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Thread: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Now that I see these two size comparison pictures... I could swear Mihawk wasn't that big, especially - compare him to the Marine in front of him. And then Kuma to the other Marines to the side. That's insane.
    Same with the Blackbeard Pirates; their size among themselves makes sense - but not compared to the guy standing in front of them. No way Blackbeard is 3x as tall as a grown man, he's double Luffy's size. Oh god I have never realised how extreme Oda's size issues actually are - no pun intended.
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Haters gonna hate. Truly a satisfying climax, bringing a few things nicely together. We knew Shriahoshi's power would come into it eventually. The fishmen cheering on a human was the most important and momentous aspect of this chapter, though.
    The Sea Kings talking was VERY weird, almost Disney-like, but it's wonderful that these huge monsters, which we'd previously seen as mindless beasts, are incredibly wise and intelligent. Adds a whole new dimensions to things. Love that spread of the Straw Hats celebrating, too.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    It looks like the Sea Kings are communicating telepathically actually. Assuming they are, it could help explain why Shirahoshi is the only one who can communicate with them.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Well chapters was short but was what I was kinda expecting, I liked the chapter, I didn't expect Noah to be destroyed so.

    Curious to see what happens next week.

    The interactions were great.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    I felt that this was pretty satisfying, actually.
    Good chapter. The seakings definitely seem to have something to do with Noah to me.

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    I'm curious as to if this is the end of the climax, though the appearance of Sea Kings at this point all but confirm it, as with the stopping of Noah. It's just so weird seeing the main villain defeated before his band of cronies.

    While the Sea Kings helping seems like its a bit too easy of a resolution, it does seem necessary in introducing Sea Kings as intelligent creatures. I agree with a previous poster that this seems to give Sea Kings a strong comparison with more mystical creatures like Dragons in the One Piece world. This also introduces a more important role Sea Kings will have in the future of One Piece.

    Their dialogue also seems to suggest that Shirahoshi's "call" to the Sea Kings is more of a means of talking to them in a special way. She didn't summon them, but rather the Sea Kings listened and decided to help on their own accord. A very interesting distinction, and more preferable to Shirahoshi giving a Tarzan yell calling forth a stampede of Sea Kings.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Something tells me this isn't the "end". I still think Oda will pull another "Thriller Bark" on us :P (Another enemy (Kuma) appearing after the main enemy (Moriah))
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Great chapter!
    Thank you, Oda.
    The arc is coming to an end, but it is fine.

    I am relieved for now, because we can close this arc and move on to the interesting stuff:

    That's the only thing that matters.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Quote Originally Posted by Gameleon View Post
    Something tells me this isn't the "end". I still think Oda will pull another "Thriller Bark" on us :P (Another enemy (Kuma) appearing after the main enemy (Moriah))
    Yea i see exactly what you mean
    its almost exactly the same as tb

    but this time instead of the crew being dead tired from all the fighting they are full of energy

    But who will be the enemy or is it just that logia guy caribu
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    This chapter makes the lord of the coast seem like a colossal dick.

    For that matter why do these sort of nice creatures keep wrecking shit in the calm belt.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Ahh~ I know this isn't the end. Oda doesn't just build up to nothing.
    Awesome chapter but kinda... Empty-ish. But of course this is the One Piece standard. It still got me wanting to shout "STRAWHAT" during class.
    Yay, gonna read it again!
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfwood View Post
    This chapter makes the lord of the coast seem like a colossal dick.

    For that matter why do these sort of nice creatures keep wrecking shit in the calm belt.
    It actually seems like they chose to help shirahoshi or something, it's also possible that not every seaking is good-natured. Honestly no idea about the true nature of the seakings right now. Actually how old could they be being so huge?

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    For anyone who wants an alternative reading of the chapter, me, rubia_ryu, Sagippio, and the Chinese BBS group have provided (right click to view or save in full size):

    Pg. 1 (Cover Story)

    Pg. 2-3

    Pg. 4-5

    Pg. 6-7

    Pg. 8

    Pg. 9

    Pg. 10-11

    Pg. 12

    Pg. 13

    Pg. 14-15

    Pg. 16

    Pg. 17

    Pg. 18-19

    Whether you liked it or loathed it, I can safely say I'm NOT gonna try this again anytime soon, cool as it may be...
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Hey, Zoro's eye-scar is healed!
    http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/39808484/6 Hooray!

    Seeing the smaller sea king with the eyelashes makes me wonder if SanJuanWolf is a seaking-fishman (he has got quite the same eyelashes) though he has no webbings between his fingers.

    Don't be so strict with Oda's accuracy in size scales. If u aren't happy with the size differences of the sea kings in Calm Belt and FI, just imagine they have grown a bit or those @ FI are their bigger brothers. Oda hasn't been accurate with sizes for a long time now, so don't count any inch in difference if u are used to it.
    Bottom line is: those sea kings are huuuuuuuuge. Period.

    IDK what to think bout seakings talking to Shirahoshi like that. Keimi talking to the fish school @ pre-SA felt better to me sumhow.
    And what is it up to the sea kings if Noah "survives" or not?
    *crossed out* Well, @ least it didn't seem to me like Luffy could hear the sea kings' voices or understand them @ all. We already have enuff connections to Roger. */crossed out*
    How do I cross out text in my post without removing it?
    Maybe the connection between Noah and the sea kings will be explained in the next chaps. Seeing the sea kings with Noahs chains in their mouths makes me think that they could/should pull the ship, once the promise gets fulfilled.

