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Thread: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desperado View Post

    In the original at this point, he was still that edgy boy doing it for the lulz. It wasn't until he was owned by Bang and got to know actual monster that he started changing his mind.
    I was actually referring to the quick flashback he'll get. The one in which he speaks with his teacher. Not Bang, but actual school teacher

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    I don't know for the other version but in this one Garou's evilness seems to just be wanting to beat the shit out of heroes. Aside from that there is nothing to say he doesn't care about humans or would kill random civilians so him protecting the kid was not surprising based on this version.

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    This version Garou seems only motivated about testing his strenght against heroes, the original version has lees background so there were more grey areas about his morality.

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