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Thread: Chapter 646: "Frog"

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Sanji was damn awesome!!! My freaking god!!!

    And I think he planned to do this in air to not harm the others

    And the rest were awesome as well

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAsthma View Post
    I think Oda handled these whole timeskip thing the best he could and a lot better than other mangaka have.
    Still, the reason I'm not quite satisfied with this might be because I think that time skip in itself are a pretty bad story telling tool.
    They bring a lot of instant excitement but man it's apparently super hard to resolve all loose ends a time skip leaves
    What loose ends did the timeskip leave?

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    This chapter was too awesome...

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    For me, Sanji shined the most in this chapter! I was looking forward to what he'd do...he got pissed and engulfed in flames, and I was overwhelmed with awe and laughter at the same time! He, imo, looked the most badass this chapter, especially delivering his cooking lines at the end. The rest of the crews' attacks were pretty cool too, but second place for badass move goes to Usopp.
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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    lol'd at nami and robins stock reactions to Usopp's and Chopper's amazement, poor luffy missing out on the epic moment.

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    For me it is settled as well... Jinbei can join without me having doubts and the monster trio will stay.

    Damn all of them are great

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Not very amusing watching the overkill of a bunch of losers.

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Fantastic chapter. Brook is finally getting my respect. Oda's art is more beautiful than ever.

    It's a shame this chapter will look like shit in the tankobon, too many spreads :/

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Man, i think im gonna need a change of underwear after this. So good.
    Working thru some stuff. Dunno how long i will be here.

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    good question

    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    The finishing moves in this chapter were awesome, except for Sanji's and Brook's. Those 2 were far beyond awesome.

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    I've got nothing to say about this chapter aside from good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKingJC View Post
    The best attacks were:

    #1. Sanji
    #2. Franky
    #3. Jinbe
    #4. Zoro
    #5. Usopp
    #6. Brook
    #7. Chopper
    ussop fifth?? really????
    chopper and zeo for president

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    That "Green Star - Human Drake" should be called "Mandrake", instead... Usopp is using a mandrake (mandragora).
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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Sanji and Franky were awesome! Best chapter so far in this arc imo.

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Nami = Lightning element
    Sanji = Fire element
    Brook = Ice element
    Jinbe = Water element
    Zoro = Wind element
    Usopp = Plant element
    Chopper = Earth?
    Robin = ???
    Franky = Metal element... if metal comprises of technology
    Luffy = No element

    Edit: forgot Franky
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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Holy crap! Sanji looked almost like a demon in this chapter.
    So cool!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Quote Originally Posted by Hnikarr View Post
    That "Green Star - Human Drake" should be called "Mandrake", instead... Usopp is using a mandrake (mandragora).
    You mean "Humandrake". It's a portmanteau of Human and Mandrake.

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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    One Piece: The only manga where an over sized sky Phyton makes part of the assets of a leisure park "futuristic thanks to Ussop". I'm gladly impressed Oda.
    To be fair I've never seen a Phytons tongue being use as a Bungee wire, and she doesn't mind at all. Nola looks actually happy. Btw Aisa looks amaizing, she's gonna be an outstanding beauty by the time she turns 18.

    Too much epicness in so few pages. Heads back to Mangastream and starts rereading the chapter once more.
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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    Quote Originally Posted by Hnikarr View Post
    That "Green Star - Human Drake" should be called "Mandrake", instead... Usopp is using a mandrake (mandragora).
    I think that's the pun.


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    Default Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    A lot of people may not have liked this arc but as One Pieces story progresses I think some of the things we have seen in this arc could become very important.
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