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Thread: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Quote Originally Posted by Faruway View Post
    Seeing a fanservice of Nami, drenched in sweat and sleeping on the ground in a bikini makes every One Piece fans drool. XD

    Anyway, yeah, I also think that Law and his crew could be in this island and also his power could make that samurai's body split in half and seeming alive after that.

    However, I doubt the samurai got his body split because of Law. It could be done by a Shichibukai (Possibly a new Shichibukai?), seeing how the samurai's lower half is now looking for that 'foolish Shichibukai' and possibly the latter is the one who split the samurai's body in half and might be the cause of what happen in Punk Hazard?
    i'd hate to say this
    but if it's not law (law is the only one with such power that i know of)
    there's possibility of blackbeard stealing law's power (former shichibukai, but the samurai might not know his status was revoked)

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    I love how Zoro, who is himself like a samurai in their crew, cut dragon's head off. And if I'm not mistaken, it was Ryuuma's sword that did the job. I simply love parallels like these, when destiny is not involved, but something awesome is mirrored. And I did not believe at first that we just got a spread with decapitation. By one of mugivaras. Awesome!
    At first I thought it was Shichibukai Buggy. Made sense with all that speculation around him. But then it turned out that fella is neither a shichibukai nor Buggy, because Buggy is not that tall. Oh well, for each it's own time.
    Interesting, are those goons of Vegapunk, or someone else. I don't think they can be a part of crew that we already met. You can't forget Sunny and it's sailors that easily to not recognize them.
    No wonder people say that Oda rushed FI because he wanted to enter New World already.
    A proud fan of Kizaru, Whitebeard and Rayleigh!
    Quote Originally Posted by 1000sunny View Post
    And, oh, looks like Ichigo knows more than he is letting on and can't help but strike his signature pose: Loosely holding his sword, knees bent, with the dumbest look of shock on his face....Classic Bleach

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    That was pretty awesome. So damn weird though! Which is a good thing and entirely expected from Oda.
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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    And I personally have no problem with Law joining the Shichibukai. It duzzn't mean he gave up his dream of being PK (look @ Croc and Moria) and there are enuff Shichibukai who use the wg for their own stuff (there is not a single shichi who is honest, even Kuma seems to be a spy 4 Dragon).
    Also I think Law's bounty had a lil rise-up after he saved Luffy or he was immediately suggested as Shichibukai. But his last interaction with his crew we saw didn't imply that, so maybe he got promoted to a later point of the TS.

    that's a small chance and there is another flaw on that theory:
    BB got very famous these last 2 yrs, he is called Yonkou now.

    Currently everything points at Law I'm afraid though I'm really curious how Law and Luffy will interact after all those events that happened.
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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    All i can say is confusing chapter. and Nami's boobs defy gravity on page 17(MS)
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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Quote Originally Posted by moneylaunderer View Post
    I dont think law would be a shibuki for two reasons 1 because he was there when the terunbito was punched by luffy and they lablled him as an accomplice. 2 because he rescued luffy from marineford and is one of the main reason he still alive.

    Also anyone else notice luffy's tatoo is gone

    As long as your name is infamous enough and that the strength of that person is really great you're qualified to be a shichibukai. The WG doesn't care what have you done in the past, and to what we saw on Doflamingo's business we can pretty much say they let the shichibukai what they want.
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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    So, Zoro after the timeskip went back to using his classic techniques but much stronger. So far, he's used Oni Giri, Tora Gari, Tatsumaki, "wathever" Pound Ho and Shishi Sonson. Of course there are new techniques, but it's a nice callback to his begginings, I like it.

    As for the chapter, it was great stuff. More action oriented, of course, but it's nice anyways! The dragon gave a pretty good fight, I'm glad it took a while to bring it down. The talking legs, the guys with the gas, a Shichibuckai. . .This is looking too good.

    This arc has a lot of promise so far!

