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Thread: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

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    Default Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Read online

    Alternative translation by rubia_ryu:
    Cover is Chimney and Gonbe

    Jinbe's duty regards Big Mom, he reports it to King Nep and Luffy. Per instruction by some soldiers, Luffy removes a bomb in the Tamatebako. (When the criminals were arrested, this bomb was set in.) He returns it safely to Neptune, who requests that Luffy settle with(?) Big Mom's subordinates. Nami replies angrily that she already did all that. Nep worries that the bomb was set there as a challenge to Luffy.

    Caribou glees over the mountain of treasure and the mermaid princess' secret, gloating aloud to himself as he escapes... but is caught and beaten by Big Mom's two subordinates.
    Numa Numa Gatling (gatling gun from his swampy stomach)
    Pekoms has the turtle DF, beats Caribou in one hit with Haki.

    On to Marine Base G5,
    Some random pirates who fled FI are captured by Captain Tashigi and V.A. Smoker. Smoker hears who defeated Hody's gang, but the pirates refuse to tell him until he forces it out from them. "I already knew, idiots."

    Note from a later post: Smoker convinced the pirates to talk by offering to let them go.

    Pekom's bounty is 330,000,000 B.

    Alternative translation CCC:
    652: Forboding Prospects
    From the Decks of the World Vol. 34: Shift Station Sunday Special- Stationmaster Chimney
    Page 2
    At the Ryuuguu Palace, Neptune and Jinbe …
    Neptune: “Well, Jinbe…”
    “How are the Sunny Pirates doing under Big Mam’s control?”
    Jinbe: “I can’t in all honesty say that she’s a reasonable person, but we’re relatively free to do as we please.”
    Neptune: “I imagined that for a man such as yourself, serving someone other than Fisher Tiger would be painful…”
    Jinbe: “Not at all. I don’t care much who my boss is, and in the New World, serving under an Emperor is the best means of protecting my crew.”
    Neptune: “Really? It seemed as though your decision was meant for the sake of Fishman Island… Through your actions, we’ve remained safe even since Whitebeard’s passing.”
    Page 3
    Jinbe: “Well… that’s just a happy coincidence. By nature we should be the ones protecting the island, but… us being wanted men and all…”
    Neptune: “Fu fu.”
    Jinbe: “But, your majesty… now I’m thinking that we should free ourselves of Big Mam’s control!”
    Neptune: “Oh. Is that because you’re considering accompanying Luffy?”
    Jinbe: “I’ve definitely thought about it… It’s a matter of a man’s duty!! Without a formal contract- a union made verbally over drinks. But we’d better prepare for the fallout of breaking the current alliance. At worst, we have to consider that Big Mam’s fury might spread, even to here.”
    Page 4
    Neptune: “Again and again you burden yourself with too much responsibility. Jinbe…”
    Jinbe: “That’s something to think about when the time comes. ……..”
    Neptune: “They’re a bit rough around the edges, but we just happened to gain 70,000 new recruits from the Fishman District. And in the event that we lose the favor of Big Mam’s flag, I’ve just found another that I wouldn’t mind borrowing. The flag bearing a strawhat-fitted skull!!”
    Jinbe: “Wa ha ha, of course. It’s a good one, isn’t it.”
    Page 5
    Minister of the Right: “Your majesty!”
    Neptune: “Why so flustered, Minister of the Right?”
    Minister of the Right: “I’ve just remembered something awful! The stolen treasure… the matter of the promise to yield it to Luffy… Should that deal transpire, I feel the need to request that they return the Tamatebako!
    Neptune: “Why on earth? Would you make a liar of me by taking back something that has already been given?”
    Neptune: “What!!? There’ll be a giant explosion if it’s opened!!? Why would there be a bomb inside?”
    Minister of the Right: “It’s that… after the Tamatebako was emptied 10 years ago, we thought we’d prepare a bit of trouble for the next treasure thief…!!”
    Page 6
    Minister of the Right: “As the one responsible for the keys to both the vault and the Tamatebako itself, I rigged it so that its opening would bring about a massive explosion via numerous bombs…!”
    Neptune: “Ah… I see, I see. Well, if Luffy and his group manage to retrieve the treasure, it’d be best if we clearly explain the situation and ask for it back. …But if they were to open it in the meantime…”
    Minister of the Right: “Yes, that’s my concern as well.”
    Soldier: “Your Majesty, Minister of the Right- Luffy and crew have just returned to the palace!”
    Minister of the Right: “Oh… safely and without incident, then. Did we worry over nothing? Phew…”
    Page 7
    Nami/Neptune/MotR: “You gave all the treasure… to Big Mam!!?”
