too early to tell what kind of personality he has. Mad Scientist and idealistic people loving progressive are two possibilities alongside amoral idea man or good guy who does bad things for good.

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    I agree with the amoral assessment of Vegapunk. I mean, certainly he has done good things, because of what he has done for Baldimore, but I would hardly qualify "letting Kuma program one final mission of his own" to be noble. To me, the entirety of what Vegapunk has done to Kuma is immoral, as he has essentially killed the man by taking away his humanity. Even if Kuma has done it willingly (and here the definition of willingly seems to be called into question as well) that kind of experiment still raises all sorts of moral questions.

    Basically, my opinions is that if Vegapunk was inherently evil, I don't believe he would have made the positive progress he has in the field. If he felt loyalty to the marines, he would not have allowed Kuma the final mission that he gave him. If he was inherently good, he would not have created the Pacifista project.

    So I agree with the amoral assessment. This obviously isn't a perfect analogy, but I would say Vegapunk just wants to pursue science like Luffy wants to pursue One Piece. If he helps some people along the way, awesome, good for them. But he's not looking to be a hero, nor to cause any serious damage. He just wants knowledge.

    I suppose the alternative to this was he began as inherently good, and then the World Government pressured him into using his knowledge for other things. But I suppose the most likely option is something more ridiculous than any of us can imagine, and no one will see it coming.

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    I think Vegapunk would be best compared to pre-Iron Man Tony Stark, minus the complicated Daddy Issues. Prior to having shrapnel lodged in his heart and realizing the emotional impact of his creations, Stark (and Stark Industries, in general) was a Arms Manufacturer with Genius Intellect. It wasn't about morality, or a sense of right or wrong. It was about research (and in Stark's case, making money). Prior to Franky's "mishap", the residents of his home island lived in relative comfort and peace. Vegapunk just went to work for the Corporate World, and happened to choose the Marines, as he knew they provided access to the latest technology/research opportunities. He was making weapons because that's what they requested. It's evident from the animals that Franky encountered that he had already gone into cybernetic research and studied it, so the transition from animals to humans should be no surprise.

    At the end of the day, Vegapunk is just a Scientist/Engineer, working that job, making that pay. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't condemn him for producing what he's paid to.
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    C'mon people, Vegapunk ain't going to appear for AGES. He knows the secret of Devil Fruits! The whole world runs on those things. That's real latter story material, IMO.

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