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Zoro is now the new Ryuma (he even used Shuusui for the killing blow). It kind of makes you wonder how widespread dragons are in the New World, and if Zoro will gain any more infamy for slaying one. As for the hazmat goons, there's no way they work for anyone else but the Government (i.e. Vegapunk) judging by their boasting that no one would notice a few pirates vanishing. Either Vegapunk and his lackeys are just not informed when it comes to the pirate world (after all, he's a scientist), or those goons just didn't notice what flag the Sunny was flying. In any case, with Brook clearly being left behind and Smoker in pursuit, there's no way people are not going to notice half of the Straw Hat crew being abducted...

    As for Legs, he's clearly a Samurai. As for his Shichibukai opponent, though, I'll just let Oda tell me who it is instead of engaging in rampant speculation...

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    So, we have talk abotu Shichibukai, which obviously means we will get some information about the new formation of the Shichibukai (Law perhaps?). Dragon gave a good fight, might even be more on this island? And of course the mysterious people on Sunny who made a perfect surprise attack and immediately captured half of the crew.

    Can't wait for next week to find out who the person cut in half in and who the Shichibukai is who he wants to take revenge on :)

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    I was so pumped for this chapter,that I downloaded it on my phone when I was at school.And it was totally worth it.
    Zoro is so badass.

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Fast paced chapter for One Piece. Oda is bringing back the weird.


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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Quote Originally Posted by YouDNewb View Post
    All i can say is confusing chapter. and Nami's boobs defy gravity on page 17(MS)
    Yes. That is why they are so magnificent

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Next chapter, the Samurai's upper half appears with another Dragon.

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    How was lower Half able to speak after all?


    Seriously... What a bad-ass mofo? He has the voice of all things xD

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Am I the only one who thinks the dragon wasn't THAT well drawn? It looks so...infantile...

    And why did they have to slash the dragon without a reason? Zoro cuts his head off and luffys laughing about it, that felt as well kind of weird...

    Well nevermind, fantastic chapter alltogehter!!
    Already looking forward for the next week, like in the good old OP-times, yeehaww.

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    What should Luffy do? Cry? And without a reason? That dragon tried to fry them

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Okay, okay, I'm trying to make sense of all this.

    It doesn't seems obvious, but I guess we have currently three groups on the island, excluding SHs. A Shichibukai, Punk Hazard' staff and the samurai (or maybe we have more than one samurai on the island).
    The samurai is targeting the Shichibukai as we see here, and the den-den mushi call of the previous chapter - http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/59626333/6 - is from someone that is begin targeted by a samurai, so we can say that the call is from the Shichibukai's crew. The Shichibukai has dealt with the samurai and put his legs on a dragon, so then the dragon would keep the samurai's legs in the hot part of the island, since whoever made the call said it was cold, the cold part of the island. Now, I'm not saying the Shichibukai is Buggy or Law, though until now only them have splitting abilities (excluding whoever was fodder before that had similiar abilities because I don't remember them...).
    Now to the Punk Hazard' staff. I don't see those guys begin part of the Shichibukai crew if the Shichubukai turns out to be Buggy or Law. It's simple because they would know who the SHs are, and the PH' staff doesn't have a clue as seen here. The PH' staff isn't a part of the marines either, more like a independent group of the WG, otherwise Smoker would request help from them.

    Okay, I'm done with all theorying. This chapter was funny and amazing, but I hope that when the dragon talked to Luffy, it was really the dragon not the samurai.

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    One thing is clear. so far. The Samurai is lower half and boss from last chapter is the Shichibukai. The fodder who called Luffy are henchmen from him and Samurai owned them

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    Default Re: Chapter 656: "Adventure on the Burning Island"

    Quote Originally Posted by Roronoa Zacho View Post
    The lower half just can be a Wano Samurai. He was talkin bout sensing and hearing Luffy + Co. Most likely he had CoO. I doubt Buggy has CoO or another haki colour.

    The guy who did that to him can just be Law. The emergency call must have come from a third person or it was a trap from the mask guys. A trap to capture unawared people sounds a lot like Moria (pre-TB with the barrel). But I still hope its Vegapunk.
    So...do you actually think that there's a significant probability that Moria or Vegapunk are 'M'?Jeez...

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