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Thread: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Quote Originally Posted by Long John Silvers Rayleigh View Post
    Itll probably be at least 1500 before we get an answer for sure
    At that point, would it even matter? It does seem like we would be approaching the end of this manga once the Kaido arc concludes.

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Quote Originally Posted by YoiYoi View Post
    At that point, would it even matter? It does seem like we would be approaching the end of this manga once the Kaido arc concludes.
    True dat. Once you topple one of the world's strongest pirates, it seems like the Revolutionaries' big plot will be going down and present the next logical step in challenge, that being whole armies rather than pirate crews. And then probably a race to Raftel against Blackbeard where the big square-off will take place.

    That said, it feels like the Kaido arc will be one of the biggest and most epic and will encompass Elbaf and other places we're looking forward to seeing, if it does indeed involve the ultimate Supernova alliance. Big Mom seems like she'll stick her ugly nose back into things at some point too, probably to kick off an evil pirate alliance and create the leadership of a third party in the upcoming big conflict with the Revolutionaries, Marines and pirates all vying for control. That would mean the end of the big arc is a long way off, so if we get someone soon, maybe it'll feel more right, otherwise dragging his feet this long before adding a new nakama isn't the best move on Oda's part.

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKingJC View Post
    "Maru" is usually used in boy names.

    Shutenmaru could be a reference to the demon, Shuten-douji
    Hey thanks for that!

    I hope he is based off Shuten-douji because it would be awesome to have a king of Yokai, and a whole Yokai faction on the straw hats side

    Now I'm more excited than ever to see this character (still wish it was a girl though)

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Quote Originally Posted by S.C. Amigo View Post
    And still no official new crewmate since it was made.
    IIRC, No official new crew-mate has joined since the previous 1000+ page thread was made either, and possibly the one before that. But that's a function of the most recent new member having joined back in 2006-ish I think? We've been running on 9 for well over a majority of the series's run time.

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    I do not give a single damn about the next Strawhat that much but Iím still mad as fuck that Jinbeís joining was postponed the 2nd time.

    Iím at the point that I do not care anymore if he finally jumps on the Sunny as full time member

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelRes View Post
    Pappugg and Chopper resemble happy meal toys and not attractive fetishy furries like your signature and thus should not be lumped into the category of "furries" like minks because they're clearly on opposite sides of the talking animal spectrum
    Um sure. I don't disagree with your point but maybe I take issue with your definition of "furry" and you calling it "fetishy". I guess by my definitions Chopper is absolutely one million percent a "furry" character but I suppose your definition is a little more restrictive. It's just a weird topic for me, partly because I really don't like being cast into the "furry is a fetish" pile. I dunno. I don't really have anything else to add to this.

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    One could definetely argue that Chopper is a "furry" by definition, but why does it matter in the context of this discussion? If the argument is that all that is furry fall under the same umbrella (Chopper and Carrot), that's a pretty gigantic umbrella in regards to character design (all furries here: The extremes are so far apart that it hardly even matters design-wise, since visually they can differ in concept, silhouette, appeal etc.

    Carrot's design is very human-like, much closer to the design of a woman than of a female non-human animal.
    Chopper's main form is hardly an animal (just a cute mascot), and his form that is closest to a human is even less human-like after the time skip (and very different compared to Carrot).

    When you also take into consideration that it's not only their concept-designs that are different, but also their nature (Carrot is a mink and Chopper is a reindeer that ate a devil fruit), I can't see how it matters that both are furries.

    And yes, Chopper and Carrot are also very different from each other personality-wise. Carrot's behavior is closer to Luffy's.

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    And yet, when Luffy saw the minks this is what he had to say

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    As if an artist's understandment of concept and design should be the same as Luffy's perception of reality, the guy that simplifies or misunderstands everything at first sight.

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    whats really fun about all this, is that a character whos main feats and characteristics are shared by the entire population of a nation but somehow, she's unique!!!

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    Default Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Just got the go-ahead from Steven to shut 'er down. Feel free to continue any and all crewmate-related conversations in Vol. 7!

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