    Luffy: “It was something about destroying Fishman Island over some candy. What’s wrong with her!? For meat!? Sure. I’d get that. But don’t worry!! I said I’d fight that jerk!
    Usopp/Chopper/Franky/Brook: “Fight an Emperor!!?”
    Jinbe: “You picked a fight with Big Mam!!? That’s bad..!!”
    Shirahoshi: “My! Aren’t you strong, Luffy-sama!”
    Usopp: “That’s hardly the issue here!!”
    Page 8
    Shirahoshi: “Waaahhh Nosepp-sama… scary…”
    Usopp: “It’s Usopp! And sorry!”
    Jinbe: “Well damn. I’d really better leave Big Mam’s service now, before this makes the situation even worse. Anyway, you guys, don’t do anything else to rub her the wrong way in the meantime.”
    Usopp: “As if we would! We’d be exterminated in a flash if we came up against someone like an Emperor!”
    Neptune: “Hey!! This is bad, Minister of the Right!!”
    Minister of the Right: “Yeah no kidding!! As it stands, the Tamatebako will fall into Big Mam’s hands, and if she opens it herself…!! The explosion would be as good a way as any for Luffy to declare war on her!”
    Nami: “A man stands up to answer the call. There’s no helping a fight, but-”
    Luffy: “Right! No matter who the opponent is- ”
    Nami: “Why’d you have to go and give it ALL away!!!!”
    Chopper/Franky/Usopp/Brook: “THAT’S your concern!!?”
    Page 9
    Luffy: “Awwight… lesh go… to the New Wowd”
    Chopper/Franky/Usopp/Brook: “We’re definitely going to die!!!”
    Main Island- Near the Candy Factory
    Caribou: “Shiiiiit!! Before I knew it, all the treasure I had… Where are the bastards who took it!? I’ll kill em’ dead for sure!! If I bring back that mountain of treasure and the secret of the mermaid princess as gifts, I can definitely fall in good favor with that person! Ehh!! A bunch of people… What’s up with those two with the giant bags!! That’s it!! There’s no mistaking it!! Where did these good-for-nothings come from!! I’ll bury them alive!!”
    Page 10
    Caribou: “That’s the treasure I stole!! Give it baaaaack!!”
    Pekoms: “…..?”
    Tamago: “Who’s that?”
    Pekoms: “I’ve seen the face somewhere before, but… Ah, there we are. “Wet-haired Caribou”- a rookie who debuted recently. Ho~ he’s already passed 200 million.”
    Citizens: A bounty of 200 million?!”
    Caribou: “Kehihihihi!! Numa Numa no… Gatling Gun!!! Kehihihihyahyahyahihihi”
    Page 11
    Woman: “Kyaaaaa!”
    Man: “Mr. Pekoms!!”
    Caribou: “Kehihi… hmm? What the hell!!? A turtle!? A fruit user!?”
    Pekoms: “But of course.”
    Page 12
    Caribou: “Just a Zoan, though, eh? Kehihihi!!”
    Pekoms: “Gao”
    Page 13
    Citizens “Ehh…”
    Pekoms: “Logia who think themselves invincible won’t live long.”
    Bounty 330,000,000 Berries
    Tamago: “I grow weary from the challenge of this half-boiled fellow soir. Pekoms… let’s go home to Mama bonne.”
    Page 14
    In the meantime- New World- waters near the Red Line
    Marine: “One more ship at 2 o’clock!!”
    Marine: “Pirate ships keep rising up from the ocean, one after another!!!”
    Marine: “What’s going on!?”
    Marines: “Here comes a big one!! Captain Tashigi is in troooouble <3! Let’s protect her with huuuugs <3
    Tashigi: “… Again…!! Enough already…!!”
    Page 15
    Marine: “Mmm… Great!! Wouldn’t expect less from Captain-chan!!”
    Tashigi: “Get serious, you guys!! Shouldn’t you be practicing defending against cannon fire!!?”
    Marine: “That’s the mast, Captain <3.”
    Marine: “Isn’t she adorable <3. The Flower of the vile G-5.”
    Page 16
    Tashigi: “Fooling around like that in the middle of battle!! We could lose our lives at a moment’s notice, given where G-5 is!! I can barely believe you’re marines!!”
    Grand Line Marines 5th Base “G-5” Captain- Tashigi
    Marine: “Ehehe <3.”
    Tashigi: “I’ll never forgive your teasing me for being a woman!!”
    Smoker: “Shut up Tashigi!! I’m in the middle of an interrogation here!!”
    Tashigi: “Smoker-san!!”
    Smoker: “I see… so you were all captured by the undersea pirate, Hody Jones… And for a month, not a single rookie could pass by Fishman Island. But now countless pirates are scurrying up like cockroaches.”
    Page 17
    Pirate: “Captured!!? No!! We were slaves!! But Hody’s group, which caused a civil war, was toppled by a certain pirate crew, and we were set free!! But I won’t say which!! We owe a debt of gratitude!!”
    Pirate: “Moron!! Just say it already!!! These guys are no ordinary marines!! They’re from G-5!! They use pirates as pincushions, shark bait, and campfire fuel! They’re the insane, lawless division of the marines that doesn’t even listen to orders from headquarters!! If you don’t tell them we’ll be butchered!!”
    Marine: “Vice Admiral!! Can we have these ones? Gehehehe…”
    Pirate: “Gyaa!! Please… stop!! I’ll say it!! The name!! Just save us!! It was the "Strawhat" crew!!”
    Smoker: “I already knew, stupid.”
    Be prepared. He’s appeared!!

