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Thread: Hello Arlong Park forums!

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    Default Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Being a new user, I should probably get this introduction out of the way before I attempt to move on to other topics, hurr hurr~
    I have just a few interests, one of course being One piece. The only others are Homestuck and creating low quality doodles
    My favorite character is a tie between Trafalgar Law and Ussop, closely followed by just about every other character excluding the Tenryuubito >u> Oh and also Big Mom
    The most noticeable thing about me in both real life and on forums is that I am extremely self-conscious, which is why i'd like to ask: Is there anything I should try to avoid posting which isn't included in the rules? Such as too many words, lack of words, blatant assumptions, gifs, lack of gifs, lackofspaces, extra spaces, and/or other types of things that most members of this community probably don't take kindly to.
    Sorry if this seems annoying or rude, I'll try my best to be a part of the community that doesn't cause trouble~ ^u^

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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Welcome to Arlong Park Forums! I hope you enjoy your time here!

    To answer your question, you should avoid blatant assumptions the most, GIF's should be alright, but there are size limits to them (I myself don't know them), lack of and extra spaces can be annoying if done too many times, and depending on the situation, too many or lack of words can be annoying.

    I hope this helps! I hope to see you around!
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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Ah, I see. Thanks for answering that, might have accidentally made some of those mistakes at one point OwO;
    Thanks for the welcome as well, it should be fun typing around in a site that seems full of cool people, from what i've seen~

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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Try and avoid posting spoilers in the anime section if you post there as well some of the people who post in the anime area don't read the manga.

    I think some people got banned for posting that Whitebeard/Ace got killed before it happened in the anime there lol.

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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    How can you have a strong opinion of Big Mom one way or the other yet? We've seen, like, a couple of pages of her.

    Also, welcome.


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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Well the opinion I hold of her isn't quite strong yet, since there are only a few pages where she appears. It's just she seems sort of scary evil when you think of her actions during the Fishman Island ark?
    And thanks for the welcome~
    Last edited by Razzid; April 25th, 2012 at 02:43 AM. Reason: Accidental spoiler, derp.

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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Well, welcome! I do hope you enjoy AP. Bathroom is to your right, do not feed the Trappedolphin and stay away from the locals. To answer your question, just try not to act like a total dork. Don't spam GIFs and spoilers. You know, basic forum manners.

    You'll fit right in here. I like you already.

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    Default Re: Hello Arlong Park forums!

    Well it's good to know that I seem to be on the right track, pretty much. It should be simple enough to avoid posting in a way that is frustrating.
    Also thanks for the warm welcome. It's really good to know that there are so many nice people on these forums, disregarding the fact that only a few different people posted here. *u*

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