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Thread: Why do you attend?

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    Default Why do you attend?

    First of all, let me be very clear that this isn't a question of why you cosplay, rather it's a question about why you attend the cons where you cosplay. I'm one of the staff members for an event called "Smash Con" and we specialize in N64 gaming tournaments as well as other iterations of Smash Bros. and some newer age gaming. However, we also double as a place to cosplay video game characters and even let people in for free if they do so. Despite this, we see very little people cosplay so I got curious and decided I wanted to hear, straight from actual cosplayers why it is that you attend the events that you do.

    Is it the advertisement and you'll just cosplay anywhere provided you know about it? Is it the contests and the desire to win prizes? Is it for other event specials and cosplaying is just a bonus? Is it for the people? I'm very curious to know why you pick the places that you do and whether or not it's different from person to person (as I'm sure it is).

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    It's for teh lulz.

    Say, are you a member in that popular smash bros. forum Smash Boards?

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    In my case, I can't go to cons too often because there's noone in my city, so I have to travel 400 km and it results a little bit expensive, so I can go to five or six cons by year. That's why I'm very selective with the cons I go.

    First of all, cosplayers (at least the ones I know) go to the most important cons to use their cosplays for the first time. There are some special cons dedicated to, for example, Saint Seiya, videogames or Macross Frontier. They usually try to convince a famous local cosplayer to be part of it, they use pictures of him/her/them to advertise and do contest with special prizes (related prizes; in your case, something related with N64 games, characters, etc).

    Contest and prizes are a good incentive, yeah. But you don't need to give expensive prizes, just try to find something original to the winners. I would love to have a trophy like Mario Kart's ones, for example :p

    A good idea too is talk to some cosplayers and do a cosplay theater. For example, you can find some people to do a 10/15 minutes performance related with Super Smash Bros., or TLoZ.

    Cosplayers (at least here :p) follow masses. If you convinse a cosplayer to go, for example, he will tell about it to his friends, and they will spread the word.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    @Gueta: Not anymore. Those were darker times...

    We do co-ordinate with members from SWF, though. Including Zigsta (I believe it was), one of the moderators there. Right now we're arranging a meeting with him and other local people with higher influence and trying to expand to regionals.

    @Zortegus: I sincerely appreciate the advice. However, I think we should keep this a little more general and just have it be about why people attend cosplay conventions for any reason. This is a niche I'm unfamiliar with and I don't want to intrude.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    It's just fun. Well it was fun until too much drama came into the picture.

    As for what kind of conventions I choose? Well I've always gone to what's nearby, but now I'm attending more out of state and mostly selecting ones that are reasonably priced to get to, have a great cosplay "scene" (like Acen blew away the stuff I see here locally), and it doesn't hurt to visit cons were alot of my online cosplay friends attend. For me it's kind of a networking thing now more then going to a convention just to go hang out at a convention.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    In my case, I choose conventions for three reasons:

    a) Place: here in Argentina (in fact, in Buenos Aires) we have conventions all the weekends. Saturday and Sunday, both days. Some of them are made in the Japanese Garden of the city, a beautiful place, perfect for cosplayers; some others have place in schools, and some others in exhibition centers. I usually go to the ones on the Japanese Garden because it's an event made only for cosplayers and there's a lot of good locations to do photoshoots. If I want to buy merchandising, I go to the other ones :p

    b) Date: sadly, I can't go to Buenos Aires every weekend. I just can go to six or seven conventions every year, not just for the money, because university is a problem too. So I usually use summer and winter holidays to do cosplay and to go to cons.

    c) Contests: I'm not a very competitive person, but if I have to be honest... I love when people see how much I worked on a cosplay! I don't really care about the prizes, I just love the thing of being in the scenary and doing my performance and all that stuff xD

    Oh, and the most important thing:

    d) People who goes to the convention! I'm not taking a trip of 400 km to go alone xD since I made a lot of friends on Buenos Aires, I want to see them all every time I travel for a con, so I always have to convince them to go xD

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    I attend cons so I can

    Make new friends
    Meet old friends
    Have fun
    Make people laugh (That is one reason why I have cosplayed Gaimon, Fukurou, Ivankov etc.....)
    To sell stuff (I make jewelrys)
    To see wonderfull cosplays!
    Sometimes I attend to competitions, but I attend only to show people that this is fun. So I attend with my wierd cosplays x3
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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    Friends.. to see old friends, make new friends.. and share a common fan-nish love and appreciation. Now that I've taken more of an administrative position at certain cons, it's turning into 'I'd like to give back and help others enjoy this'...

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    For me cosplaying was a way to confront my stage fright/socialize with people.

    Itīs about you and your group of friends dressing (and even act in the stage, regardless of winning prizes) as your favorite characters. Something like, you put a effort in your cosplay and you feel pride in what you made, so I say: cosplaying is for yourself the rest is a sweet bonus.

    I see as an interactive theater play.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    Mostly it is to get merchandise and see friends that I don't see on a normal basis.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    For people love one piece and anime, he want to be one of the figures, that is we are thinking about.

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    Default Re: Why do you attend?

    To hear from voice actors, have them answer questions, that sort of thing. I do mean to pursue a career in voice acting one day maybe, so even the smallest tidbit of information is great.

    EDIT: Oh, this was just a question for the cosplayers. Sorry.

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