    RAW , thx to Redon:

    Enjoy the first chapter this year.
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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    great chapter!!!1st one

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Tashigi is so cute, best chapter ever. <3

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    of to read !

    EDIT: was pretty good
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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Awesome! Can't wait, just before I passed out as well.
    Let the beat build bitch

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    first page, jay. who in their right mind would make a 10 year old brat station captain?

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Hell to the yeah. C'mon OP, don't dissapoint.
    PSN Username: Scoogs50

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    2 billion?! What?

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Chapter is out...yes. Will have to delay doing work just a little more now

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Leviathan View Post
    first page, jay. who in their right mind would make a 10 year old brat station captain?
    Well, Kokoro is drunk most of the time lol.

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Vice Admiral Smoker!!!!!! Good chapters keep coming


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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    And i for one welcome the new 2 billion beli overlord

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Smoker is SO DEADLY !!!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Pandaman on page 11

    But i definitely hoped for the box to have another influence to the story..even when i have to say declaration of war to a yonkou also doensn`t sound bad .
    The epic battle of BusterCall vs. Don is decided !!!
    And the results are 3:2 for Don..

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfwood View Post
    And i for one welcome the new 2 billion beli overlord
    Ahahahahah golden

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    So when the Strawhats get out of the water and enter the New World, they will face Smoker on the get go !!

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Nami vs Big Mom.

    This needs to happen. Who the hell needs the Monster Trio?

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Luffy will beat his ass! Tashigis awesome! <3

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    I love how not only did Luffy declare war on Big Mam by the den den, he now sends her a box full of explosives. She is really going to hate him

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    Default Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    lol bad translation, im sure they meant 200mill

    I really liked the color at the end

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