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Thread: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    The dragon could be Kaido (!!!)... nah, too much predictable... Any prediction would fall off 'case Oda knows how to rock his readers! Nice chapter, one of the best and thank you guys for the translations. ;)

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    pappug could talk and he didnt have an ability

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    This chapter, just... wow! I'm positive that this island is connected to Vegapunk in some way, especially due to the Marines' and World Government's emblems at the main gate. Looks like it used to be the Wano Country... definitely not what I expected from it, until the ending. From Nami's description of one half of the island looking like it's cold, I kept being reminded of the fire/ice level from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and HailFire Peaks from Banjo-Tooie. Thank you for that, Oda...

    Smoker looks awesome, and his scar resembles Koza's very closely, except over the other eye. I really like how well he knows Luffy, so much so that he no longer refers to him as "Straw Hat" (unless that's a translation error). He knew that Luffy would immediately go to the island that made the log's needle shake the most. It sucks for him that they got caught in the Whitestrom, or else he would've been at exactly the right place to intercept. Better luck next time, ol' chum. Let's see if you can catch up before Luffy and co. bring down a dragon (and absorb its soul)...

    Also, anyone else notice what looked like Kitetsu when Brook was explaining Wano to Zoro? Zoro has Kitetsu III, but maybe that wasn't the one being portrayed there. Plus, if Wano's Samurai are that deadly, it fits they'd wield legendary blades. We'll have to see...

    I laughed at the "Who goes with Luffy lottery". It's a lottery at least three of the crew members don't want to win. Sorry, Usopp, but you have terrible luck. Buck up, though, you're supposed to be a brave warrior of the sea now! "Ah, so your cowardice from two years ago is resurfacing now..." Ha! Below the belt, Zoro...

    A dragon! Oh, s***! Looks like the New World is definitely more fantastical than Paradise was. Let's hope the crew are stocked up on resist fire/ice potions... :P

    Next week should be insane. I can't wait...

    Also, Brook going "Yes? You rang?" in response to Nami pointing out all the fish bones tickled my funny bone...
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    Maybe Nami, who was wearing the exact same colored rain coat with the hood over her head...
    Let the beat build bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEE JAY View Post
    That's also possible

    by the way, did everyonen notice that?
    that is Nami..

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    As a dedicated fan of Robin, I had no choice after viewing this chapter but to scream....

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Quote Originally Posted by DEE JAY View Post
    That's also possible

    by the way, did everyonen notice that?
    that was nami check page 3 bottom left

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Oda's on fucking fire.
    Hey you! Let's party!

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    Great chapter!!

    Smoker is so cool. He almost looks like Garp with that scar across his face,

    And MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS!!! Oda is the best! :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanylla View Post
    He is talking!
    Dragon can't talk, this shouldn't be fairy tail!
    Last time, I checked we have two talking animals, Bepo and Pekoms.

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    I love when a chapter throws up so many questions.
    -Smoker has an undercut (short hair above the ears, longer hair on top of head), the scar was obvious.
    -Nami's bikini is pure fanservice-win! (criminal bra)
    -Robin's clothes are smokin!
    -an island once run by WG and now closed so that not even the log pose points there: smells really like trouble.
    -if there are really Samurai on that island they came from Wano, but IMO Punk Hazard =/= Wano!

    I guess the WG wanted to tame that dragon or sth like that, IMO they even build that island on that purpose, thats why the log pose duzzn't respond to it.
    The guy who called Luffy thought his boss was around (guess who, u know who?).
    He actually didn't know Luffy's number, but if its an emergency call by a baby snail, it maybe calls only snails that are in close range.
    The heat could be cause of the dragon, but that'd be too predictable.
    Well, this have been my speculations so far.
    Good arc-intro chapter after all!

    EDIT: @ Mugen
    I just now got the relation between punk hazard and Vegapunk ("Punk", me moron!)
    Also the security stuff looks too similar to Vegapunks lab. Could be really bout him.
    I want him to appear anyway, then we'll finally learn a lot more bout the DFs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by y2kyle89 View Post
    I can't think of a story where dragons can't talk
    Actually i cant think of a story where they do.
    ok, i don't know much stories about dragons but they are mostly just thinking and sharing thoughts with humans but they don't have a voice!
    In the end, they are animals and animals can't talk.

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    "Smells like trouble" pff loool. thank God the Sunny is made of Adam wood and omg omg omg yes I couldn't hope for anything better a mystery island with a mystery link to the world government and the marines which has 'punk' in its name(ie vegapunk),a dragon,samurais,a skull bigger than that of a giant(more oars)? and has a mystery event from 4 years ago.The cover was so cute and I liked the crew interaction(thumbs up for Nami's milky road).Nice to learn the names of the three other islands btw and Smoker looks way too cool.

    What do you think of the architecture on the island robin says the ruins look like a marine base but dn't they have a medieval vibe to them? The presence of the Dragon gives me that feel too.Has it always been a marine base or does it have a history of its own(robin being in the exploration team means there 's juicy stuff on its way for sure).And what's the substance on the buildings or is it just them melting?Cn't wait for exploration where is the cold other side? and Lol that look, luffy and dragon interaction, I'm ready(lol I dnt want to ruin the romance but will we get an interesting explanation for why it talks?)

    Ps: And yes why so much mentioning of the Wano country,how did the Samurais end up on Punk Hazard?What's the link between the two islands?Liking the failed experiment speculation.

    Edit: Nice catch Redon!
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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Thanks a lot everyone, Yes, I had a doubt, now i'm pretty sure, its Nami!


    Ore wa LUFFY !! Kaizoku-ō ni naru otoko da!

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Yeah! Oda is bringing us the dragons! It really gives the mid-game feeling

    BTW, it is also a possibility that only Luffy heard the Dragon... you know, he tend to hear "voices" now.
    Some long-term predictions:
    Vegapunk with Paw-Paw fruit for Nakama!!!
    Kaidou is gonna be killed by Blackbeard and get his strongest Zoan DF!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rewrite View Post
    We can already create clouds in the reality ( was in an episode of Top Gear) so I see why not =P makes Nami more badass!!

    But damnnn this chapter was epic!!
    if i remember correctly, usopp shows taht milky dials don't work outside sky islands.

    of course nami,being in whetheria ,could have perfectioned the mechanism

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Quote Originally Posted by fruitpunchsamurai View Post
    pappug could talk and he didnt have an ability
    He was a fishman

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    the call was made by Big Mam's crew just to make SHs crew life hell.. this is just the start.. :)

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Quote Originally Posted by KiShiDo View Post
    He was a fishman
    he's a starfish, remember when the crew first met him and they asked him why he could talk even though he was a starfish?

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Holy shit, I just fell in love with Robin. Sssssssssmokin!

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    Default Re: Chapter 655: Punk Hazard

    Punk Hazard might be more literal as in "danger by a punk" - Vegapunk?
    The island could be something like Vegapunk's test area for new weapons?

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