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Thread: Tower of god

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    It has if u can read Korean, also the 3 chapters after that if u want to read scanned previews
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    Am I the only one who thought that whole hammer side story was pretty pointless and just a waste of time? I assume that it will have some importance later, otherwise why add it?

    Also I love Bam's orb attacks

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    is anyone else confused?

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    So does Baam use water techniques exclusively now lol

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    Lol did anyone else read the newest chapter? I think the author might be running out of names for his characters lol

    Grande, Venti and Tall really? There all Starbucks sizes

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    Tower of god is getting an anime!!!!

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    Rak's new weapon?

    Animu? That's awesome.
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    I love this chapter, not for the awesome transformation (that was cool though) but showing the difference between Doom and Yama

    Doom wants his people to be powerful to protect him but Yama wants to be powerful to protect his people

    I loved it

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    So on top of being an Irregular who will be able to rival the strongest in the towers some day, Baam also has
    Red thryssa
    Blue demon
    Souls (lots of them)
    And Black March

    am I missing anything?

    and just how powerful will he be by the end of the series

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    Will he be, though ? Every arc he confronts and/or acquires power that everyone seems to regard as the stuff of legend, only to be told the next minute that he's barely an ant compared to rankers who themselves are nothing next to the ten family leaders and then there's Jahad on top of it all yada yada. To make it worse it's been like that for several thousand years, so it's a wonder anyone even raises an eyebrow at Bam's accomplishments. Initially the premise of the tower caught my attention, but by now it has degenerated into transformation after transformation and nonsensical power scaling... I will probably drop the series at some point.
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    the anime is coming out this spring


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