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Thread: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

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    Brennen's post about Jinbe being the next nakama always amazed me. If I was part of the discussion back then, I would thought Brennen was just spewing nonsense. Lol

    I always thought Jinbe was pretty cool dude since he first showed up. He was not my favourite but he certainly leave an impression. I actually like his design on first sight.
    Back then, I assumed the crew stops at Brook so I never thought he will joined the crew. I assumed he will be a long term ally.

    I took a break from the series & catch up to the start of the Dressrosa arc. My sister spoiled me on Jinbe being invited to join the crew. I thought it was pretty neat.
    There was when I started reading the many versions of Next Nakama threads & totally regretted my decision.

    I can understand people being hesistant on Jinbe as next nakama before he was asked to join. After he was to joined, people still doubted him & I was huh?
    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post
    So we're going down this rabbit hole again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvocadoInTheRain View Post
    Scout isn't a ship job though. Even an archeologist is useful for identifying treasure that a pirate crew might come upon.
    I'm not arguing against the role of lookout or scout, just the particular phrasing when used in naval terms or in One Piece.

    Functionally I think they could be considered same in a naval context. Both are engaging in the act of "scouting" or "reconnaissance"

    I'm also not a Japanese reader. Maybe there's someone here that can expand on this but maybe this is one of those things that doesn't translate evenly?

    Maybe the approximation of the role or term in Japanese is slightly different than for us English speakers.

    Either way, my point is they might be considered functionally synonymous in a naval setting and the term "scout" has been used several times in-universe.

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