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Thread: Chapter 663: CC

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Quote Originally Posted by Animeace View Post
    Sanji checking himself out was lulz
    I cracked up. Oh, Sanji... I'd do the same!!
    You guys have no idea how excited I get to meet One Piece enthusiasts in real life! One Piece fans know how to live and love life!

    My dream is that we can all enjoy Oda's message ofcamaraderie


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    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post
    Great chapter. The kind that's jam-packed with plot development and gags and revelations an interesting visuals.

    God-awful translation. Not just the blatant mistakes likes "bounty hunter" instead of "wanted man" and Clown instead what I'm 95% sure should be Crown, but stylistically... ugh. Way too much direct translation that, in an effort to translate every word, just makes things sound stupidly awkward. I think I might do a script of my own.
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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Really loved it, took me a good few read throughs to take it all in because there was so much packed into a truly great chapter.

    The Samurai is incredible, no other words for him. He is my favourite aspect of this brilliant arc with his and I really hope we get to see more of him in the future (after this he'll need to return to Wano so it might be cool if he journeys with the SHs for a while to return there with his son leading into a Wano Arc or if not that we'll get a coverstory of his journey back, that would also be awesome, or if neither of these quite frankly unlikely developments occur we'll get to see plenty of him in the Wano Arc)

    Ceasar Clown! What an incredible name! Can't wait to see a bit more of him and find out some more Vegapunk related info alongside some information on whats happened to the rest of the Heart Pirates. My guess is that CC's got some power over the Heart Pirates, Luffy beats CC to get them back, Law says thanks and Luffy's like we're even, Smoker takes the kids back because he sees it as his duty and vows to get Luffy again some time.
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    - OMG, he said it just like that! XP Those were really farts!
    - So Saldeath was a kid? O_o
    - The first thing I thought was a Tanuki as well when he ordered them to put leaves on their heads. I hope he is a tanuki zoan, although I must say a samurai so proud of it having to resorting to sorcery would be funny as well.
    - Ceasar Clown... I think I will love his character design.

    Interactions were great, but damn you Robin for not taking the chance to reveal the other Shichibukai.

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Really really really good chapter!
    Sanji reacted the way I expected him to! I'm so proud...*sniff sniff*
    The samurai is a DF user..which is kinda random, but hey, what isn't random in this arc?
    Also, he can talk with his farts. So much hilarity ensued.
    I love this chapter! XD

    Also, Saldeath got tall as hell and Sadi fell in love with him? O.0


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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    BTW Nami admits she is super weak

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    No Law didn't give smoker his heart back. Its still in his hand at the last page.

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    Caesar Crown makes a lot more sense than Caesar Clown.
    I also think Crown sounds much darker and a better name.

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Oh..this chapter is just awesome...even starting the cover page. It's very content and text-heavy.

    -SaldeathxSadi is wierd as hell.
    -Love the interaction between Luffy and Law and how Luffy calls him Trafal-guy.
    -All the expressions with the swapped crewmembers are great.
    -The Sanji thing really was a really minor thing, Nami!Franky's reactions are great, too.
    -I found it actually very sweet that Sanji was holding back on his smoking.
    -The Samurai head stuck on his legs is funny as hell.
    -Tashigi!Smoker is freaking hilarious.

    I was laughing throughout the whole chapter. This is great, I'm also curious what's going on with with Law and presumably M(Ceasar) guy.

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    ceasar clown........ceasar the clown..buggy the clown BUGGYS DAD lol nah only cheap thing of this chapter i think was the fart talking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faruway View Post
    Oh yeah, the top of Caesar's head seem to have horns like those unmasked Hazmat guards. Anyone notice?
    yes I did, and I'll be itnerested to find out if this means they weren't the result of experimentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiShiDo View Post
    BTW Nami admits she is super weak
    It's more likely that she was referring to her body which- in comparison to the rest of the guys- is "super fragile".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizuchan View Post
    -I found it actually very sweet that Sanji was holding back on his smoking.
    I noticed that. I thought that was a nice touch by Oda.

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    caeser crown it is, and i'd also like to see CCC's translation for this chapter...

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    so Law isn't a baddie then. Well kinda. I kinda want those who have been body-swapped to be the ones that fight. Luffy doesn't need to fight this arc let the swapped people do it. It would be great to see franky trying to use choppers powers or nami trying to use frankys. I wanna see smokeshigi fight, maybe smoker can make her last longer instead of being cut down in an instant again

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    I can almost smell the yearly tourney matches now.... Ceasar Crown vs. Buggy. Smells like death match!

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    prediction : caesar crown/clown will be beat/killed by law/samurai/zoro

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    There's so many cool little details. Like Ussop making the doodles to explain stuff and Luffy laughing his ass off. The kids are also adorable.
    Anyone notice Luffy being depressed in the background after the samurai got his legs back?

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Quote Originally Posted by Areebee View Post
    Such a good chapter! Loved Usopp and Brook's reaction to Sanji flashing xD
    lol its good to see more of Usopp is among the perverts after the timeskip .... well he had his moments before timeskip but they were rare, if we go with certain translations =
    Little Garden - Usopp was more bold than Sanji in one translation I saw, after he freed Nami, Vivi & Zoro, Nami took off her scorced shirt and was going around in a bra and skirt. Nami slapped Usopp because he asked if she was going to take off any more clothes.

    In the anime, we see in Thriller Bark Usopp walks in while Nami is in the shower, he bows and says thank you

    Okay I may be showing my age here, but since Animal House is a classic and many do watch it...it won't really show my age if i ask this=
    Whent eh Samurai seemed proud to talk with his farts .... how amny people imagined him as John Belushi in Animal House where he shows off .... by farting? Its been a decade since I've seen it so I can't remember if it was the ABCs or a song lol but I remember the girls rolling up their car window as he started
    I wish I resisted the spoils, the butthurt is making my eyes roll so hard, I now have nausea.

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    Default Re: Chapter 663: CC

    Quote Originally Posted by y2kyle89 View Post
    Ceasar Clown has some nifty looking gloves and horns.
    Kinda reminds me of VDD - the way we didn't see him before and just his gloves, I mean. Clown or Crown is the question now, I prefer Clown though. Makes it more hilarious. On another note, am I really the ONLY one being annoyed at Smoker getting his ass handed to him?!
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