    Conclusio: Me wants a JoyBoy-FB nao! It wouldn't hurt if we learnt a lil from the void century too.
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    I never pictured the Sea Kings as sentient beings. I wonder how long they've been alive and how much they've seen. If they know what Noah is for they're probably pretty old. Hoping next week we get an explanation for all this, especially JoyBoy.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKingJC View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gia Sado View Post
    Actually, thats is quite accurate for the blackbeard pirates, they are all about that size. But, i understand what you mean, especially when i see this one: http://www.mangareader.net/103-17408...apter-550.html
    Its probably just me, but I think Oda made these specific size differences on purpose. They're meant to look terrifying and larger then life for dramatic effect. Also, I do believe that's the first time we ever seen the entire Blackbeard Pirates(at the time) or the entire Shichibukai together(Minus Jinbei and Blackbeard for obvious reasons). I do know what you guys are talking about though.

    Anyways good chapter. The Sea Kings are an interesting development, and they seem to be self aware and have some intelligence. Wonder what role they eventually play and what knowledge they truly know. I think they're going to play a bigger role in One Piece then I had originally thought.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Quote Originally Posted by Kizuchan View Post
    it's also possible that not every seaking is good-natured.
    The punk sea kings sneak out of sea king class and smoke in the calm belt, and y'know hassle people who sail by.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Awesome chapter, I really liked it. Soon we're going to the new world :D

    I can imagine the sea kings saying ''We're sorry but we hate humans and fishmen'' and drop Noah.

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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Quote Originally Posted by Shift View Post
    For anyone who wants an alternative reading of the chapter, me, rubia_ryu, Sagippio, and the Chinese BBS group have provided.

    Whether you liked it or loathed it, I can safely say I'm NOT gonna try this again anytime soon, cool as it may be...
    Awesome! It's so much better than Mangastream's version. Particularly the part where the Sea Kings were talking to Shirahoshi. I was able to understand their conversation better. I know it's such a hassle so thank you for doing this. And of course, thank you to rubia_ryu and Sagippio too! Great job you guys!

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    [ s ]Insert text here[ / s ]

    And just remove the spaces in between.
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    Default Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    Some interesting posts I found while discussing this chapter elsewhere. They bring up some good points, figured I could share them with you:

    Problem is the rushed pacing. If this arc had Skypeia length, we'd have all the scenes that were skipped or shown briefly, leading to a much better characterization of the Fishmen. This arc felt anticlimatic and void to me because had didn't gave us time to emphasize with most of the new characters.

    I remember Oda mentioning that he wants to advance to the NW as quick as possible and is cutting uneccessary scenes in the SBS of volume 61 and in an interview. Ten chapters more could have worked wonders here.
    ten less chapters would have worked just as well. How many chapters has Noah been falling for? The entire Noah sequence could have been pulled off in one chapter.
    Problem is that he handled different parts with different paces:
    The adventure part was too short for me, it should've taken a few more chapters to get to FI and let the crew talk a bit. Skypeia had the Jaya arc, I wouldn't have minded a short Underwater exploration arc.
    The exploration of FI was too short as well. We should have gotten at least a map more, see some more locations ang get to know the society a bit better before diving straight to the plot.
    The parts up to the flashback were ok for me.
    The flashback was ok, albeit the ending felt rushed.
    The chapters til the end of the brawl were drawn out while at the same time leaving out iportant details like the escape of Zoro, Brook and Ussop, although we had some good ones with the initial appearances of the SH's.
    Falling of Noah was misplaced in this arc, they should've finished the officer battles before Hodi escaped on the arc, it really looks like it was falling at a snails pace here.

    I can understand Oda, he wants to
    a) advance to the NW as soon as possible
    2) show off the new strength of the SH's
    3) give us a good overview of the problems without stalling
    But sadly, the pacing fails massively in this arc. It still has great moments, like the Hodi flashback, some of the new skills, the batshit insane ideas at the beginning, the short exploration parts. But ultimately, it had not the closure of former arcs and the pacing is horrible (although I have my problem with the pacing since ID).
    I hope we get some good closure in the next few chapters, and ffs: Let us see the Fishmen dojo, a good map of the whole FI, the location of the FD in relation to it, etc. I want more world-building.
    I too was moderately disappointed by this arc, but only with regards to the pacing and combat. All told it's still been a solid arc and extraneous plot kept mercifully brief after the ages we waited to see the rest of the Straw Hats. I view this arc as a necessary evil on the road to the new world.

    As for why Jinbei PROBABLY won't join- 2 reasons. First, the crew already has enough super strong fighters and he's kind of a straight man and doesn't quite mesh well. Second, well... he'd make exploring the new world too damn easy. Shit son he's been there already (probably). Luffy wants the trip to be an adventure, not a guided tour.

    Still, he's not THAT bad a fit really.
    However, this arc had a lot of hype, a more predetermined course/ending (end the cycle of hate through friendship was never played more straight in OP; the direct parellels to Arlong/Sabaody arc, etc.) and of course the need to show differences the timeskip brought forth. It was a given that the SH's would do 80% of the stuff they did this arc, but still: The execution is far worse than Skypeia/Alabasta/Arlong/Water 7/sabaody, and that makes me sad.
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